The GRN Audio Library

The GRN Audio Library

Since GRN began in 1939, our field recordists have been at work 'capturing' the minority languages of our world. Our audio library now contains around 6400 language varieties. That's over 1 recorded language per week for over 70 years!

It's a unique resource, with nothing else quite like it in world missions.

What is in the GRN Audio Library?

In some of the languages there are several hours of both audio and audio-visual presentations. In others there is only a very small amount of recording. More may be needed.

Since the beginning our main concern has been for those people who don't read well, those who don't have Scriptures they can access, and those small people groups often overlooked by others.

Our main goal has been to enable them to hear the good news of Jesus Christ in their own heart language in a way that makes sense to them. Hence we have aimed to produce a limited range of high impact recordings which will help them understand and respond to God's message and make a start on the journey of discipleship.

Many of the recordings were done a long time ago. Of these some will still be useful and effective, others less so. The audio quality of many recordings is excellent, but others are not as good as we would like. Work is being done to improve sound quality where that is possible.

Free Downloads

Please download, test, evaluate and use the materials.

We welcome your comments, positive and negative about the materials.

Please contact us if we can help you further.

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