unfoldingWord 01 - Thilsiam Chanchin

unfoldingWord 01 - Thilsiam Chanchin

Outline: Genesis 1-2

Script Number: 1201

Language: Mizo

Theme: Bible timeline (Creation)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Thil tinrêng bul inṭan dân chu hetiang hi a ni. Pathianin khawvêl leh thil siam zawng zawng hi ni ruk chhungin a siam zo va. Pathianin khawvel a siam zawh khan a thim in a ruak mai a ni a, riruang engmah a la awm lo. Nimahsela, Pathian Thlarau chuan tui chungte chu a awp reng a.

Tin, Pathian chuan, “Êng lo awm rawh se!” a ti a, tichuan êng a lo awm ta a. Pathian chuan êng chu a en a, ṭha a ti hlê a, Êng chu “Chhûn” a vuah a. Êng leh thim chu a ṭhen a, thim chu “Zân” a vuah ta a. Pathian chuan thilsiam ni hmasa berah eng chu a siam a ni.

Thil siam ni hnih ni chuan, Pathianin thu ngawt in lei chung lamah vân a siam a. Lei chung lama tui awm leh lei hnuai lama tui awm te chu ṭhen hrang in van chu a siam a ni.

A ni thum ni chuan, Pathianin khawmual ata tui chu a ṭhen hrang ta a, khawmual chu “lei” a vuah a, tui chu “Tuifinriat” a vuah a. Pathianin a thil siam chu a en a, ṭha a ti hle a.

Tin, Pathianin, “Leiin thing leh thlai chi tinrêngte chhuah rawh se” a ti a. Tichuan chutiang chu a lo ni ta a. Pathianin a thil siam chu a en a, ṭha a ti hle a.

Thil siam ni li ni chuan, Pathianin thu ngawtin Ni te, Thla te, Arsi te a siam a. Pathian chuan lei chung ên tûr te, chhûn leh zân chhinchhiahna tur te, hun bi te leh kum te hriatna turin a siam a ni. Pathianin a thil siamte chu a en a, ṭha a ti hle a.

A ni nga ni chuan, Pathianin thû ngawtin tuia chêng chî zawng zawng te leh sava chi tinrêngte a siam a. Pathianin chu chu a en a, ṭha a ti hle mai a, mal a sawm ta a.

Thil siam ni ruk ni chuan, Pathianin, “Leia tla chi ramsa chi tinrêngte lo awm rawh se!” a ti a. Tichuan a sawi ang takin an lo awm ta a. ṭhenkhat chu ran vulh chi te, lei a bawkvâk chî te, leh ramsa te an ni. Pathianin chu chu a en a, ṭha a ti hle a.

Tin, Pathianin, “Kan anpuiin, keimahni ang tak mihring I siam ang u. Anni chuan leilung leh a chhûnga ramsa zawng zawng chungah thû an nei dawn a ni,” a ti a.

Tichuan Pathianin leia vaivut a la a, vaivutin mihring a siam ta a, amahah chuan nunna thaw a thaw lût a. Chumi hming chu Adama a ni. Pathianin Adama chênna atân huan a siam a, a enkawl turin huanah chuan a dah ta a.

Huan lai takah chuan Pathianin thing danglam bik pahnih a phun a – Nunna thing leh chhia leh ṭha hriatna thing. Pathianin Adama hnenah chuan huana thing rah zawng zawng te chu a ei a thiang a, a chhia leh a ṭha hriatna thing rah erawh a ei a thiang lova. A ei chuan a thi ang tih a hrilh a.

Tin, Pathianin, “Mihring amah chauh a awm hi a ṭha lo ve.” a ti a. Nimahsela Adama ṭanpuitu ni thei tûr ransa zîngah an awm lo.

Tichuan, Pathianin Adama chu tui takin a muthilh tir a. Pathianin Adama nakruh pakhat a lâ a, hmeichhiaah a siam a, Adama hnênah a hruai ta a.

Adama’n a lo hmuh chuan, “Hei zet chu ka anpui a nih hi! Mipa aṭanga siam a nih avângin ‘Hmeichhia’ ni rawh se.” a ti a. Chuvângin, mipa chuan a nû leh a pâ a kalsan a, a nupui nen pumkhat an lo ni ta a.

Pathianin ama anpui ngeiin mipa leh hmeichhia a siam a. Mal a sawm a, an hnênah, “Chi tam tak thlahin leilung hi luah khat rawh u!” a ti a. Tichuan Pathianin a thilsiam tinrengte chu a enin ṭha a ti hlê a, chûng thil zawng zawngte chuan a tilawm êm êm a.

Ni sarih ni a lo thlenin, Pathian chuan a hnâ chu a thawk zo ta a. Tichuan, a hnathawh zawng zawng chu a chawlhsan ta a. A ni sarih ni hi Pathianin a hnathawh zawng zawng a chawlhsanna ni a nih avangin mal a sawm a, a serh ta a.

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