unfoldingWord 22 - Johana Pian Thu

unfoldingWord 22 - Johana Pian Thu

Outline: Luke 1

Script Number: 1222

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Tun hma chuan, Pathianin a mite hnênah a vantirhkohte leh a zawlneite hmangin thu a sawi ṭhin a. Nimahsela, an hnêna thu a sawi lohna chu kum 400 lai a lo ni ta. Thawklehkhatah, Vantirhkoh pakhat hi Pathian thuchah kengin puithiam upa tawh tak Zakaria hnênah a rawn inlâr ta a. Zakaria leh a nupui Elizabeti chu Pathian ngaihsak mi an ni a, nimahsela, Elizabeti chuan fa rêng a nei thei lo va.

Vântirhkoh chuan Zakaria hnênah, “I nupui chuan fapa a hring ang a. A hmingah Johana in sa ang. Thlarau Thianghlimin a khat ang a, mîte chu Messia tan a buatsaih dawn a ni!” a ti a. Zakaria chuan, “Ka nupui leh kei hi fa nei tûr chuan kan upa tawh lutuk a ni! Engtinnge he thil hi a thleng ang tih ka hriat theih ang?” a ti a.

Vantirhkoh chuan Zakaria hnenah, “Pathianin he chanchin Ṭha hi i hnêna sawi tûrin min tîr a ni. Nimahsela mi rin loh avangin, nausen a lo pian hma zawng i ṭawng thei dawn lo a ni,” tiin a chhang a. Chu veleh Zakaria chu a ṭawng thei lo ta nghal a. Tin, Vantirhkoh chuan Zakaria chu a kalsan a. Chumi hnu chuan, Zakaria chu inah a haw a, a nupui chu a lo râi ta a.

Elizabeti naupai chu thla ruk a lo tlin chuan, thawklehkhatah, Vântirhkoh ngai kha Elizabeti laichin, Mari hnênah a rawn inlâr a. Mari chu nula thianghlim, Josefa nena innei tura inhual lai a ni a. Vantirhkoh chuan, “I rai ang a, fapa i hring ang a. A hmingah Isua i sa tûr a ni. Pathian Chungnûngbera Fapa a ni ang a, kumkhuain ro a rêl ang,” a ti a.

Mari chuan, “Chung chu engtin nge ni ang? mipa ka nei si lo,” tiin a chhang a. Vântirhkoh chuan, “Thlarau Thianghlim chu i chungah a rawn thleng ang a, Pathian thiltihtheihna chuan a hliahkhuh ang che. Tichuan, nausên chu Pathian Fapa, mi thianghlim a ni ang,” tiin a hrilhfiah ta a. Mari chuan Vantirhkoh sawi chu a rîng a, a pawm ta a.

Vantirhkohin Mari hnêna thu a sawi hnu rei lo te ah chuan, Mari chuan Elizabeti chu a va tlawh ta a. Elizabetin Mari chibai bûkna thu a hriat veleh Elizabeti pumchhûnga naute chu a che ta a. Pathianin an tana thil a tihsak avang chuan an hlim dun hle a. Mari chu thla thum lai a cham hnu chuan a in lamah a haw leh ta a.

Elizabetin fapa a hrin hnuin, Zakaria leh Elizabeti chuan Vântirhkohin a hrilh angin a hmingah Johana an sa ta a. Tichuan, Pathianin Zakaria chu a ṭawng theih tir leh ta a. Zakaria chuan, “Pathian chu fak rawh u, a mite a hriatrêng avangin! Nang, ka fapa, Pathian Chungnungbera zawlnei ti a koh i la ni ang a, mite hnênah an sualte ngaihdam an la nih dan tur thu i la hriattîr ang,” a ti a.

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