unfoldingWord 04 - Abrahama hnena Pathian Thuthlung

unfoldingWord 04 - Abrahama hnena Pathian Thuthlung

Outline: Genesis 11-15

Script Number: 1204

Language: Mizo

Theme: Living as a Christian (Obedience, Leaving old way, begin new way); Sin and Satan (Judgement, Heart, soul of man)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Tuilêt zawh kum tamtak hnuah chuan, khawvêlah hian mihring an lo tam leh ta hle a, an zavai in ṭawng chi khat an hmang a. Pathianin leilung luah khat tur a thu a pêk chu zawm lovin an inhawrkhawm a, khawpui an din ta a.

An lo chapo ta hlê a, Pathian thusawi chu an ngaihsak ta lova. Van tawng pha tur in sang an sa ta hial a. Pathianin thil sual ti tura an thawhho zel chuan, thil sual nasa zawk an la ti ṭeuh thei dawn tih a hmu a.

Tichuan, Pathianin an ṭawng hman chu ṭawng hrang hrangin a tihhransak ta a, tichuan, mihring te chu khawvel hmun tinah an lo darh ta a. Khawpui an lo din ṭan tawh chu a hmingah Babel an vuah a, a awmzia chu ‘buaina’ a ni.

Kum za tamtak hnuah chuan, Pathianin mi pakhat a hming Abrama hnenah chuan thu a sawi a. “I khaw lam aṭang leh i laichinho zing aṭang in chhuak la, ram ka la entir tûr che lamah kal rawh. Mal ka sawm ang che a, chi ropui takah ka siam ang che. I hming ka ti ropui bawk ang. Malsawmsaktu apiang che chu mal ka sawm ang a, anchhe lawhtû che chu anchhia ka lawh ang. Nangmah ah chuan khawvêla hnam tin an la thawveng ang,” a ti a.

Tichuan Abrama chuan Pathian thu chu a awih a. A nupui Saraii leh a chhiahhlawh zawng zawng leh a thil neih zawng zawng te nên Pathianin ram a entir Kanaan ram lam chu an pan ta a.

Abraman Kanaan a lo thlen chuan Pathianin, “Dâk chhuak la han en vêl teh. Ram I hmuh theih zawng zawng te hi nang leh I thlahte hnenah rochun atan ka la pe dawn che u a ni” a ti a. Tin, Abrama chuan chumi ramah chuan awmhmun a khuar ta a.

Ni khat chu, Abrama chu Pathian Chungnungbera puithiam, Melkisedeka nen an inhmu a. Melkisedeka chuan Abrama chu mal a sawm a, a hnenah, “Lei leh vân neitu Pathian chungnungbera chuan malsawm che rawh se,” a ti a. Tin, Abraman a thilneih zawng zawng aṭang sawma pakhat Melkisedeka a pe a.

Kum tamtak hnuah pawh Abrama leh Saraii te chuan fapa an la nei lo va. Pathianin Abrama hnênah fapa a la nei ang a, a thlahte chu vana arsi zat an la nih tur thu a tiam nawn leh a. Abrama chuan Pathian thutiam chu a ring a. Pathian thutiam a rin avâng chuan Pathianin Abrama chu mifel ah a puang tâ a.

Tin, Pathianin Abrama hnênah thû a thlung a. Thuthlung chu pawl pahnih te inkâra inremna chu a ni. Pathian chuan, “I ṭhâlbe aṭang ngeiin fapa ka pe dawn che a ni. Kanaan ram chu i thlahte hnênah ka la pe ang,” a ti a. Nimahsela, Abrama chuan fapa a la nei lo va.

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