unfoldingWord 22 - Johan Pieng Thu

unfoldingWord 22 - Johan Pieng Thu

Outline: Luke 1

Script Number: 1222

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Kum 400 nêka tam a lien hnung chun Pathienin mihai kuoma thu a hung hril ta a. Chuongchun thiempu tartak, Zekari kuoma chun vântirko a hung inlâra. A nuhmei le ama chu Pathien ngaisak an ni a,” ana chu Elizabeth chun nau a nei thei naw tlat el a.

Vântirko chun Zekari kuomah, “I nuhmeiin naupasal nei a ta. A hming dingin Johan phuok i tih. Zawlnei ropuitak nîng a ta, Messia hung hmain, a hmain lo hung hmasâng a tih!” a tia. Zekari chun, “Ka nuhmei le kei hi tar takel kan ni ta a, nauhai nei dingin kan upa taluo tah! Chuongchu hungtlung ding a ni ti iengtin am hre thei tang ka ti leh?” a ta.

Vântirko chun a kuomah, “ Hi hi chanchin thra hril ding chein Pathienin a mi tir a nih. Ka thuhril hi I ringnaw leiin, naupang chu a pieng hmakhat chu trongthei ta naw ti nih,” a ta. Chuongchun Zekari chu a trong thei ta naw nghâl el a. Chun Vântirko chun a mâksan ta a. Zekari chu in an lawia, a nuhmei chun nau a pai ta a.

Elizabeth-in thlaruk lai nau a von hnung chun vântirko hung inlâr bok kha, a zuorpuinu, Mari kuomah a hung inlâr ve a. Ama chu nunghâk thienghlim a na, mi pakhat Josef le inhuol an nih. Vântirko chun, “Inrai i ta, naupasal nei i ta. A hming dingin Isu sak i ti, Messia a ni ding a nih,” a ta.

Mari chun, “Chuongchu iengtin am nîng a ti leh, pasal ka la nei si naw a?” a ta. Vântirko chun, “Thlarau thienghlim I chunga hung tlung a ta, Pathien thilthaw theina chun hlie khung a ti che. Chuongchun naute chu mithienghlim Pathien Naupa ting an tih,” ti’n a don a. Vântirko thuhril chu Mari chun a ringa, anraita a.

Sawt riel lo chun Mari chu a fe a, Elizabeth kha a hang sira. Elizabethin Mari chibai bûk chu a hriet phingleh, a sul sûnga naute chu an chawma. An ta dinga Pathienin thil a thawhai lei chun an lawm ta em ema. Mari chu thlathum lai Elizabeth kuoma a um hnung chun intieng an lawi nawk a.

Elizabeth in naupasal a nei zo chun, vantirkoin a phuok pêk ang khan a hminga Johan an phuok a, chu phing le chun Pathienin Zakari chu an trongtir nawk ta a. Zakari chun, “A mihai a hriet zing leiin Pathien chu inpâkin um raw se! Nang ka naupa, Pathien chung hnungtak zawlnei ting an ti che! Messia ta dingin lampui siem I tih!” a ta.

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