unfoldingWord 08 - Isor pora Joseph aru tae laga Ghor-manukhan ke Bachaise

unfoldingWord 08 - Isor pora Joseph aru tae laga Ghor-manukhan ke Bachaise

Outline: Genesis 37-50

Script Number: 1208

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Bisi sal pichete, jetia Jacob bisi bura hoijaise, tai pora bisi morom kura tai laga chokora Joseph ke jaikena tailaga kokaikhan bhal pora ase-na-nai aru bhera-sagulikhan sob thik ase-na-nai sabole tai ke pathaise.

Joseph laga kokaikhan tai ke bisi ghin kuri thakise, kilemane taikhan laga baba pora Joseph ke bisi morom kore aru Joseph laga sapna te tai he sob uporte raj kuribo ineka paise. Jetia tai kokaikhan logote punchise, taikhan pora milikena taike dhuri rakhise aru pichete kunba noukar bikiri kura manukhanke bikiri kuridise.

Taikhan ghor wapas naja age-te, Joseph laga kapor phataikena saguli laga khun lagai dise. Khun thaka kapor dikhai dile taikhan laga baba bhabibo jongli-janwar he Joseph ke moraidise. Jakob bisi mon-dukh kurikena thakise.

Noukar bikiri kura manukhan pora Joseph ke Egypt te loijaise. Egypt bisi dangor aru takot desh asile, aru Nile nodi usorte thakise. Noukar bikiri kura manukhan Joseph ke ekta dhuni sorkar sahib logote bikiri kuridise. Joseph tai laga malik ke bisi bhal pora seva kurise aru Isor pora Joseph ke asis dise.

Tai laga malik laga maiki tai ke bhal lagi jaise aru tai logote bisna te ahibole koise. Hoilebi Joseph pora ineka nohobo koise aru Isor laga usorte ineka pap kam nakoribo koise. Utu maiki bisi khong kurise aru Joseph laga eku galti nathakilebi, tai ke bodnam kurise aru tai ke koidighor te halidise. Ta-te bi Joseph Isor laga kotha manikena thakise aru Isor tai ke asis dise.

Tai eku bia kam kura nai, hoilebi tai dui-sal upor koidighor te thakise. Ek rati te, Egypt laga raja sapna duita paikena bisi chinta hoi jaise. Tai laga jiman bhal-dimag-thaka manukhan ase taikhan kunbi itu laga motlob koidibole paranai.

Isor pora Joseph ke sapnakhan laga motlob kobo paribole hokti dise, itu nimite raja pora Joseph ke koidi ghor pora anibole koise. Raja laga sapna laga motlob tai ineka koise; ‘‘Isor pora koi ase, sat-sal nimite Egyp te sob jagate khabole bisi-bisi bhal hoithakibo. Itu pichete sat-sal tok kha-a-loakhan napabo.’’

Aru raja Joseph ke bisi bhal paise aru pora Egypt desh te Joseph ke tai laga pichete sob pora bisi takot thaka manu banaise!

Sat sal laga khabole bisi thaka homoete, Joseph pora manukhan sobke khabole samankhan joma koribole koise. Aru jitia kha-a-loa napa hoi jaise, aru kha-a-loakhan khotom hoi jaise, tetia joma korikena rakhi thaka kha-a-loakhan bikiri kuribole lagise.

Egypt te he nohoe hoilebi sob deshkhan te kha-a-loa napaikena bisi digdar hobole lagise aru Jakob aru tai laga ghor-manukhan thaka desh Canaan te bi bisi digdar hoise.

Itu nimite Jakob pora tai laga dangor chokorakhan ke Egypt te jaikena kha-a-loakhan kinibole jabi koise. Jetia taikhan tai laga age-te khara kurithakise, taikhan Joseph ke chinibole paranai. Hoilebi Joseph ekbar te he taikhan ke chiniloise.

Tailaga kokaikhan bhal manu hoise na nohoe jani-ja-a pichete, tae taekhanke koise; ‘‘Ami apunikhan laga bhai Joseph ase! Itia bhoi nokoribi. Apunikhan amike bikiri kuridia bisi bia kam kurise. Hoilebi Isor he utu bia kamke bhal ekta hobole dise. Apunikhan Egypt te thakibi aru apunikhan laga ghor-manukhan sob ke ami pora kha-a-loa dibo aru thakibole laga jaga dibo.’’

Taikhan Egypt pora ulaikena ghor wapas punchise aru taikhan laga baba ke Joseph itiabi jinda ase koise. Aru Jakob bisi khusi hoise.

Jakob bisi bura manu thaka homoete he Egypt te jabole ulaise. Tailaga ghor-manukhan aru Canaan desh te jiman samankhan thakise, itu sob loikena Egypt-te ahi jaise. Jakob namura age-te tai tailaga chokora ekjon ekjon ke tailaga asis dise.

Isor pora Abraham ke tai laga kotha juntu milaikena kosom rakhise, utu kotha itia Isak ke, aru Jakob ke, aru Jakob laga baroh chokorakhan aru taekhan laga ghor-manukhan logote thakise. Tailaga baroh chokora laga khandankhan pora he Israel laga baroh-tah jati hoise.

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