unfoldingWord 34 - Isuan Tehkhin Thu Dangte A zirtir

unfoldingWord 34 - Isuan Tehkhin Thu Dangte A zirtir

Outline: Matthew 13:31-46; Mark 4:26-34; Luke 13:18-21;18:9-14

Script Number: 1234

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Isuan Pathian ram chanchin tehkhin thu dang tam tak a sawi a. Entirna turin, “Pathian ram chu anṭam chi fang khat miin a lova a theh ang chu a ni. Chu chu thlai chi zawng zawng zinga tê ber a ni tih in hria e.”

“Nimahsela, a lo to sân hunah chuan huan thlai zawng zawnga sâng bêr a lo ni ta a, a len tawk avangin savate pawh an lo kal a, a zârahte chuan an riak a.” a ti a.

Isuan tehkhin thu dang a sawi a, “Pathian ram chu dawidim hmeichhiain a lak a, chhangput zinga a zaa a thawh vek thlenga a phuma ang chu a ni.”

“Vanram chu lova ro phum rûk ang a ni. Chu chu miin a hmu a, a thukrû a, a lawm avangin a neih zawng zawng chu a va hralh a, chu lo chu a lei ta a.”

“Pathian ram chu tuikeplung hlû tak ang chu a ni leh a. Chu chu tuikeplung hmanga sumdawng pakhatin a hmu a, a neih zawng zawng chu a va hralh a, a lei ta a.” a ti a.

Tin, Isuan mi ṭhenkhat mahni thiltih ṭhat a innghat a, midangte hmuhsittute hnênah tehkhin thu a sawi a. “Mi pahnih Pathian Biakinah ṭawngṭai turin an kal a. Pakhat chu chhiahkhawntu a ni a, pakhat chu sakhaw hruaitu a ni.”

“Sakhaw hruaitu chuan hetiang hian a ṭawngṭai a, “Pathian, midangte ang a suamhmangte, fel lote, uirete ka nih loh avang leh, he chhiahkhawntu ang pawh hi ka nih loh avangin lawmthu ka hrilh a che.”

“Entîrnan, chawlhkar khat apiangah vawi hnih chaw ka nghei ṭhin a, ka neih apiang sawmah pakhat ka pe ṭhin,” a ti a.

“Nimahsela, chhiahkhawntu erawh chu hla takah a ding a, vân lam pawh a dak ngam lova, ‘Pathian, ka chungah zah ngai ang che, mi sual ka nih avangin,” tiin a awm a inchûm a inchûm ta zawk a.

Tin, Isuan “Tih tak meuhvin ka hrilh a che u, Pathianin chhiahkhawntu ṭawngṭaina chu a hria a, thiamchangah a puang ta a. Nimahsela, sakhaw hruaitu ṭawngṭaina chu a lawm lo va. Inngaihlu apiang Pathianin a titlawm ang a, inngaitlawm apiang a chawimawi ang,” a ti a.

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