unfoldingWord 27 - Tetuturong NuToo NuSamaria Sanu Mombosi

unfoldingWord 27 - Tetuturong NuToo NuSamaria Sanu Mombosi

Outline: Luke 10:25-37

Script Number: 1227

Language: Tajio

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Vavalii seeleo, sotoo teguru nuhukum nuꞌAlataꞌala najaok eisiYesus ane seilu monyoꞌarai Siia, inularnya, “Guru, tesapa sanu kanaboi ugauka antau maꞌaala teꞌotutuvu seende-endenya?” SiYesus nonyimbat, “Tesapa sanu netetulis eilalong nuhukum nuꞌAlataꞌala?”

Inular nuguru nuhukum heꞌua, “Agalanimo teSiopu, teꞌAlataꞌalamu, concoono jojoo teambok, teꞌalae, teꞌuig, ane tepikiranmu. Agalani terurusmu sima teꞌalaemu mboto.” SiYesus nonyimbat, “Siꞌoo tutuu! Gauka heꞌua ane Siꞌoo kana metuvu seende-endenya.”

Tapi teguru nuhukum heꞌua seilu mepopoꞌitaa siia tutuu, jaok siia noꞌutanya, “Sisee terurusu?”

SiYesus nonyimbat teguru nuhukum heꞌua nepake tejarita. “Umai sotoo telangkai nuYahudi sanu nonggauka tepelampanya lamai teKota nuYerusalem umaꞌo teKota nuYerikho.”

“Pepees siia nelampa, lasiatoo tetopongangga nongeva siia. Siira nongala jojoo tesagaranya ane nomboulinya jaok sedeꞌipo naate. Lamai heꞌua siira umaꞌomo.”

“Jio neende touk heꞌua, sotoo teꞌimam nuYahudi jio inototoi nelampa nonunggai tejalang sanu selilio. Watu tetopomimpin nuꞌagama eini neꞌita tetoo sanu pinonganggai ane binouli heꞌua, siia nombalik eisantava nujalang heꞌua, nomatuvaya tetoo sanu momarluua tepondulu heꞌua, ane tatarus nelampa.”

“Jio neende lamai heꞌua, sotoo tetoo nuLewi najaok nelampai tejalang heꞌua. (Tetoo nuLewi heꞌua tesuku nuYahudi sanu nondulu teꞌimam eiVonua nuꞌAlataꞌala.) Tetoo nuLewi heꞌua valii nombalik eisantava nujalang heꞌua ane nomatuvaya tetoo sanu pinonganggai ane binouli heꞌua.”

“Tetoo ancunaꞌonya sanu nelampai tejalang heꞌua tetoo nuSamaria, heꞌua tetoo nuYahudi sanu inanggap inenciina karna netegalot nolapi concoono tesuku-suku sanu jio nomarcaya eiꞌAlataꞌala. Tapi watu tetoo nuSamaria heꞌua neꞌita tetoo heꞌua, siia noondong. Karna heꞌua siia nojampani tetoo heꞌua ane nongalui tepaꞌit-paꞌitnya.”

“Heꞌuapa tetoo nuSamaria heꞌua nonyavea tetoo heꞌua umaꞌo tekeledainya mboto ane nongomungnya umaꞌo tepesoong eipaio siia nojampangnya.”

“Vavalii seeleonya, tetoo nuSamaria heꞌua kanaboi monarusa tepelampanya. Siia nombeena tedoi eitoo sanu togupesoong heꞌua ane nonjarita, ‘Jampani siia. Ane siꞌoo mongoli nelabi lamai tedoi eini, siaꞌu kana mombolosnya tetambo watu siaꞌu metencile.’”

Lamai heꞌua siYesus noꞌutanya eiguru nuhukum heꞌua, “Iamaꞌo monurut siꞌoo? Sisee lamai tolutoo heꞌua sanu sima terurus eitoo pinonganggai ane binouli heꞌua?” Teguru nuhukum heꞌua nonyimbat, “Tetoo sanu nonuluninya.” SiYesus nonjarita eiguru nuhukum heꞌua, “Naꞌomo ane gauka sima heꞌua valii.”

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