unfoldingWord 04 - Himwara no Hollum ha Abramo

unfoldingWord 04 - Himwara no Hollum ha Abramo

Outline: Genesis 11-15

Script Number: 1204

Language: Lopit

Theme: Living as a Christian (Obedience, Leaving old way, begin new way); Sin and Satan (Judgement, Heart, soul of man)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Ŋasi arriai da halu he igura arrasa huwo manya da fau,ero ifa isieja daŋ hirori nabotie, obe ifa isieja etufuta fau iya lojo Hollum hati ottubahini isieja loduhori haji.

Etidara, enye hegilo huwo do Hollum ette isieja hitiara duho iretit ido, ewolo hati Hollum hijo ehuma isieja no lorru. Oremik isa hihumo hirro aria no lorru.

Ette hati Hollum hiloit hirori nohosie hotowuana hirorita inno lolufa ette etisarek huwo da fau. Haŋ nafa Oduho huwo luha inyeja Babil (ne etuhutek hijo, obe leriamik "hiyyen."

Da halu ha ŋasi hisihai, ero Hollum da Abram, elimak Hollum do honyie hijo, "Idek doŋe nohoi ho lie ta haŋ hatai, inno a doŋe nabo ne elimak iso naŋ iyye. Ajak iso naŋ iyye hidofe ehumak iyye adoŋe nolobolo. Ete ehumak fure nohoi nehitok. Huwo daŋ illa lajak iyye ajok iso naŋ isieja, ojio ille epita iyye, epitak iso hidofe naŋ isieja. Huwo daŋ ta fau daŋ, etijohini iso isieja te iyye."

Nia, abaŋi Abram Hollum. Eyari hati inyeja noŋoruo honyi, Sarai ho hegiamak ho honyie daŋ ho hirro innohonyie ette hiwoto amai nafa etihutek Hollum do honyie fau na Kanan.

Ifa leiba Abram da Kanan, ejio hati Hollum hijo, "Towolo mai ne daŋ, eiso iso naŋ do hoi ho durre illohoi fau ne daŋ hatara lorutati nohoi." Ette Abram manyai da fau nyie.

Da nabo far, Eiboŋ Abram ho Melkisedek, fadiri lo Hollum lahittok. Eijok Melkisedek Abram ette hijo, "Isiara Hollum lahittok hatajak Abram." Ette Abram hiso Melkisedek abwanyak ibariti innohonyie.

Oluŋa ifa ŋasi innafa obiaŋari Abram ho Sarai lorrumuni lobo hito. Enyak Hollum hiro do honyie iteriti innohonyie hijo owuon iso Abram ho lenyi ojo durre illohonyie oluŋa iso iyya haher inno hide. Ette Abram huruk iteriti inno Hollum. Eiso Hollum da Abram liboi nyo eruk inyeja iterit inno Hollum.

Ette Hollum ŋaterok himora nohonyie ha Abram. Ara himora na ŋacio lohorik. Ette Hollum hijo, "Eiso iso naŋ do hoi lenyi lolotu tara kwan nohoi. Eiso naŋ fau na Kanan do durre illohoi." Arrasa Abram wuana ania lobe hito.

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