unfoldingWord 01 - Bue wywy djapopapyregi

unfoldingWord 01 - Bue wywy djapopapyregi

Outline: Genesis 1-2

Script Number: 1201

Language: Ache

Theme: Bible timeline (Creation)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Go nonga bue wywy ekõmbawe djypyware. Wachapa kreybu, Apã Wachu djapowe krey endarã ywadji, kowe ywy, bue wywy kowe ywy llabuwa emi. Gobu Apã Wachu ywy djapobu, chãwã wywy, emi bue wywy rõ ĩllã wyche. Bue wywy djapollã wyche. Apã Wachu Krei Gatu rõ wewe nonga ekõ y llabu.

Gobu Apã Wachu inama: „Bype wachu ga mondo.“ Gobu Apã Wachu wechãma, bype gatu, gobu go bype gatupe inama „Krey’y“. Idja bowoma mondo kowe bype chãwãndji. Etakrã inambyre „Krey’y“, duwegi inambyre „Chãwã“. Apã Wachu djapowe kowe bype wachu go etakrã kreybu, bue wywy djapopa endawe djypybu.

Go mirõ kreybu, Apã Wachu bue wywy djapopa endawe djypybu, djawuma, krey endarã ywadji djapowã ywy llabu. Djapoma kowe krey endarã y bowowã byche rupi, y krey llabuwa udjallãwã duwe y krey wydjiwa.

Go brewipychã kreybu Apã Wachu djawuma, bowowã y endarã duwe rekuaty, ywy piryllã endarã emi duwe rekuaty. Gobu ywy piryllãngi inama „Ywy“, go ype inama „Y Wachu“. Gobu Apã Wachu wechãma dja djapowe rõ kbegatu.

Gobu Apã Wachu inama: “Wyra wywy, puty wywy emi yma ga mondo ywy llabu.” Gobu ekõma go nonga. Gobu Apã Wachu wechãma dja djapowe rõ kbegatu.

Go chengypychã kreybu, Apã Wachu bue wywy djapopabu, djawuma krendy wachu kreydjiwagi, djachy, tata gatu wywy emi ĩwã. Go nonga Apã Wachu djapoma, bue krendy chapiwã kowe ywype, gobu emi kreydjiwagi chãwãndjiwa bowowã, nãndje kua gatuwã krey tãrãmbu wywy, ruy tãrãmbu wywy emi. Gobu Apã Wachu wechãma idja djapowe rõ kbegatu.

Go ipo kreybu Apã Wachu djawuma, bue ype ekõngi wywy ĩwã, gobu kuyra wywy emi. Apã Wachu wechãma dja djapowe rõ kbegatu, gobu kuwẽ gatupa roma mondo dja djapowegi wywype.

Go wachapa kreybu Apã Wachu inama: “We wywy mĩmbamami kowe ywy llabu.” Gobu ekõma Apã Wachu inawe nonga. Ekõma we djõrape ekõwãngi, duwegi rõ kradjiwa matãngi ywy llabu, duwe we rõ kadjiwa ekõwãngi emi. Gobu Apã Wachu wechãma we wywy rõ kbegatu.

Gobu Apã Wachu inama: “Nandje djapowerã ache nandje nonga, gogi rõ nandje nonga ekõwerã. Gogi chidjawerã kowe ywydji, duwe we wywydji emi.”

Go nonga Apã Wachu dja ipope kawãma ywy kui’i, godji etakrã ache djapoma. Gobu dja gua’a pedjuma mondo achepe. Go ache bykuapyre rõ Adam. Gobu Apã Wachu bue ã’ã pechema ka gatupe, gope Adam ekõ gatuwã. Apã Wachu Adampe mĩma ka gatupe, ka gatudji warõ gatuwã.

Ka gatu byche pua Apã Wachu pechema mirõ wyra lla’a: Etakrã rõ go wyra manollãndydjiwagi, duwe wyra rõ bue gatu kuawãngi, emi bue buchã kuawãngi. Apã Wachu kiuma Adampe, wyra lla gatugi wywy ka gatu pua uwã. Go wyra lla bue gatu kuawãngi, emi bue buchã kuawãngi ullãwã. Kiuma Adampe, go wyra lla ubu, manowerã.

Gobu Apã Wachu inama: “Kbegatullã kowe kbe’e idja etakrã ekõmbu.” Duwe we wywy bychepe ĩllã buare Adam djãwẽwãrãngi.

Go buare Apã Wachu ikẽ wachu roma mondo Adampe, manowe nonga. Gobu Apã Wachu bowo mondo etakrã Adam djukã. Gobu djukã bowopyredji djapo mondo kudjã, emi eruma idjape.

Gobu Adam kudjã wechãmbu, inama: “Kowegi rõ cho nonga! Go pukapyrã rõ kudjã, go kbe’edji djapopyredjiwa.” Go buare kbe’e wedjawerã dja apã, emi dja ai’i, dja brekodji ekõwã etakrã nonga.

Apã Wachu djapowe kbe’e, kudjã emi dja nonga. Gogi wywype kuwẽ gatupa roma mondo. Gobu inama: “Pendje ray tãrã, pendje kmino tãrã emi reko ga mondo, pendje tãrã buchã ga mondo kowe ywype!” Gobu Apã Wachu wechãma dja bue djapopawe wywy rõ kbegatueche, gobu ury gatuma bue wywydji. Kowegi ekõmbawe wachapa krey rupi bue wywy djapopa endawe.

Go djypetã kreybu, Apã Wachu bitawe wywy krãpĩma. Go nonga Apã Wachu bue djapollãma go kreybu, idja djapowe nonga go duwe wachapa krey puku rupi. Kuwẽ gatupa roma mondo go djypetã kreybu, inama go krey rõ kbegatu, dja llapo emi. Go djypetã kreybu dja bue djapollãwe, ury gatu reko dja djapowe wywydji.

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