unfoldingWord 50 - Isua A lo Kal Leh Dawn

Outline: Matthew 13:24-42; 22:13; 24:14; 28:18; John 4:35; 15:20; 16:33; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11; James 1:12; Revelation 2:10; 20:10; 21-22

Script Number: 1250

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Kum 2,000 dawn lai chu, khawvel pumpuia mi tam takten Isua Messia chanchinṭha hi an lo hre tawh a. Kohhran chu a lo ṭhang lian zêl a. Isuan khawvel tawp hunah a lo kal leh tûr thû a tiam a. Amah chu lo la kal hrih lo mahse, a thutiam chu a la hlen dawn a ni.

Isua lo kal leh tûr kan nghah lai hian, Pathianin thianghlim tak leh amah chawimawi a nung tûrin min duh a. Midangte hnênah a lalram chanchin hrilh tûrin min duh bawk a. Isua leia a awm lai khan, “Ka zirtîrte chuan khawvel zawng zawng a mihringte hnênah Pathian lalram chanchin ṭha hi an hril ang a, tichuan, tawpna chu a lo thleng ang,” a ti a.

Hnam tam takin Isua chanchin hi an la hre lo va. Vana a lawn hmain, Isuan Kirstiante hnênah chanchin ṭha hi la hre ngai lo te hnênah puang tûrin a hrilh a. Ani chuan, “Kal ula, hnam tin zirtîrah te siam rawh u!” a ti a. “Buh seng turin buhte chu an hmin zo ta!” a ti bawk a.

Isuan, “Bawih chu a pu aiin a ropui lo. He khawvel thuneitûten min huat angin, keimah avangin an tiduhdah an che u a, an tihlum ang che u. He khawvelah hian hrehawm tuar mah ula, thlamuang takin awm rawh u, Setana, khawvel roreltu chu ka hneh ta. Ka tan thih thlenga rinawma in awm chuan, Pathianin a chhandam ang che u!” a ti a.

Isuan a zirtîrte hnênah khawvel tawp huna mi chunga thil lo thleng tur sawifiahnan tehkhin thu a sawi a. Ani chuan, “Mi pakhat hian lovah chi ṭha a theh a. A mutthilh hlanin a hmelma a lo kal a, buh zingah chuan buh lem a theh a, a kal bo leh ta a.

“Buh chu a lo ṭo va a lo vui chuan, in neitu bawihte chuan, ‘Ka pu, lovah khan chi ṭha i theh a. Buh lem saw engvanga lo awm nge ni le?’ an ti a. An pu chuan,’”Chu chu hmelma in a lo ti ta a nih chu,’ a ti a.”

“Bawihte chuan a hnênah, ‘Buh lemte chu pawtchhuak mai ila rem i ti em?’ an ti a. Ani chuan, “Ti lo ve, chutianga in tih chuan buh chu in pawt tel hlauh dah ang e. Buh seng hun thleng nghak ula, chumi zawh chuan, buhlemte chu hal tûrin la khawm ula, nimahsela, buh te chu buh inah sêng lût rawh u,” a ti a”

Zirtîrte chuan tehkhin thu awmzia chu an hrethiam lo va, chuvangin, anmahni chu hrilhfiah turin Isua an zawt ta a. Isuan, “Chi ṭha thehtu chuan Messia a entîr a. Lo chuan khawvel a entîr a. Chi ṭha chuan Pathian lalram a mite a entîr a.”

“Buhlem chuan misual fate a entîr a. Hmelma, buhlem thehtu chuan Diabola a entîr a. Buhseng chuan khawvel tawp hun a entîr a, buh âttute chuan Pathian vantirhkohte an entîr bawk a.”

“Khawvel a tawp hunah chuan, vantirhkohten Diabola mite zawng zawng chu an thiar khawm ang a, rawhtuina meiah an paihlut ang a, chutah chuan hrehawm nasa tak tuara ṭah leh ha ṭhial a awm tawh ang. Tin, a fela te chu an Pa Pathian lalram ah chuan nî angin an êng tawh ang.” a ti a.

Isuan khawvel tawp hmain leia a rawn kal leh tur thu a sawi bawk a. He lei a chhuahsan ang bawk khan a rawn kal leh dawn a, chumi awmzia chu, lei taksa a pu ang a, vân chhum zingah a lo kal dawn a ni. Isua lo kal leh hun chuan, ringtu thi ta te chu an tho leh ang a, vânah amah nen an intawk ang.

Tin, Kristian nung dama la awm reng te chu vanah lakchhohvin an awm ang a, mitthi zing ata tho leh Kristiante nen an chengza tawh ang. Chutah chuan an zain Isua hnênah an awm tawh ang. Chumi hnuah chuan, Isua chu a mite nen remna leh thlamuanna famkim changin an awm tawh ang.

Isuan amah ringtu apiangte hnênah lallukhum pek a tiam a. Thlamuanna famkim changin Pathian nen chatuana nungin ro an rel tawh ang.

Nimahsela, Pathianin Isua ringlotute ro a la rel ang a. Hremhmunah a paihlut ang a, chutah chuan lungngaihna nasa tak tuara ṭah leh ha ṭhial a awm ang. Mei mit ngai lo chuan anmahni chu a kâng reng ang a, a lungte chuan chawl lovin an ei reng tawh ang.

Isua lo kal leh hunah chuan, Setana leh a lalram chu a rawn tichhe vek ang a. Setana chu meidîlah a paih ang a, chutah chuan Setana chu Pathian aia amah zui zawktute nen, mei chuan a kâng kumkhua tawh ang.

Adama leh Evi’n Pathian thupêk an awih lo va, khawvelah sual an luhtîr hnu khan, Pathianin khawvel chu anchhia a lawh ta a, tihchhiat tur in thuthlukna a siam ta a. Nimahsela, engtik niah emaw chuan Pathianin vân thar leh lei thar a siam ang a, sawisel tur awm lo, ṭha famkim an ni ang.

Isua leh a mite chu lei tharah chuan an chêng ang a, ani chuan thil nung zawng zawng chungah kumkhuain ro a rêl ang. Mittûi zawng zawng a hru hul ang a, chutah chuan hrehawmna, lungngaihna, ṭahna, sualna, natna emaw thihna emaw a awm tawh ngai lo vang. Isuan a lalramah chuan remna leh dikna in ro a rêl ang a, a mite nen kumkhuain an cheng tawh ang.

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