unfoldingWord 43 - Kohran A Ngîr Tran

unfoldingWord 43 - Kohran A Ngîr Tran

Outline: Acts 1:12-14; 2

Script Number: 1243

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Isu’n thu a pêk ang khan, vân tienga a lawn hnung khan inchûktirhai kha Jerusalem khuoah an um a. Isu zuituhai chu an umkhawma, trongtraiin an umzing a.

Isu mithilaia inthoka a tho nawk, ni sawmngana hnunga chun Judahai ruoithre, Penticost an ti chu a hung tlung a. Penticost chu lawmthu hrila ruoithrena a nih. Jerusalem a lawmthu hrilna ruoithre hmang ding chun khawvêl ram popo a um Judahai chu an hung khawm a.

Ringtuhai an umkhawm lai tak chun, kâr lovin thlipui hrâng ri ang ri an hriet a, an umkhawmna in chu a hung suksip ta vong a. Ringtuhai popo lu chunga chun, meichok angin a hung inlâra. An rêngin Thlarau Thienghlimin an sip ta vong a, trong danghaiin an trong ta a.

Jerusalem khuoa mihaiin chu thu chu an hriet chun mipui an hung inkhawm a, thiltlung chu mak tiin an buoi a. Ringtuhaiin mani trong senga trongin Pathien thilmak thaw hai an hril an hriet chun an lunginzînga, mak an ti hle a.

Mi threnkhat chun inchûktirhaiin zu an inrui a nih an tia, an ni lai chun Peter a ngîr a, an kuomah, “Ka thuhril lo ngai ro! Hienghai hin zu an inrui nawh! Zawlnei Joelin a lo hril, Ni nuhnunga hai chun ka Thlarau buok ka ta” a ti kha a hung tlungkim a ni lem.”

“Nangni Israel mihai, Isu chu Pahien thilthawtheina hmangain thilmakhai le inchiknahai thawtu a ni ti in hrietin, in hmu a. In hemde ta kha!”

Nisienlakhom hrillawkna thu, I Mi Thienghlim khom mithi thlana hmon hmang phal bawk naw ti nih ti a tlungkim theina dingin Pathienin a keitho nawk tah a nih. Pathienin Isu chu mithilaia inthokin a kei tho nawk ta a, a thuhretuhai ei nih.”

Isu chu Pa, Pathien kut changtieng chawimawiin a hang um ta a. Chuongchun in hma le in hriet ngei a Thlarau Thienghlim tiem chu Pa-in a hung tir an ta hi.”

“Hi Isu, krosa in hemde kha, Pathienin Lal le Messia ni fawmin a siem ta! Ti hre mawl ro,” a ta.

Peter thuhril chu mipuiin an hriet chun an lungril chu nasatakin a tawk a, “Unauhai, ieng am thaw tang kan ta?” an ti a.

Peterin, “Sim unla, in suol ngaidamna dingin Isu hmingin baptisma chang seng ro; Chuongchun Thlarau Thienghlim thilpêk chu hmûng in tih!” a ta.

Peter thuhril chu mi 3000 laiin an ring a. Baptisma an chang a, Pathien mihai, Kohran a chun belsain an um ta a. Isu ringtuhai chu Kristien ti an hung ni ta a.

Ringtuhai chu tirkohai inchûktirna le inpawlhlimna nei le fa tlânga, trongtraiin an uma. An rêngin an umkhawma, an thilneihai chu an intrawm vong a. Pathien an inpâka, ringnawtuhai ditsak le inpâk khom an hlaw. Nitinin, mi tamtak Kristien an hung ni pei a.

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