unfoldingWord 34 - Jesu kiuma duwe djawu nonga

Outline: Matthew 13:31-46; Mark 4:26-34; Luke 13:18-21;18:9-14

Script Number: 1234

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Jesu kiuma duwe djawu nonga tãrã Apã Wachu chidja llambatydjiwa. Go inama: „Go Apã Wachu chidja llambaty go rõ motasa ã’ã nonga, etakrã ache pechewe dja ywype. Pendje kuama go motasa ã’ã ichakrãeche duwe ã’ã wywydji.“

„ Go motasa ã’ã yma rabu rõ, neina wachueche duwe wyra wywydji. Go neina wachu buare, kuyra wywy ekõma, djapowã dja aity go wyra akãndji.”

Gobu Jesu kiu reko duwe djawu nonga: “Go Apã Wachu chidja llambaty go rõ chouatygi nonga, etakrã kudjã djonoma tãrã trigo kuidji choupawã.”

“Gobu emi Apã Wachu chidja llambaty go rõ bue gatu biri buchãngi nonga, etakrã kbe’e djemiwe ywype. Duwe kbe’e djuma go bue gatu biri buchãngi, gobu pechema emi. Go kbe’e ury gatudjiwa, oma butadji mewã idja bue wywy rekogi. Gobu go butadji kawãma go ywy.”

“Go Apã Wachu chidja llambaty go rõ emi perla kbegatueche, biri buchãngi nonga. Etakrã kbe’e perla kawãndygi go djubu, mẽma butadji dja bue wywy rekogi. Gobu go butadji kawãma go perla.”

Gobu Jesu kiuma djawu nonga tãrãllã achepe, idja djã djawu rekogi, dja bue gatu djapoty rupi ikẽwerã Apã Wachu chidja llambatype. Gogi emi byllã reko duwegi wywype. Jesu inama: “Mirõ kbe’e oma prellambatype krandobuãwã. Etakrã kbe’e go rõ buta matãndygi, duwegi rõ pa’i ymachidjagi.”

“Go pa’i ymachidjagi krandobuãma go nonga: Cho ury gatu mema djepe, Apã Wachu, cho rõ bue buchã djapollãndy duwegi wywy nonga, go narõndygi wywy nonga, ache djãwã buchãngi nonga, emi picha breko pokogi nonga, gobu emi go kbe’e buta matãndygi nonga.”

“Cho bue ullã mirõ kreybu djypetã krey tãrãmbu, buta emi bue wywy chope membyregidji cho mendy djepe go diemo.”

“Go kbe’e buta matãndygi rõ ĩma rypy go pa’i ymachidjagidji, emi maĩ djuellã ywadji. Go endawepe idja ipope pachoma idja chape emi pukama: Apã Wachu, chingadjeky ga reko chodji, cho rõ bue buchã djapotygi.”

Gobu Jesu inama: “Cho kainallã pendjepe, Apã Wachu wendu gatu go buta matãndygi pukabu emi kuwẽma idjape. Gobu uryllã go pa’i ymachidjagi pukawedji. Apã Wachu chidja mẽllãwerã ache kachidja buãngipe, emi mewerã ache praru gatugipe etakrã chidja gatuwã.”

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