unfoldingWord 50 - Jesu ekõwerã wyche

unfoldingWord 50 - Jesu ekõwerã wyche

Outline: Matthew 13:24-42; 22:13; 24:14; 28:18; John 4:35; 15:20; 16:33; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11; James 1:12; Revelation 2:10; 20:10; 21-22

Script Number: 1250

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Mirõ wachu (2.000) ruybu tãrã tãrãeche ache kowe ywype wenduma go djawu gatu Jesudjiwa, go rõ go Mesia. Jesudji kua gatugi noãndy neina wachueche roma. Jesu inawe, ekõwerã wyche, kowe ywy krãpĩmbu. Go ekõllãmbu djepe, djapowerã dja djawu mewe nonga.

Nandje warõmbu wyche, Jesu ekõwã, Apã Wachu by gatu, nandje ekõ gatuwã emi pre gatuwã idjadji. Idja by gatu emi, nandje djawu gatuwã duwegipe dja chidja llambatydji. Jesu ekõmbu kowe ywype, inama: “Cho kuere mudjãndygi wywy kiuwerã go djawu gatu Apã Wachu chidja llambatydjiwa ache wywype kowe ywy llabu. Gobu krãpĩwerã kowe ywy.”

Tãrã irõndy wendullã wyche Jesudjiwa. Djopi nondjebu ywadji, Jesu inama dja kuere mudjãndygi wywype, kiuwã go djawu gatu go ache wywy wendullãngipe. Go inama: “Amaty kua, pukawã irõndy wywype, mudjãwã cho kuere rupi!”, “Go bue ã’ã pechepyre kypepama noãmbawã.”

Jesu inama emi: “Ĩllã buepytygi chidja rekogi, dja rekoatygi rõ chidjaechewe. Kowe ywype ymachidjagi wywy chope byllãre, go nonga emi pendjepe reko buchãmbyrã emi pachopyrã chodjiwa. Pendje djuei buchãmbu djepe kowe ywype, krymba gatu ga mondo, cho chidja rekowe Andjãwedji, go ymachidjagi kowe ywype. Pendje wywy mudjã gatubu cho kuere rupi go krãpĩ pewe, Apã Wachu pendjepe kuwẽwerã!”

Jesu kiuma dja kuere mudjãndygi wywype djawu nonga, gogi wywy kua gatuwã, bue rõ wẽwerã ache wywype, kowe ywy krãpĩmbu. “Etakrã kbe’e djapima bue ã’ã gatu dja ywype. Go ikẽmbu, dja byllãndygi ekõma bue ã buchãngi djapiwã trigo ã bychepe, gobu oma.”

“Go bue ã’ã lla’abu, go kbe’e buetygi wywy inama idjape: Rekoatygi, dje djapiwe bue ã’ã gatu go ywype. Bue buare wẽwe achĩ buchã ywydji? Dja rekoatygi djawu pepyma: Etakrã chope byllãndygi djapiwe mekã.”

“Go buetygi wywy inama dja rekoatygipe: Ore matãwerã ko bue achĩ wywy? Dja rekoatygi rõ inama: Go nongallã. Pendje bue achĩ matãmbu, matãwerã emi tãrãllã trigo lla’a. Warõ ga mondo noã kreybu, gobu noãwã bue achĩ wywy mendypyrã. Go trigo rõ eru ga mondo, djonowã cho tapy bue ã’ã djono endatype.”

Jesu kuere mudjãndygi kuallãma, bue rõ inambyty kowe djawu nonga, go buare pukama Jesupe, gogi wywype kiu gatuwã. Jesu inama: “Go kbe’e bue ã’ã gatu djapiaregi go rõ go Mesia. Go ywy rõ kowe ywy puagi nonga. Go bue ã’ã gatu go rõ ache Apã Wachu chidja llambaty pua nongagi.”

“Go bue ã’ã buchãngi go rõ ache djembigi wywy nonga. Go bue ã’ã buchã djapiaregi go rõ Andjãwe. Go noã kreybu rõ kowe ywy krãpĩndjiwa, emi go kbe’e trigo noãndygi go rõ Apã Wachu buetygi wywy.”

“Kowe ywy krãpĩmbu, Apã Wachu buetygi wywy noãwerã ache Andjãwe mudjãndygi wywype emi djapiwerã tata wachupe. Gope gogi wywy chingawerã, emi dja ã’ã aypãwerã djuei buchãpe. Gobu ache gatugi wywy chapiwerã krey nonga Apã Wachu, dja apã, chidja llambatype.”

Jesu inama emi, go ekõwerã wyche kowe ywype, kowe ywy krãpĩ nondjebu. Go ekõwerã, idja owe nonga. Kowegi inambyty, Jesu ekõwerã dja echedji emi ekõwerã bakyreidji. Jesu ekõmbu, manombawegi wywy Krito mudjãndygi puãwerã manowe byche puare, gobu Jesupe dorowerã ywadji.

Gobu Krito mudjãndygi wywy ekõngi wyche djopiwerã ywadji. Gope gogi emi go duwe Krito mudjãndygi manowe puare puãwegi wywy noãwerã edji. Gogi wywy ĩwerã Jesu djãwẽ. Gobu Jesu ekõwerã okryra gatupe dja mudjãndygi wywydji gorãwe.

Jesu inawe, mewerã etakrã awã ymachidjagi nonga go idjadji kua gatugi wywype. Gogi wywy ymachidjawerã Apã Wachudji okryra gatuechepe gorãwe.

Apã Wachu rõ pacho puy wachuwerã go ache wywy Jesudji kuallãngipe. Go itywerã gogi wywype tata wachupe, gope gogi chingawerã emi dja ã’ã aypãwerã djuei buchãpe gorãwe. Etakrã tata uwellãndygi kaipawerã gogi wywype kreybu emi chãwãmbu wywy, acho wywy uwerã gogi wywype emi wedjallãwerã.

Jesu ekõmbu, buchãmbawerã Andjãwe emi dja chidja llambaty. Go itywerã idjape tata wachupe, gope kaipawerã gorãwe. Gope kaipawerã emi ache wywy go prawowegi Andjãwepe, dja kuere rupi mudjãwã, wendullãwã Apã Wachu djawu.

Adam emi Ewa djapollã buare Apã Wachu djawu, emi eru buare bue buchã kowe ywype, Apã Wachu djawu buchãwe kowe ywydji, emi buchãwerã kowe ywy. Duwe kreybu rõ Apã Wachu djapowerã etakrã ywa pou emi etakrã ywy pou. Gogi rõ kbegatuechewerã.

Jesu emi dja kuere mudjãndygi wywy ekõwerã go ywy poupe, emi Jesu ymachidjawerã bue wywydji gorãwe. Go chãry wywy piypawerã. Gope djuei buchã ĩllãwerãma, ury gatu ĩwerã, chinga ĩmbechewerã, bue buchã ĩllãwerãma, ache wywy eche achy bechewerã emi mano ĩmbechewerã. Jesu ymachidjawerã dja chidja llambatype okryra gatupe, emi djawu gatu buãwerã pichadji. Gobu ĩwerã dja kuere mudjãndygi wywy djãwẽ gorãwe.

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