unfoldingWord 29 - Tejarita Sima Tevotuang Sanu Jio Mongampuni

unfoldingWord 29 - Tejarita Sima Tevotuang Sanu Jio Mongampuni

Outline: Matthew 18:21-35

Script Number: 1229

Language: Tajio

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Watu seeleo siPetrus noꞌutanya eisiYesus, “Siopu, ane terurusu monggauka tedosa eisiaꞌu, jaok siangkaning siaꞌu kanaboi mongampuni siia? Jaok pitungkaning?” Nongular siYesus, “Jio pitungkaning, tapi jaok pitumpulu pitungkaning!” Concoono eini, siYesus nongular siꞌita kanaboi kalepu meampu-ampunong. Lamai heꞌua siYesus nonjaritaa tejarita eini.

SiYesus nonjarita, “TePomarenta nuꞌAlataꞌala heꞌua sima sotoo tepuang sanu seilu monouka porekenong teinda concoono tevotuangnya. Sotoo tevotuangnya oinda tututuu nabari tetambo nokarajaa sagatus limampuluribuntoung.”

“Karna tevotuang jio maala mombayar teindanya, tepuang heꞌua nonjarita, ‘Pobaluko tetoo eini ane telapi ane teunga-unganya sima tevotuang antau mombayar teindanya.’”

“Tevotuang sanu oinda mabari heꞌua umaꞌo nopotuꞌu eitolo nupuang ane nonjarita, ‘Paꞌasabar eisiaꞌu, ane siaꞌu kana mombayar jojoo valii.’ Tepuang noondong teambok eivotuang heꞌua ane nonggagisa jojoo teindanya ane nomatuvaya siia umaꞌo.”

“Tapi watu tevotuang heꞌua umaꞌo, siia nonjaoꞌi tevotuang ntaninya sanu oinda eisiia tetambo nokarajaa apambulang. Tevotuang heꞌua nerojot tevotuang sanu ntaninya ane nonjarita, ‘Bayari teindamu eisiaꞌu!’”

“Tetoo heꞌua nopotuꞌu ane nonjarita, ‘Paꞌasabar eisiaꞌu, ane siaꞌu kana mombayar jojoo valii.’ Tapi tevotuang heꞌua jio seilu ane nentamaa tetoo heꞌua eipanjara jaok siia maala mombayar teindanya.”

“Lasoꞌuyatoo tevotuang ntaninya neꞌita tegauk heꞌua ane nerasai tutuu noondong. Siira umaꞌo eipuang ane nonjaritaa jojoo tegauk heꞌua.”

“Tepuang noleva tevotuang heꞌua ane nonjarita, ‘Siꞌoo tevotuang sanu majaat! Siaꞌu nongampunimo teindamu karna siꞌoo nomongi tulung eisiaꞌu. Siꞌoo kanaboi monggauka tegauk sanu selio-lio.’ Tepuang tututuu nongoungkul jaok nentamaa tevotuang sanu majaat heꞌua eilalong nupanjara jaok siia maala mombayar vavalii jojoo teindanya.”

Lamai heꞌua siYesus nonjarita, “Ane siꞌemiu jio mongampuni terurusmu lamai eilalong nuambokmu, teSiamaꞌU sanu eisuruga valii jio mongampuni siꞌemiu.”

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