unfoldingWord 15 - Go ywy membyrãngi

unfoldingWord 15 - Go ywy membyrãngi

Outline: Joshua 1-24

Script Number: 1215

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Go krampĩpe wẽma, Israel pua wywy ikẽwã ekõandy Kanaanpe, go ywy membyrãngipe. Gobu Josue buema mondo mirõ kbe'e, djemi rupi maĩwã go tapy tãrã Kanaan pua Jerikodji. Go tapy tãrã pechepyre krere ywa puku wachu mamambyre. Gope ekõma etakrã kudjã djãwechegi, dja bykuapyre rõ Rahab. Go djemima buepyregipe djemi rupi maĩwegipe, gobu kuwẽma gogipe kadjãwã. Go nonga djapoma, kua gatudjiwa Apã Wachudji. Go mirõ kbe’e dja djawu mema, idjape kuwẽwã dja tapy puagi wywype emi, Israel pua wywy buchãmbabu Jeriko.

Israel pua wywy wachawerã wyche ypurã Jordan rupi, ywy membyrãngipe wẽwã. Apã Wachu inama Josuepe: „Kiu mondo go pa’i wywype, idja rawẽ owã duwegi wywy chã ruwa.“ Pa’i wywy wẽmbu ypurã Jordanpe, go y ywadjiwa wẽllãma pechepyre nonga. Gobu Israel pua wywy wachama duwe ypurã embe rekuaty ywy piryllã rupi.

Israel pua wywy ypurã Jordan rupi wachabu, Apã Wachu kiuma Josuepe, manonga tapy tãrã chidja Jerikodji tõ mumbuwã. Israel iroändy wywy wendu gatu, djapopa Apã Wachu inawe nonga. Tõ allãngi wywy emi pa’i wywy etakrã djere reko tapy tãrã Jerikodji wachapa kreybu.

Gobu go djypetã kreybu Israel puagi wywy djypetã djere reko tapy tãrãndji. Djerepabu go djypetãndjiwa, tõ allãngi wywy puka chidja emi pa’i wywy mimbyma idja mimbyatygi.

Gobu Jeriko pechepyre krere ywa puku wachu mamambyre wapama! Israel irondy wywy buchãmbama bue wywy tapy tãrãpe ĩngi, Apã Wachu inawe nonga. Rahab rõ, emi dja tapy puagi wywy kuwẽmbyre manollãwã. Gobu gogi wywydji wẽma Israel pua emi. Duwe Kanaan pua wywy wendubu, Israel pua wywy buchãmbama Jeriko, krymballã buchã, Israel pua wywy tõ mumbuwerã idjadji emi.

Apã Wachu kiu mondo Israel pua wywype ekõllãwã okryra gatupe duwe chupa Kanaan pua wywydji. Etakrã Kanaan chupa rõ, Gabaon pua wywy, kaina Josuepe. Inama, dja ekõandy rõ buchakrã Kanaandji. Pukama Josue dja djawu mẽwã, tõ mumbullãwã idjadji, emi ekõ gatuwã edji. Josue emi Israel pua wywy djawullã Apã Wachudji, kuawã, maty rõ Gabaon pua ekõandy. Go buare Josue gogi wywype mema dja djawu, ekõ gatuwã edji okryra gatupe.

Israel pua wywy rõ prandjãma, kuabu Gabaon pua kabewãma idjape. Go nongabu djepe warõ dja djawu mewe, edji ekõ gatuwã, go dja djawu me buare Apã Wachu chã ruwa. Mawembu duwe ymachidjagi Kanaan chupa pua, Amorreo wywy, wenduma, Israel irõndy wywy dja djawu mewe Gabaon puape, tõ mumbullãwã idjadji. Go buare noãmbama dja tõ allãngi wywy, tõ mumbuwã Gabaon puagidji. Gobu Gabaon pua djawu rama, pukawã Josuepe idjape kuwẽwã.

Gobu Josue noãma Israel pua tõ allãngi wywy, gobu watama o chãwã puku rupi, wẽwã Gabaon pua llambatype. Koẽpadjebu wama Amorreo pua tõ allãngi wywy llabu, idjadji tõ mumbuwã.

Go kreybu Apã Wachu tõ mumbuma Israel pua wywy endawepe, djueipama Amorreo pua wywype, gobu buema baky ã’ã wachu, go pacho djono tãrã Amorreo puape.

Gobu emi Apã Wachu kawãma krey dja endape ywadji, wychollãwã, go nonga Israel pua wywy buchãmbawã Amorreo pua wywype. Go kreybu Apã Wachu mema Israel irõndy wywype chidja gatuwã dja byllãndygidji.

Apã Wachu chidjabu go tõ allãngi wywydji, tãrã Kanaan chupa pua noãma, Israel pua wywydji tõ mumbuwã. Josue emi Israel pua wywy chidjama idjadji, gobu buchãmbama gogi wywype.

Go tõ mumbu krãpĩmbu, Apã Wachu mema Israel pua wywype dja llambarã go ywy membyrepe. Gobu Apã Wachu warõ gatu Israel ekõandy embe wywy rupi, gogi wywy ekõ gatuwã okryrape.

Gobu Josue chuepurãmbu, pukama Israel pua wywype noãwã. Gobu kuama reko Israel pua wywydji, wendu gatuwã Apã Wachu djawu, djapo gatuwã emi Apã Wachu djawu mewe kuãmbuku Sinaipe. Gobu picha wywy mema dja djawu, mudjã gatuwã Apã Wachudji, djapo gatuwã emi dja inawe nonga.

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