unfoldingWord 27 - Djawu Samaria pua praru gatudjiwa

unfoldingWord 27 - Djawu Samaria pua praru gatudjiwa

Outline: Luke 10:25-37

Script Number: 1227

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Etakrã kreybu, etakrã kbe’e Moise parawe kiuatygi ekõma Jesu endape idjape buãwã, inama: “Kiuatygi, bue rõ cho djapowerã, ekõwã ywadji gorawẽ?” Gobu Jesu djawu pepyma: “Bue rõ Apã Wachu djawu parapyrepe ina?”

Go Moise parawe kiuatygi inama, Apã Wachu djawu parapyrepe go nonga ina: “BY GATU GA REKO DJE REKOATYGI APÃ WACHUPE DJE DJÃECHEDJI, DJE DJÃWÃECHEDJI, DJE CHIDJAECHEDJI, DJE TÕ GATUECHEDJI; EMI BY GATU GA REKO PICHAPE DJE ECHE BY GATUTY NONGA.” Gobu Jesu inama idjape: “Dje djawu gatuma! Go nonga dje djapobu, gorawẽ ekõwerã.”

Go Moise parawe kiuatygi rõ wechã djue, idja rõ kbe’e kbegatugi, go buare inama: “Awa rõ go cho picha cho by gatuwã?”

Gobu Jesu djawu pepyma go Moise parawe kiuatygipe kowe djawu nonga rupi: “Etakrã kbe’e Juda pua wẽma o Jerusalem puare, owã Jeriko rekuaty.”

“Go kbe’e wata obu, tãrãllã narõngi idjape pychyma. Gogi wywy rapama dja bue rekowegi, emi idjape pacho buchãma mano ruwy roma. Gobu myrõma o.”

“Gobu etakrã pa’i Juda pua watama o go ape rupi. Go Apã Wachu djawu kuatygi wechãmbu go bue matãmbyregipe emi pachopyregipe, oma duwe ape embe rekuaty. Wechã djuellã go kbe’e pachopyregipe, idjape kuwẽ djuellã. Gobu wyro roma djo.”

“Gobu rõ etakrã Lewi pua ekõma go ape rupi (Go Lewi pua wywy rõ etakrã Israel irõndy Israel pua wywy bychepe. Gogi wywy kuwẽndy pa’i wywype prellambatype). Go Lewi pua watama emi duwe ape embe rekuaty, wechã djuellã go kbe’e pachopyregipe.”

Duwe kbe’e edjyma o go ape rupi. Go rõ etakrã kbe’e Samaria pua. (Go Samaria pua wywy rõ Israel pua udjawegi ache duwe ekõandy puadji. Go Samaria pua wywy emi Juda pua wywy byllãeche edji.) Go kbe’e Samaria pua rõ wechãmbu go kbe’e Juda puape, chingadjeky roma idjadji. Go buare kuwẽma gogipe, muchã gatuma dja pachopyre wywy.”

“Gobu go Samaria pua upima ra go kbe’epe idja bepurã iro kryta llabu, rama duwe tapype, gope kuwẽ gatuwã idjadji.”

“Duwe kreybu, go kbe’e Samaria pua o djuema. Go buare mema go tapy warõandygipe buta, emi inama idjape: Kuwẽ gatu ga reko idjadji. Go buta rõ ichakrã djepe idjape kuwẽwã, cho mewerã wyche buta, cho ekõmbu.”

Gobu Jesu inama go Moise parawe kiuatygipe: “Bue rõ dje kua kowedji? Awa rõ go brewipychã kbe’e bychepe go picha kbe’e pachopyregi puarã?” Gogi djawu pepyma: “Go rõ go kbe’e idjadji chingadjekyaregi.” Gobu Jesu inama idjape: “Amaty kua go nonga djapowã emi.”

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