unfoldingWord 01 - Sristi aru Prithibi Bonai dia

unfoldingWord 01 - Sristi aru Prithibi Bonai dia

Outline: Genesis 1-2

Script Number: 1201

Language: Nagamese

Theme: Bible timeline (Creation)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Isor pora etu nisina he surute sob banaise. Tai choe din homoete akash mondal te thaka aru pritibi te thaka sob banaise. Isor pora prithibi banaise hoilebi, itu sob tu andhar aru khali thakise, kile koile tai prithibi te ekubi nabanaikena thakise. Hoilebi, Isor laga Aatma pani uporte berai thakise.

Tetia Isor pora koise, “Ujala hobole dibi.” Aru ujala hoise. Itu dikhikena Isor khusi hoise aru ituke “din” matise. Tai andhar pora ujalake alag kurise aru ituke “rati” matise. Isor pora ujala ke poila din te banai se.

Sristi laga dusra din te, Isor pora koise: “Pani laga uporte ekta dag dibi aru itu dag pora pani aru samundar majote duita bhag-te bhag kuribi.” Itu nisina, pani aru samundar laga majote dag hoise aru samundar upor laga bhag ke tai ‘akash’ matise.

Tisra din te, Isor pora koise; “Akash laga nichete thakia panikhan ke ekta jagate joma hobole dibi, tetia matik ulaikena ahibo.” Tai itu mati ke ‘prithibi’ matise aru panikhan thakia jagake tai ‘samundar’ matise. Itukhan huatu dikhikena Isor khusi paise.

Tetia Isor pora koise, “Pritibi te sob kisim laga ghas aru ghas-patta khan hobole dibi.’’ Aru ineka he hoise. Itukhan huatu dikhikena Isor khusi paise.

Sristi laga char din te Isor pora koise: “Akaste ujala hobole dibi.” Aru suraj, chand, aru tarakhan sob ulaise. Isor pora itukhan prithibi te ujala dibo nimite, din aru rati ke alag kuribole nimite, hawa-pani bodli kura aru sal bodli hoa janibole karone banaise. Itukhan huatu dikhikena Isor khusi paise.

Panch din te Isor pora koise: “Panite kisim-kisim jinda-thaka prani khan pora bhorta hobole dibi, aru akash te uribole chiriakhan pora bhorta hobole dibi.” Itu nisina Isor pora panite haturi juwa kisim kisim prani aru akaste chiria khan banaise. Isor itu sob dikhikena khusi paise aru tai taikhan sob uporte asis dise.

Sristi laga choi din te Isor pora koise: “Prithibi te kisim kisim janwarkhan hobole dibi.” Aru thik Isor koa nisina he hoise. Kunba ghorte palia janwarkhan, kunba matite berai thaka aru kunba kanke jongol te thakia janwar khan banaise. Aru itu dikhikena Isor besi khusi paise.

Itu pichete Isor pora koise: “Amikhan itia manu-jati banabo; taikhan ke amikhan nisina dikhibole banabo. Taikhan mati uporte aru sob so januwar khan uporte hukum cholabo.”

Ineka he Isor mati olop dhuli loise, aru itu pora manu banaise, aru tai laga sas nakte phuki dise. Itu manu laga nam tu Adam rakhise. Isor para Adam ke ekta dangor bagante rakhise aru taike itu bagan dekbhal kuribole dise.

Bagan laga majote, Isor para duita kisim gash lagaise – ekta tu jibon laga gash, aru dusra tu bhal-bia janibole gyan-budhi dia laga gash. Isor para Adam ke tai sob ghas laga guti khabole pare koise, hoilebi bhal-bia janibole gyan-budhi dia laga ghas laga guti nakhabi koise. Adam itu ghas laga guti khaise koile, tai moribo koise.

Tetia Isor pora koise: “Manu toh ekla thakia tu bhal nai.” Kile mane taike modot dibole janwar majote ektabi tai nimite thik thaka nai.

Itu nimite, Isor para Adam ke mora nisina ghumabole dise. Tetia Isor pora Adam laga chati pora ekta kami hardi ulaise aru itu pora ekjon maiki banaise aru Adam laga usorte anise.

Ketia Adam utu maikike dikhise, tai koise: “Itia he ami nisina ekjon hoise! Tai laga nam to “maiki” rakhibo, kilekoile taike “mota” laga hardi pora banaise. Itu nimite he ekta manu tai laga baba aru ama ke charikena tai laga maiki logote jaikena tai duijon ekta hoijai.

Isor pora mota aru maikike tai nisina banaise. Isor taikhan ke asis dise aru koise: “Tumiikhan bacha aru nata-natikhan pora prithibi bhorta kuribi!” Isor pora tai banakhan sob saikena bisi khusi hoise. Aru Itu choutha din thakise.

Sat din aha homoete, Isor laga kam sob khotom hoise. Tai sat din ke asis dise aru itu dinke sapha din rakhise, kilemane itu din te tai sob banaikena khotom kurise aru kam bon kurise. Ineka pora Isor sristi te aru prithibi te thakakhan sob ke banaise.

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