unfoldingWord 18 - Bhag Hoija-a Rajyo

unfoldingWord 18 - Bhag Hoija-a Rajyo

Outline: 1 Kings 1-6; 11-12

Script Number: 1218

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

David chalis sal raj korise. Aru tai moriija-a pichete tai laga chokora Solomon he Israel laga raja hoise. Isor Solomon logote kotha koise aru tai ki mangibole mon ase mangibi koise. Solomon Isorke manukhan ke bhal pora cholabo paribole budhi-gyan mangise. Itu kotha hunikena Isor bisi bhal lagise aru tai Solomon ke prithibi te sob pora gyani thaka manu banaise. Solomon kisim kisim bisi hikise aru bisi bhal dimag thaka raja hoise. Itu he nohoe, hoilebi Isor pora tai ke bisi dhun dise.

Jerusalem te Solomon pora Mondir banaise, juntu kam tai laga baba David pora shuru kurise aru banabole samankhan sob taiari korikena rakhi thakisele. Poila nisina tombu ghor laga ghor te nohoikena, manukhan itia utu Mondir te ahikena Isor ke puja kurise aru janwarkhan bolidan korikena puja korise. Isor ahikena Mondir te tailaga manukhan logote bohise.

Hoilebi Solomon dusra desh laga maikikhan ke bisi bhal lagi jaise. Tai Isor pora nakoribi koa kurise aru ek-hazar maikikhan ke tai laga maiki banaise! Utu maikikhan taikhan laga isorkhan ke anikena puja kuri thakise. Jetia Solomon bura hoise, taibi itu isorkhan ke puja kurijaise.

Solomon ineka kura pora Isor tai uporte bisi ghusa hoise. Tai Solomon ke sajai dibo koise aru tai laga desh duita bhag kuridibo koise. Hoilebi Solomon morija-a pichete itukhan hobo.

Solomon morija-a pichete, tai laga chokora Rehoboam raja hoise. Israel manukhan sob ahise aru taike taikhan laga raja mani loise. Tailaga baba Solomon pora taikhan ke kineka bisi tan-tan kam kuribolo dise aru poisa bisi mangise itukhan koise. Itu nimite taikhan Rehoboam ke taikhan ke kam bisi nadibi koise.

Hoilebi Rehoboam taikhan ke bisi bia pora ineka koise; ‘‘Apunikhan moi laga baba pora bisi tan kam kuribole dise koiase. Hoilebi ami apunikhan ke aru bisi kam koribole dibo aru apunikhan ke bisi dangor dukh dibo.’’

Jetia manukhan tai ineka koa hunise, bisi manu taike ghusa hoise. Tai ke charikena dosta jati khan jai-jaise, aru khali duita jati he tai logote thaki jaise. Aru taikhan laga nam Judah laga rajyo matise.

Dosta jatikhan Jeroboam ke taikhan laga raja banaise. Itu jati khan paschim phine thaka khan asile aru taikhan nijor ke Israel laga rajyo matise.

Hoilebi Jeroboam Isor laga kotha mananai aru manukhan sob ke bisi pap kuribo dise. Tai duita murti banaise aru manukhan ke itu puja kuribole dise. Taikhan Jerusalem, jintu Judea laga rajyo te asile, ta-te puja kuribole naja hoise.

Judah aru Israel rajyo duita dushman hoi jaise aru ekjon-ekjon ke lorai kurijaise.

Israel laga notun rajyo laga rajakhan sob bisi biya manukhan thakise. Bisi rajakhan ke Israel laga manukhan junkhan raja hobole mon thakise taikhan pora rajakhan ke moriadise.

Taikhan laga raja sob murti ke puja kuri thakise. Taikhan jetia ineka kure, tetia bebichari logote ghumai aru taikhan nijor laga bachakhan ke bi marikena murtikhan ke puja kuri joilaidi thakise.

Judah laga rajakhan sob David laga khandankhan thakise. Taikhan majote kunba rajakhan bhal manu thakise aru taikhan ki thik ase itu niomkhan cholaikena Isor ke puja kurithakise. Hoilebi Judah laga rajakhan bisi jon bia thakise. Taikhan bhal pora raj kura nai aru murti ke puja kuri thakise. Kunba rajakhan taikhan nijor laga bacha ke bi katikena murtikhan ke puja kuri dise. Judah laga manukhan bisi Isor ke birudh kurise aru dusra isorkhan ke puja kurijaise.

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