unfoldingWord 01 - Ayieu Hollum Hirro

unfoldingWord 01 - Ayieu Hollum Hirro

Outline: Genesis 1-2

Script Number: 1201

Language: Lopit

Theme: Bible timeline (Creation)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Ara innaŋ hitieri no ŋayieu no Hollum hirro daŋ inno lowuon da fau to holoŋi ile. Ifa laŋayieu Hollum fau, orioho ojo hinak hirro lobe. Hati owuon ifa Oyiri no Hollum do hifioŋ.

Niya, ette Hollum hijo, "Hotowuana calai!" Ojo calai ette hidoŋ. Ewolo Hollum hijo olibo hada calai ette ŋaifurek inyeja far. Ette hibwan calai tara idumele ne efurek inyeja "harie." Ŋayieu Hollum calai te hitieri no holoŋ.

Do holoŋ hitarrihi no ya, eiro Hollum ette ŋayieu ido hijo hotowuana holoŋ, ahide tara fau. Eyieu inyeja ido anyar obwan hifioŋ tara hari no lowuon aŋolon.

Te hitahunihi no holoŋ, eiro Hollum ette hibwan hifioŋ tara fau no lotte, ette inyeja efurek mai no lotte hatara "fau" ette ŋaifurek hifioŋ "hari na Hittok." Ewolo Hollum hirro inno layieu inyie hijo olibo.

Niya, eijoo Hollum, "Isiara fau hotowuana ho haŋer inno yani inno loluŋa ho miyaŋ," ewolo Hollum hijo olibo hada hirro innafa layieu inyie.

Te hitaŋwani no holoŋ, eiro Hollum ette ŋayieu holoŋ, yafa, ojo haher. Eyieu Hollum isieja hijo hesiara chalai da fau hijo hatara far ha harie, yafajin ha ŋasi. Ewolo Hollum hijo olibo hirro inna layieu inyie.

To holoŋ hitamieti, ero Hollum ette ŋegonyu hirro daŋ inna lekwaŋa do hifioŋ ho cieŋ inno ewarita de ido. Ewolo Hollum hijo olibo binno, ette inyeja hijok isieja.

Te hitileji no holoŋ, eijo Hollum, "Hotowuana ciaŋi daŋ arria da mai no lotte!" Ette hirro wuana daŋ iyya lojo Hollum, ara ifa innamuk hanyahanya inno haŋ, ojo innamuk oreita da fau, ojo innak ara hahonyak. Ette Hollum hiwolo hijo olibo isieja.

Niya ette Hollum hijo, "Hetiyieu huwo iya iyohoi; owuon iso isieja ho golon da fau ho ciaŋi."

Niya, aŋadumu Hollum modie ette hiyye hatara a hito lolewa. Ette ŋahudak waran do honyie, ara ifa fure no hito lolewa lie Adam. Edulak Hollum mana na lamanyari Adam, esio inyeja de hotoriŋai.

De hiji ha mana nyie edulak ifa Hollum yanik inna lanyar, yani no waran ojo yani no ofioroho na nyaru he yani ne irruti. Aŋailimak Hollum da Adam hatadahai haŋer inno nabo yani te hiji ha mana, hati hotobiaŋa adaha haŋer inne yani no lofioroho inno olibo he irruti. Le enya inyeja tara yani inna, oye iso inyeja.

Niya, eijo Hollum, "Obe olibo de hito lolewa ha manyari hamai." Hati obe iso ciaŋi inne leriamik hiluak Adam.

Ette Hollum hatiferik Adam binno. Niya, aŋadumu Hollum mariti naboite tara Adam ette ŋayiek hatara a hito noŋorwo ette ŋayiani inyeja do honyie.

Ifa ewolo Adam inyeja, ette hijo, "Ara innaŋ iyya naŋ! Ara iso fure nohonyie 'noŋorwo', nyo eyieuni ifa inyeja tara hito lo lewa." Inyeja ne eibusak hito lolewa monye honyie ojo hotonye honyie ette hira naboite ho noŋorwo honyie.

Eyieu ifa Hollum hito lolewa ho hito noŋorwo te rijori nohonyie. Ojok inyeja isieja ette ŋelimak do hosie, "Ituwana ho durre arria ho durre illo durre illahatai anyar litufutak fau inna". Ette Hollum hiwolo hirro inna layieu inyie daŋ ette hijo olibo binno.

Ifa lera hitahatarihi no holoŋ, aŋaisohak ifa Hollum igem nohonyie. Niya, ette Hollum ŋayiru tara igem nafa eigiema inyie. Ejok inyeja hitahatarihi no no holoŋ hijo hotoduwara, nyo ta far inno ayiru inyeja te igem nohonyie. Inyeja inna oyieu Hollum fau ho hirro daŋ inno lowuon da fau.

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