unfoldingWord 29 - Go kbe’e buepytygi chingadjekyllãndjiwa

unfoldingWord 29 - Go kbe’e buepytygi chingadjekyllãndjiwa

Outline: Matthew 18:21-35

Script Number: 1229

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Etakrã kreybu Pedro inama Jesupe: „Kiuatygi, mawe nongabu cho kuallãwerã cho pawe bue buchã djapobu chodji? Dypetãmbu ko cho kuallãwerã?” Jesu inama: “Go nongallã! Dje kuallãwerã dja bue buchã djapowe djypetã tapa djypetãmbu emi.” Kowegi djawubu, Jesu ina djue, nandje kuallãwerã bue buchã djapowe kreybu wywy. Gobu Jesu kiuma idjape djawu nonga.

Jesu inama: “Apã Wachu chidja llambaty rõ ymachidja wachu nonga, idja buepytygi wywype puka, gogi wywy idjape mewã emi go buta membapyregi. Go pukama etakrã idja buepytygi, go dja buta tãrã mẽwegipe, 200.000 ruy bitawedjiwa nonga.”

„Go buepytygi bue rekollã idjape pepywã go buta tãrã buchã idjape membyregi. Go buare ymachidjagi inama: Me ga mondo go kbe’epe butadji, dja brekope emi dja tay wywype rekopytygi nonga. Go nonga ĩwerã, go dja buta tãrã membapyregi pepywã emi.”

“Go buepytygi kmarãma ymachidjagi chã ruwa, emi inama: Chingadjeky gami chodji, cho pepypawerã djepe go buta dje chope mewegi. Go ymachidjagi chingadjeky roma buepytygidji, go buare kuallãma go buta idjape membawegi. Gobu wedjama idjape owã.”

“Go buepytygi rõ wẽ obu ymachidjagi llambaty puare, doroma etakrã dja buetygipe. Gogipe mewe buta tãrãllã chengypychã djachy bitawedjiwa nonga. Go buepytygi pychyma duwe kbe’epe, inama idjape: “Chope memba go buta cho djepe mewegi!”

“Go buetygi kmarã roma dja chã ruwa emi inama: Chingadjeky gami chodji, cho pepypawerã djepe go buta dje chope mewegi. Go kbe’e rõ chingadjeky djuellã, buema mondo dja buetygipe tapy djãwãllãpe, go buta membyregi membawã emi idjape.”

“Go duwe ymachidja buepytygi wywy wechãma go kbe’e djapowe, gobu uryllãma. Oma ymachidjagi endape, idjape kiupawã.”

“Go ymachidjagi pukama mondo go buepytygipe, inama idjape: Dje rõ buepyty djembigi! Cho kuallãwe buta tãrã buchã djepe cho mewegi, dje chope puka omatã buare. Dje rõ djapo rawe go nonga emi. Go ymachidjagi rõ prandjã buchã roma, go buare buema mondo buepyty djembigipe tapy djãwãllãpe, buta membyregi pepypawã emi.”

Gobu Jesu inama: “Go nonga cho Apã ywadjiwa djapowerã pendje wywydji, pendje kuallãmbu pendje pawe bue buchã djapowe pendje djãechedjiwe.”

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