unfoldingWord 04 - Abraham Kuoma Pathien Thuthlung

unfoldingWord 04 - Abraham Kuoma Pathien Thuthlung

Outline: Genesis 11-15

Script Number: 1204

Language: Hmar

Theme: Living as a Christian (Obedience, Leaving old way, begin new way); Sin and Satan (Judgement, Heart, soul of man)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Tuilet zo, kum tamtak hnung chun khawvela hin mi an hung tam nawk ta a, trong thuhmunin an trong senga. Nisienlakhom Pathienin thu a pek anga hnuoi hluosip nekin hmunkhatin an um khawma, khawpui an siem el ta a.

Mihriemhai chu an chapo em ema, Pathien thu hril kha an ngaisak naw a. Vân tawng rak dingin thlîrna in insâng an bawl tran el a. Hmun khatin an um bûma sin an thaw tlang zing chun, thil thranaw tamtak an thaw ding a nih ti Pathienin a hmu a.

Chuongchun Pathienin an trong chu a sukdanglam pêka, trong dang chi tum tumin an trongtir a, khawvel pumpuiah a sukdar ta a. Khawpui an bawl tran kha a hmingah Babel an inbûka, a umzie chu ‘lunginzîngna, buoina, chi-aina tina a nih.

Kum za tamtak liem hnung chun Pathienin a hming Abram an ti kuoma chun thu a hril a. Pathien chun, “I khuo tienga le I laibunghai laia inthok chun suok la, Ram ka lan entir ding che tieng chun fe rawh. Malsawm ka ti che a, hnam ropuitakah siem ka ti che a; I hming sukropui bok ka tih. Malsawmtu che taphot chu malsawm ka ta, trongsie inphurtu che chu trongsie inphur ka tih; nangmaa chun hnamtin la thawveng an tih” a ta.

Chuongchun Abram chun a kuoma Pathienin thu a hril chu a zawm ta a. A nuhmei Sara le a siehlawhai popo leh a thilnei popo leh Pathienin ram an entir, Kanan ram tieng chun a fe ta a.

Abram chu Kanan ram a tlung phing leh Pathienin a kuomah, “Dâksuok la, en vêl rawh. Ram I hmu phâk thei popo hi nang le I thlahai kuomah ro dingin ka pêk ding cheu a nih,” a ta. Abram chun chu rama chun umhmun a khuor ta a.

Nikhat chu Abramin Melkizedek, Pathien thiempu laltak an tuokpuia. Melkizedek chun Abram chu mal a sawm a; “Pathien chunghnungtak hnuoi le vân neitu chun Abram malsawm raw se,” a ta. Chuongchun Abram chun a thilnei popova inthawkin sawm a pakhat chu Melkizedek kuomah a pek ta a.

Kum tamtak a liem hnung khawm chun Abram le Sara chun naupasal an la nei naw ta rop a. Pathienin Abram kuomah naupasal le vana arasi zat a thlahai an la um ding a nih tiin a tiem thar nok a. Pathien thutiem chu Abramin a ringa. Pathien thutiem Abramin a ring leiin Pathienin Abram chu mifelah a ruot ta a.

Chuongchun Abram kuomah Pathienin thuthlung a siem ta a. Thuthlung hi pawl pahni inkâra inremna siem a ni hlak a. Pathien chun, “I thralbea inthok ngeiin naupasal ka pêk ding che a nih. Kanan ram chu I thlahai kuomah ka pêk ding a nih,” a ta. Nisienlakhom Abram chun naupasal a la nei naw zing a.

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