unfoldingWord 15 - Kosom Laga Desh

unfoldingWord 15 - Kosom Laga Desh

Outline: Joshua 1-24

Script Number: 1215

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Aru Israel laga manukhan Canaan te jabole homoe ahise. Itu desh te Jericho koikena ekta city asile. Itu city laga sob phine pathor-laga -bera pora bisi bhal kuri bon rakhise. Ta-te Joshua pora khobor janaidia sipoi duita ke utu city te pathiase. Utu city te Rahab koikene ekta bebichari thakise. Utu maiki pora khobor janaidia sipoikhan ke lukai dise aru pichete taikhan ke modot kurikene city laga bahar te polai jabole bi modot kurise. Tai Isor ke biswas kura nimite ineka kurise. Taikhan tai ke kosom dise jetia Israel manukhan pora Jericho ke bhangaidibole ahibo, utu homoete Rahab aru tai laga ghor-manukhan ke bachai lobo koise.

Israel manukhan Kosom laga Desh te jabole nimite taikhan Jordan nodi par kuribole lagise. Isor pora Joshua ke koise: “Pujarikhan ke poila jabole dibi.” Jetia pujarikhan Jordan nodi te taikhan laga theng rakhise, nodi laga upor pora pani niche phine ahi thaka rukhi jaise, aru Israel laga manukhan sukha mati te nodi par kurikena dusra phine jabole parise.

Jetia manukhan Jordan nodi par kuri loise, Isor pora Joshua ke Jericho nagar bhangaidibole taiari kurilobi koise, itu nagar ekta bisi takot thaka hoilebi. Isor pora manukhan ke taikhan laga pujarikhan aru sipoikhan ke city laga bahar te choi din tok berabole koise. Aru itu nisina pujari aru sipoikhan ineka kurise.

Jetia sat din ahise, Israel manukhan nagar laga bahar te arubi sat bar ghuraise. Taikhan jetia sat bar ghuraikena khotom hoise, purohit khan pora basikhan bajai se aru sipoikhan jor pora hala kurise.

Tetia Jericho laga pathor-laga-berakhan sob giri jaise! Isor pora hokom dia nisina, Israel manukhan pora itu nagar te thaka sob bhangaidise. Taikhan Rahab aru tai laga ghor-manukhan ke chari dise, kilekoile taikhan Israel laga manu logote ekta nisina hoi jaise. Jetia Canaan desh te thaka dusra manukhan pora kineka Israel manukhan Jericho ke bhangaidia hunise, taikhan bisi bhoi lagi jaise, kilekoile Israel manukhan ahikena taikhan logote bi lorai kuribo bhabona kurise.

Isor pora Israel manukhan ke Canaan desh te thaka manu-dolkhan logote shanti pora milikena thakibole laga kotha ekubi namilabi koise. Hoilebi Canaan desh laga ekta manu-dol, Gibeon-laga-dol, taikhan ahikena Joshua ke taikhan Canaan pora bisi dur te thaka jaga pora ahise koikena misa koise. Taikhan Joshua ke taikhan logote shanti pora milikena thakibole laga kotha milabole koise. Joshua aru Israel laga dusra netakhan kineka koribo lage Isor ke hutanai. Ulta taikhan Gibeon-laga-dolkhan logote shanti pora milikena thakibole laga kotha milai loise.

Tin din pichete, Gibeon-laga-dolkhan bi Canaan te thakakhan ase koikena Israel-jati manukhan janibole paise. Taikhan bisi khong hoise kilekoile Gibeon-laga-dolkhan pora taikhan ke thokai dise. Kintu taikhan majote ki kotha milaise itu rakhise, kilekoile itu kotha Isor laga nam te kosom kura asile. Olop homoe pichete, dusra manu-laga-dol laga rajakhan, junkhan ke Amorite manukhan koi, taekhan kineka Gideon-laga-dolkhan pora Israel-jati manukhan logote shanti pora milikena thakibole laga kotha milaise koikena hunise, taikhan laga sipoikhan sob joma korikena ekta dangor sipoi-foj hoikena Gibeon logote lorai koribole ahise. Tetia Gibeon-laga-dolkhan pora Joshua ke modot mangikena khobor pathaise.

Aru Joshua pora Israel manu laga sipoi-foj taiar kurise aru taikhan pura rati beraikena Gibeon-laga-dolkhan logote punchise. Aru bisi phojirte, taikhan Amorite laga sipoi-foj khan ke asurit kuridise aru taikhan ke lorai kurise.

Itu din Isor pora Israel nimite lorai kurise. Tai pora Amorite laga-dol khan ke matha ghurai dise aru tai bisi dangor borkhon-pathorkhan pathaise aru taikhan bisi ke morai dise.

Isor pora suraj ke akash laga ekta jagate rukhi bole dise, aru Israel manukhan ke bisi homoe dikena Amorite laga-dolkhan ke harabole dise. Itu din te Isor pora bisi dangor jit Israel manu khan ke dise.

Isor pora utu sipoi-foj khan ke harai dia pichete, arubi Canaan-laga-manu-dol dusrakhan bi joma korikena Israel logote lorai kuribole taiar kurise. Joshua aru Israel-jati manukhan pora taikhan ke lorai kurise aru sob bhangaidise.

Itu loraikhan khotom hoa-a pichete, Isor pora Israel jati khan ekjon ekjon ke Kosom laga Desh te mati bhag kurikena sob ke dise. Tetia Isor pora Israel laga desh te pura phine shanti dise.

Jetia Joshua bisi bura manu hoi jaise, tai pora Israel laga manu sob ke joma kuri matise. Tetia Joshua pora manu joma hoikena thaka sob jon ke taikhan Sinai pahar te Isor logote ki kotha milaise, itu kosom taikhan laga mon-te rakhibi koise. Aru manukhan kosom kurise taikhan Isor laga niomkhan sob manibo aru kitiabi Isor ke nacharibo.

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