unfoldingWord 20 - Israel budjakrã dja ekõandydji, gobu ekõ emi dja ywype

unfoldingWord 20 - Israel budjakrã dja ekõandydji, gobu ekõ emi dja ywype

Outline: 2 Kings 17; 24-25; 2 Chronicles 36; Ezra 1-10; Nehemiah 1-13

Script Number: 1220

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Go mirõ chidja llambatype ekõngi, Israel emi Juda llambaty pua wywy bue buchã djapo ury Apã Wachu chã ruwa. Gogi wywy wedjapama Apã Wachu djawu membyre go kuãmbuku Sinaipe. Apã Wachu buema dja profeta wywy, Israel pua wywype kiuwã, wedjawã bue buchã djapoty, prewã emi Apã Wachudji. Gogi wywy rõ wendu djuellã, emi djapo djuellã Apã Wachu inawe nonga.

Go buare Apã Wachu pacho puy go mirõ chidja llambaty pua wywype, dja byllãndygi buchãmbawã gogi wywype. Go Asirio chidja llambaty pua, etakrã irõndy prandjã buchã emi chidja reko, buchãmbama Israel chidja llambaty. Go Asirio pua wywy pychoma tãrã Israel chidja llambaty puape, rapama emi bue biri buchã, gobu mendyma go ekõandy.

Go Asirio pua noãmbama yma kua gatugipe, emi bue tãrã rekogipe emi ache tõngatugipe, gobu rapama Asirio chidja llambatype. Go Israel pua bue rekollãngi emi pychollãmbyregi rõ ekõ wyche Israel chidja llambatype.

Gobu Asirio pua eruma duwe ekõandy pua, ekõwã go Israel ywype. Go ache wywy djapoma emi tapy tãrã buchãmbambyregi. Kbe’e wywy budjakrã pua rekoma dja breko Israel pua bychepe. Gobu Israel pua emi ache budjakrã pua udjabu, emi kmino tãrã rekobu, go rõ pukapyty Samaria pua.

Juda chidja llambaty pua wechãma, manonga Apã Wachu pachowe Israel llambaty pua wywype, kua gatullã buare Apã Wachudji, mudjã gatullã buare emi idjape. Go nongabu djepe gogi wywy pre reko wyche apã chã nongadji, go Kanaan irõndy apã chã nonga wywydji emi. Apã Wachu buema profetape, djawu chidjawã gogipe, gogi wywy rõ djawu wendu djuellã.

Etakrã tapa tapa (100) ruybu, Asirio pua buchãmbabu Israel chidja llambaty, Apã Wachu buema Nabukodonosor, go Babilonia ymachidjagi, tõ mumbuwã Juda chidja llambaty pua wywydji. Babilonia rõ etakrã chidja llambaty neina wachugi. Juda ymachidjagi dja dawu mema, ekõwã Nabukodonosor buepytygi. Gobu mema idjape tãrã buchã buta ruybu wywy.

Gobu tãrãllã ruybu Juda ymachidjagi ĩ djuellãma Babiloniadji. Go buare Babilonia pua wywy wẽma emi, tõ mumbuwã Juda chidja llambaty puadji. Gogi chidjama tapy tãrã Jerusalemdji, buchãmbama prellambaty, emi rama bue biri buchãngi wywy tapy tãrã puare emi prellambaty puare.

Juda ymachidjagi ĩ djuellã buare Babiloniadji, Nabukodonosor tõallãngi pacho puy idjape. Go buare bropama djono ymachidjagi tay wywype dja chã ruwa, gobu dja chã mumbuma. Gobu rama go ymachidjagipe, manowã tapy djãwãllãpe Babioniape.

Nabucodonosor emi dja tõallãngi wywy rama tãrã Juda chidja llambaty pua Babiloniape, wedjama tãrãllã Juda pua bue rekollãngipe, ywy tyrõwã emi bue ã’ã pechewã. Go ruy wywybu, Apã Wachu chupa pua chidjape rapabu, ekõwã budjakrãpe go dja ywy membyregidji, pukapyty Exilio.

Apã Wachu dja chupa pua pacho puyma, bue buchã djapo buare, rama gogi wywype budjakrãpe dja ywydji. Go nongabu djepe, kua reko idjadji, emi dja djawu membyredji. Apã Wachu kuwẽ reko dja chupa pua wywydji, emi djawuma gogi wywype dja profeta rupi. Gobu idja inawe, djypetãtapa ruybu, owerã wyche emi go ywy membyrepe.

Djypetãtapa ruy wachabu, Ciro, go rõ Persa pua ymachidjagi, buchãmbama Babilonia chidja llambaty, gobu Persa chidja llambaty ĩma Babilonia chidja llambaty endawepe. Go Israel pua wywy kowebu pukapyre Juda, emi tãrãma ekõ Babiloniape. Tãrãllã chuepurãngi Juda pua kua reko ywy Judadji.

Go Persa chidja llambaty rõ chidjabu djepe, go pua chingadjeky reko go ache chidjape rapyregidji. Tãrãllã kreybu, Ciro ymachidjabu Persa pua wywydji, mema dja djawu go Juda pua o djuegi emi ekõandy Judape, wedjawerã Persia owã Juda rekuaty. Go mema emi buta tãrã djapowã prellambaty! Go nonga djypetãtapa ruybu budjakrã dja ekõandydji, tãrãllã Juda pua noãma, owã emi tapy tãrã Jerusalempe ekõandy Judape.

Gobu Juda pua wẽmbu Jerusalempe, djapoma prellambaty, gobu emi pechema tapy tãrã. Duwe ache idjadji ymachidjabu djepe, ekõ wyche go ywy membyrepe, emi kmarã reko Apã Wachu chã ruwa prellambatype.

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