unfoldingWord 18 - Lalram Inṭhen

unfoldingWord 18 - Lalram Inṭhen

Outline: 1 Kings 1-6; 11-12

Script Number: 1218

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Kum tam tak hnuah, Davida chu a thi ta a, a fapa Solomona chuan Israelte chungah ro a rêl ṭan ta a. Pathianin Solomona chu a bia a, engnge a duh ber a zawt a. Solomona chuan finna a dil ta a, a thil dil chuan Pathian a tilawm hle a, khawvela mifing bêr a nihtîr ta a. Solomona chuan thil tamtak a zîr a, rorêltu fing tak a lo ni ta a ni. Pathian chuan mi hausa takah a siam ta bawk a.

Solomona chuan Jerusalemah Temple a sa ta a, chumi sakna atân chuan a pa Davida chuan a lo ruahman a, a châkte a lo lakhawm tawh a ni. Mipuite chuan Inbiakna Puanin ah ni tawh lovin Temple ah chuan Pathian chu chibai bûkin a hnênah inthawina an hlan ta a. Pathian chu Temple ah chuan a rawn awm a, a mite zîngah chuan a rawn chêng ta a ni.

Amaherawhchu, Solomona chuan ram dang hmeichhiate a hmangaih a. Pathian thu kalhin nupui tamtak a nei a, 1,000 dawn lai an ni. Nupuia a neihte hi ram hrang hrang a mîte an ni a, anni chuan an pathian ṭheuh an rawn chhawm a, an be chhunzawm zel bawk a. Solomona chuan a lo upat hnuin an pathiante chu chibai a buk ve ta a.

Pathian chu Solomona chungah chuan a thinûr ta hle a, a rinawmloh avanga hremna atan Israel hnam chu Solomona thih hnuah lalram pahniha a ṭhen darh tûr thu a tiam ta a ni.

Solomona thih hnu chuan, a fapa Rehoboama chu a rawn lal ta a. Rehoboama chu a tak mai a ni. Amah chu lal a siam turin Israel hnam tin a mite chu an lo kalkhawm a. Rehoboama hnenah chuan Solomona khan hna hahthlak tak tak a thawhtîr thu te leh chhiah tamtak a chawitîr thu te sawiin an vui thu an thlen a.

Rehoboama chuan, “Ka pa Solomona khan hna a thawhrim tir viau che u ah in ngai a, nimahsela, kei hian ani aiin hna ka thawh rimtir zawk dawn che u a ni, tin, ani aiin ka hrem nasa zawk bawk ang che u,’ tiin, anmahni chu â takin a lo chhang a.

Israel hnam sawmte chu Rehoboama lakah an hel ta a. Hnam hnih chauh chu a lamah an ṭang ta a. Heng hnam hnihte hi Juda lalram an lo ni ta a ni.

Israel hnam sawm Rehoboama laka helte chuan Jeroboama chu an lal atan an siam a. An lalram chu hmar lamah an din ta a, Israel lalram tih a lo ni ta a ni.

Jeroboama chu Pathian lakah a hel ta a, mipuite chu thil sual a tihtîr a. Juda lalrama Temple ah chuan mipuiten Pathian aia an biak tur milem pahnih a dîn ta a.

Juda leh Israel lalram te chu an lo inhmelma a, an indo ta fo va.

Israel lalram thar a lal zawng zawngte chu an sual vek a. Heng lal tam tak te hi an aia lal nih duh Israel midangten an that ta a.

Israel lalrama lal zawng zawngte leh mipui tam zawkte chuan milêm an bia a. An milêm biaknaah chuan hmeichhiat-mipatna hman sualna leh nausêna inthawina te pawh a tel ṭhin a ni.

Juda lalte chu Davida thlahte an ni a. Chung lal ṭhênkhatte chu lal ṭha tak an ni, ro ṭha takin an rel a, Pathian chibai an bûk a. Nimahsela, Juda lal tam zawkte chu sual leh diklo taka thil ti mi an ni a, milêmte an bia a. Chung zinga lal ṭhenkhatte chuan pathian tak ni lo te hnêna inthawinan an fate pawh an hlan a. Juda mipui tam zawk te pawh Pathian lakah an hel a, pathian dangte an bia a.

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