unfoldingWord 20 - Hiwotita iko Ŋacohini

unfoldingWord 20 - Hiwotita iko Ŋacohini

Outline: 2 Kings 17; 24-25; 2 Chronicles 36; Ezra 1-10; Nehemiah 1-13

Script Number: 1220

Language: Lopit

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Aŋayau obie ne Israil ojo obie no Yuda eiyau daŋ do Hollum. Eiwur isieja himora nafa leihumak Hollum hosie de Sinai. Eifahak Hollum haikilani lo honyie hatasar isieja heteyitoi do honyie ette inyeja hitihabwo inyie, hati eibo isieja hiruk.

Niya eibak Hollum lobiehien daŋ taŋaibusak no hosie merok illo hosie eitihara isieja. Lobie ne Asiria, no logol, doŋe no loru no, eitihar lobie ne Israile. Otohoi Asiria huwo iluluŋ to lobie ne Israile, eyari hirro hanyarak daŋ ette ŋaswahak mai nahitttok.

Otubak Asiria leitaha daŋ, huwo hasamak, ojo huwo ille lemijak igem ette ŋayari isieja a Asiria. Hatahitak ille Israile illafa leibusak lobe isieja otohoi do lobie he Israile.

Ette Asiria ŋayari hatomonok ette manyai da fau nafa lowuonyie lobie ne Israile. Ette hatomonok hinyak duho haŋitek innafa ho bore gala leitihar fere ette yama Israile innafa leibusahini de. Woyojin inne Israile inna layama hatamonok ara ifa Samaritan.

Owolo huwo illo lobie no Yuda hijo jiai labak Hollum huwo illo lobie ne Israile tenyai no hosie leitira ojo hiruk inyie. Hati arrasa isieja hitihabwo rijorihien ho jiohin inna Kanan. Eifahak Hollum hakilani hatasar isieja. Hati eibo isieja hitira.

Niya da halu ha ŋasi 100 innafa leitiharari Asiria lobie ne Israile, eifahak Hollum Nebukadnisar, habu le Babilon, eirumok lobie no Yuda. Ogol ifa lobie na Babilon no. Eiruk habu lo Yuda hira a haigemani la Nebukadnisar ette duma do honyie musuru iluluŋ ŋasi daŋ.

Hati da halu ha ŋasi kai, eidefer habu lo Yuda da Babilonia. Niya eiŋacohini Babilonia ette ŋairumok lobie no Yuda. Einefu bore gala no Yerusalem, eitihar Ikelesia, ette yari daŋ ibariti inno bore gala ojo inne Ikelesia.

Atabak habu lo Yuda te hidefer otohoi leseŋer illa Nebukadnisar lenyirok ha habu lie do hosiere honyie ette isieja hitiŋodo inyieja. Da halu de aŋayari habu ade ette yio da babus na Babilonia.

Ojo Nebukadnisar ojo loseŋer illo honyie eyari huwo daŋ illo lobie no Yuda a Babilonia, eibusak hairatak hamai da halu eidulai mata. Da far nyie leifuharie huwo illo Hollum eibusak fau leteroti ne leililoŋo Doŋe na ŋacohini.

Ama abak hido Hollum huwo illo honyie ta ŋayari isieja ade a doŋe lobo, obe inyieja logwori kuya iterit no honyie. Oduloi Hollum hiria huwo illo honyie ojo eiroita do hosie ta haikilani lo honyie. Eterok inyieja hijo da halu ha ŋasi tomona hatarik ocohini iso isieja hinyiak a Fau Leteroti.

Niya da halu ha ŋasi tomona hatarik, Cyrus, habu le Persia agalik Babilon nyia orutak lobie ne Persia lobie na Babilon. Eililoŋo ifa Israile iyane a Yudei ojo iluluŋ no hosie amany da Babilon. Marwak hilak jia illo Yudei leriamik hiyyen fau no Yuda.

Ogol ifa lobie na Persia hati emehini do huwo luhe leinefu isieja. Kai da halu ha Cyrus aŋawoŋ habu le Persia, eisio hiram hijo lowak lobo tihoni lo Yudei ŋacohari a Yuda anyar leibusak Persia ojo heteitoi a de a Yuda. Eisio hidofe inyieja isieja arobia anyar lofwo hiduk Ikelesia! Niya da halu ha ŋasi tomona hatarik do doŋe nabo no huwo kai illo Yudei ille locohari a bore gala ho Yerusalem no Yuda.

Ifa leiba huwo do Yerusalem, einyak hiduk Ikelesia ojo lehitir eilorok bore gala. Arrasa ifa hido isieja wuana do fau hosie, ojo isieja amanya da Fau nafa Leteroti ette hitihabwo de Ikelesia.

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