unfoldingWord 22 - Esiuni No Yoani

unfoldingWord 22 - Esiuni No Yoani

Outline: Luke 1

Script Number: 1222

Language: Lopit

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Ifa beren eiro Hollum to huwo illohonyie ta anjilohien iko te hekilak. Hati ta ŋasi 400 inne ifwo obe inyeja leiro to hosi. Tawak aŋawong anjilo ho hiram tere Hollum de eitto k lo fadirihien la ara Sakaria. Ojo hito noŋorwo no honyi, Elizabeta, haijufak inno Hollum, hati obe inyeja lowuon ho hinnak dure

Ojo Anjilo to Sakaria, owuon iso noŋorwo hoi ho hito, ifurek iso iye inyeja Yoane.. Ojo Anjilo to Sakaria, owuon iso noŋorwo hoi ho hito, ifurek iso iye inyeja hatere Yoani.Efut iso inyeja ho Loyiri no Hollum, ojo iso etihumak huwo aillo letalahani! ‘’ Eitiraŋ Sakariya, naŋ ho no ŋorwo naiti eimarwak iyohooi binno to ŋaisiu dure! Jai iso layen naŋ?’’

Eitiraŋ Anjilo Sakariya, "Efahu naŋ Hollum ho hifahi na anyar. Haiti ibe iye leiruk naŋ, inyeja iso iye leremik hirro many esiuni hito. ’’ Kokwak, enyai Sakariya ho lo remik hiro. Ette Anjilo ŋebusak Sakariya. Ta halu, angacahari Sakariya ahaŋ, ette noŋorwo hibuŋuta.

Ifa lera yafajin inno Elisabeta ile inne lebungutari inyeja, einyejak anjilo ŋalieu to woyio ne Elisabeta. Ara ifa fure Maria. Ojo anjilo, ‘’Ibuŋuta iso iye hito ette iye esiu hito. Ifurek iso iye inyeja Yesu. Ara iso inyeja lonyi Hollum la agalik, oduloi iso hikumo many fur."

Etiraŋ Maria, “Jai iso lara Hiram innaŋ, halara naŋ hoduoti?’’ Elimak anjilo, ‘’ otu iso loyiri to hoi, ette golon no Hollum ŋemuhok iye. Ara iso hito la anyalam, lonyi Hollum.’ Eruk Maria hifahi no ojo anjilo.

Kokwak ifa leitiru Elisebeta de himala na Maria, ette hito diotei to hosehe nohonyi. Ette ŋorwo innara daŋ munoi to nyo leihum Hollum to hosi. Ta halu ne ŋelimak Maria Elizebeta Ta yafajin hunik, aŋacahari Maria ahaŋ.

Ifa lesiu Elisabeta hito honyie, ette Sakariya he Elisebeta efurek hito Yoani, iya nafa elimak Anjilo. Niya ette Hollum ebusak Sakariya herora inyak. Ette Sakariya hijo, "Humo to Hollum, nyo agilu huwo ilohonyie! Iye lenyi hanaŋ, ira iso iye hekilani lo Hollum lettok lelimak huwo hebusahini no hiyata innohosie!"

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