unfoldingWord 18 - Lalram Inthre

unfoldingWord 18 - Lalram Inthre

Outline: 1 Kings 1-6; 11-12

Script Number: 1218

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Kum tamtak hnung chun, David chu a thi ta a, David a thi hnung chun, a naupa Solomonin ro a rêl tranta a, Pathien chun Solomon kuomah, ieng ama trûl tak ti an dawn a, Solomonin varna a hni chun Pathien a suklawm a, khawvêla mi vartakin a siemta a. Chun Pathienin hausa takin Solomon chu a siem bawk a.

Jerusalem khuoa chun Solomonin a pa’n Tempul bawlna dinga hmangruo, châk a lo lâk khawmhai le bawl dân ding a lo riruong chu hmangin Tempul chu a bawl ta a, Intuok khawmna Puonin kha hmangta lovin, mipuihai chun Tempul a chun Pathien bein, inthawinahai chu an hung inhlân ta lem a.

Nisienlakhom Solomon chun ram dang nuhmeihai chu dit enin a entawl ta a, Pathien thu zawm ta lovin nuhmei tamtak, 1000 lai zet el chu nuhmeiin a nei el ta a. Hieng nuhmei tamtakhai hi ram danga inthoka mi an na, an pathienhai an hung sawma, pathienin an biek tawl a. Solomon khom a hung tar hnung chun an pathienhai chu a biek ve el ta a.

Solomon chunga chun Pathien a lung a sen ta a, a ringum nawna leia hremna dingin, ama Solomon thi hnung chun Israel lalram chu phel hniin an phel ding a nih tiin Pathien chun thu a tiem ta a.

Solomon thi hnung chun, a naupa, Rehoboam chu lal a hung ni a, Rehoboam chu lal invêt, mihriem a nih. Israel mipui popo chu Rehoboam chu an lala sukdet dingin an fe khawma. Rehoboam chun sin inrik tak tak an thawtir zie le sie khom tamtak tak an chawitir thu a an chier bawk a.

Rehoboam chun invêt thlâk takin, “Ka pa Solomon khan sin riktak tak an thawtir cheuva, nisienkhom kei ruok chun, ka pa thaw nêka sin riklem kan thawtir ding cheu a nih, amain a hremna cheu nêka nasain ka hrem ding cheu a ni ti hi ring el ro,” tiin a dawn tawl a.

Israel hnam sawmhai chu Rehoboam laka chun an helta a. Hnam hnihai chau chu a chunga an ringum a. Hi hnam pahnihai hin Juda lalram hi an inngîr a nih.

Hnam sawm danghai, Rehoboam laka helhai hin an lal dingin Jeroboam chu an siem ve ta a. An lalram dingin hmartieng ram po chu an bêngbela, Israel lalram an ti ve a.

Jeroboam chu Pathien laka a helta a, mipui chu Pathien laka a suk hel bawk a. Juda ram sûnga Tempul a Pathien biek nêkin, mipuiin an biek dingin milem pahni a siem a.

Juda lalram le Israel lalram hai chu inkhingin hmêlmain an insiem veve el ta a, an indo zing zing el hlak a nih.

Israel ram sûnga lalhai popo chu lal suol an ni vong. Lal tamtak hi, lalna inchuin an hmuna lala inthrung nuomin Israel midanghaiin an that tawl a nih.

Israel rama lal popo le mitamtak hin milemhai pathienin an bieka, chu lei chun uiretna suo a le a châng chun naupanga inthawina chen an tlun hlak a nih.

Juda lalrama lalhai hi chu David thlahai an nih. Lal threnkhat hi lalthra, feltak le Pathien tri taka rorêl an nih. Nisienlakhom Juda lal a tam lemhai hi chu lal suol, indik lova thilthaw hmang, le milem betu an nih. Lal threnkhat lem hin chu an nauhai milem kuomah inthawinain an hmanga. Chuonghai chau chu an nawh, Juda mipuihai khoma Pathien an helsana, pathien danghai an biek bawk a nih.

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