unfoldingWord 27 - Samari mithra chanhin

unfoldingWord 27 - Samari mithra chanhin

Outline: Luke 10:25-37

Script Number: 1227

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Nikhat chu dânhremi Isu kuoma a hunga, ama fiena dingin, “Zirtirtu, chatuon hringna ka neina dingin ieng am thawng ka ta?” a ta. Ama chun a kuoma, “Pathien Dân lekhabu a ieng am ziek a na?” a ta.

“Dân hremi chun Isu kuoma, “Lalpa i Pathien chu i lungril popovin, i thlarau popovin, i hrâtna popovin, i lungvar popovin, i hmangai ding a nih. Chun, nangma in hmangai angin i vênghai khom i hmangai ding a nih” a ta. Isun a kuomah,” i don dik ngot el ie! Chuongchun thaw la, hring i tih,” a ta.

Nisienlakhom dân hremi chun ama le ama thiem inchangtir a nuoma, Isu kuomah, “Ka tuolbawm chu tu am a na?” a ta.

Isu’n tienami hmangin a don a, “Juda mi pakhat, Jerusalem khuoa inthawka Jeriko khuo tienga fe dingin an zin a.”

“Lampuia a fe lai chun, suomhmang ruolin an lo suoma, a thilnei popo an lakpêka, thi khopin an soisakin an vuok hrep a. Chuongchun an fe hmang ta a.”

“Chu hnung el a chun, Judami thiempu tu am a ni chu, chu lampui a chun a zu fe pal a. Hi sakhuo thruoitu hin chu mipa, suom hrep le vuok hrep chu a zuk hmu phing leh lampui sirkhat tieng a hêl el ta a; thrangpui ngai chu ngaisak lovin a mâksan ta a.”

“Hun sawtnawte hnung el a chun, Levi chi khom chu hmun chu a zu tlung ve a, (Levi chihai chu Juda hnam, Tempul-a sinthaw thiempuhai thrangpuituhai an nih) Levi mi khom chun mi vuok hrep le suom hrep kha ngaisak lovin lampui sirkhat tieng a hêlin, a mâksan ve a.”

“A dawta, chu lampui zu hraw a, inzin dinga fe mi pakhat chu Samari mi a nih. (Samari mihai chu Judahai le hnam danghai inkara pieng, an thlahai an nih.) Chu Samari mi chun kha mi kha a zuk hmu chun a lunginsiet ta em em el a, a enkawla, a hliem hai chu a tuom pêka.”

“Samari mi chun a dawmkânga, ama sabengtung chunga chun an chuongtir ta a, khuol bûk ah a fe puia, a enkawl ta a.”

“A tûk a chun, Samari mi chu an zinna tieng chun a fe pei a trûl a. Khuolbûk vêngtu kuoma chun poisa a pêka, “Lo enkol la, hi bâka i sêng popo chu ka hung kîrnawk pha hung thung ka ti che,” a ta.

Isu’n dân hremi kuoma chun, “Chuhai pathum lai chun suomhmang tuokpa, rok hreppa le vuok zêkpa vênghai chu a tu tak chum ni dingin i ring a?” a ta. Dânhremi chun “Ama lunginsiettu chu,” a ta. Chun Isun dânhremi kuoma chun, “Fe la, chuongang bawk chun va thaw ve rawh” a ta.

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