unfoldingWord 01 - Thilsiem Chanchin

unfoldingWord 01 - Thilsiem Chanchin

Outline: Genesis 1-2

Script Number: 1201

Language: Hmar

Theme: Bible timeline (Creation)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Thiltinreng bul hung intrandan chu hieng ang hi a nih. Pathienin khovel le thilsiem popo hi ni ruk sungin a siema. Pathienin hnuoi a siem zo chun a ruokin an thim mup a, iengkhom riruong a la um noh. Nisienlakhom, Pathien Thlarau chun tui chunghai chu a virvel khum zing a.

Chun Pathien chun, “Var hung um raw se,” a ta; chuongchun var a hung um ta a. Chun Pathienin chu var chu a en a, thra a ti hle a. Var chu “sûn” an buka. Chuongchun Pathien chun var le thim chu a thre ta a. Thim chu “zan” an buk bok a. Pathien chun thilsiem ni hmasatak chun var a siem a nih.

Thilsiem a ni hni ni chun Pathienin hnuoi chung tieng chun van a siema. Hnuoi tienga tui le chungtienga tui inkara hin van a siem a nih.

Nithum ni chun Pathienin khawmuol le tui chu a thre ta a, hnuoi hul chu “khawvel” an buk a, chun tui umkhawm chu “tuifinriet” an buk bok a. Pathien chun a thilsiemhai chu a ena, thra a ti hle a.

Chuongchun Pathienin “Hnuoi hin thlai le thing chitinreng insuo raw se,” a ta, chuong ang tak chun a hung um ta a. Pathienin a thilsiemhai chu a en a, thra a ti hle a.

Thilsiem ni li ni chun Pathienin nisa le thla le arasihai khi a siem a. Pathien chun sun le zan, kumhai le hunbihai inchikna dingin hnuoi chunga hin varhai chu a siem an nih. Chuongchun Pathienin a thilsiemhai chu a ena, thra a ti hle a.

A ni nga ni chun Pathienin thil chi tinreng tui a inhlieu thei popo le vate chi tinrenghai hi a siem a. Chuongchu Pathienin a en a, thra a ti hle a, anni chu mal a sawm tawl a.

Thilsiem a ni ruk ni chun Pathienin “Ramsa le ran chitinreng hung um raw hai se!” a ta. Chuongchun Pathienin a ti ang tak chun a hung ni ta a. Threnkhat chu ran vaichi dam le hnuoia bawkinvak chi dam an hung ni a, threnkhat chu ram sahuoi dam an hung ni a. Chuonghai chu Pathienin a en a, thra a ti tawl hle a.

Chun Pathienin, “Eini angpuiin, eini ang takin mihriem siem ei tiu. Anni chun hnuoi chung popoa le ramsahai popo chungah thu nei rawhai se,” a ta.

Chuongchun Pathien chun hnuoia pilvut a laka, pilvut chun mihriem a siema, ama chun hringna thuok an thuok lut a. A hming chu Adam a nih. Pathienin Adam a umna dingin huon a siema, a enkoltu dingin huona chun an umtir ta a.

Huon lailung taka chun Pathienin danglam tak thing pahni a phuna, hringna thing le a sie le a thra hriettheina thing an nih. Pathienin Adam kuomah chun theira popo in fak a thieng vong a, sie le thra hriettheina theira ruok chu in fak a thieng noh. In fak chun in thi ding a nih, a ta.

Chun Pathienin, “Pasal ama khat chauva um hi a thra nawh,” a ta. Nisienlakhom ramsahai hi ama Adam a thrangpuitheitu ding an um si noh.

Chuongchun Pathienin Adam chu inhniktakin an intir a. Chuongchun Adam nakru pakhat a lak a, nuhmeiin a siema, Adam kuoma chun a thruoi ta a.

Adamin a lo hmu chun, “Hi zet hi chu! Keima angpui a ni hi! Pasala inthoka siem a ni leiin ama chu, ‘Nuhmei’ ni raw se,” a ta. Chuleichun pasalin a nu le pa maksanin a nuhmei chelin taksa pumkhat an hung ni ta a nih.

Pathien chun ama angpui ngeiin nuhmei le pasal a siema. Mal a sawma, “Chi tamtak thlain hung pung unla, hnuoi hi hluo sip ro,” a ta. Chun Pathienin a thilsiem tinreng chu a ena, thra a ti emema, a lung an buo emem a nih. Hi hi a thilsiem ni ruk nia thiltlung chu a nih.

Nisari ni a hung tlung chun Pathienin a sinthaw chu a zo tah a. A sinthaw popo chu a chawlsan ta a. Ni sari ni chu mal a sawma, an ser ta a. Hini hin a sinthaw popo a chawlsan ta lei chun an ser ta a nih. Hi a nih Pathienin hnuoi le van le a thilsiem popo a siem dan chu.

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