unfoldingWord 08 - Pathienin Josef le a Sûnghai a Humhim

unfoldingWord 08 - Pathienin Josef le a Sûnghai a Humhim

Outline: Genesis 37-50

Script Number: 1208

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Kum tamtak a liema, Jakob a hung tar hnung chun a unauhai ranruol chinga, ram hlataka umhai chu kan dingin a duot bîk, Josef chu a tir a.

An pa’n a duot bîk lai le a manga a mang, an chunga rorêltu a la hung ni ding lei khan Josef chu a unauhaiin an theida hle el a; Josef an kuoma va tlung chun a unauhai chun an lo mana, Ishmael khuolzin ruolhai kuomah an zawr a.

Josef unauhai chun an in tieng an kîr nawk hma chun Josef zakuofuol kha an keithlêra, kêl thisenah an phûma. In an tlung chun Josef zakuofuol kha an pa Jakob kuomah an in entira, ramsa huoiin a sehlum ngei a niti an inringtira. Jakob chu a lungngaita em em a.

Ishmael khuolzinruol, salmana sumdawngtuhai chun Josef chu Aigupta ram tieng an thruoita a. Aigupta ram chu ram lientak, thilthawtheitak a na, Nile Vadung del sûnga um a nih. Sala sumdawngtuhai chun sorkar milien, hausatak kuomah, suoka um dingin Josef chu an zawr ta a. Josef chun a pu chu thratakin a enkawla, a rong a bawlpêka, Josef chu Pathienin mal a sawma.

A pu nuhmei chun Josef chu zâlpui a tum ta a, nisienlakhom Josef chun hienganga Pathien laka suol sinthaw chu a nuom naw leiin a sêl a. Ama minu chun a lung a suksena Josef chu mana, lungina khum dingin khêlin an tum ta a. Lungina a umsûng khom chun Josef chun Pathien a tria, Pathienin mal a sawm pei a.

Kum hni an vawi hnung khom chun, suksuolna nei naw sienkhom, Josef chu lungin a chun a lan tang zinga, zân khat chu Aigupta lal Faraw an ti chun mang pahni a nei a, a manghai chun an sukbeidawng hle ela. A khawnbawl upahai lai, tukhawma a mang umzie chu a hrilfie pêk thei an um si nawh.

Pathienin Josef chu mang hrilfietheina a pêk a, chuongchun Faraw chun Josef chu lung ina inthok chun a zu thruoisuoka. Josef chun Faraw manghai chu a hrilfie pêk a, “Pathienin hausak kum, kum thrat kum, kum sari hung intlung tir a ta, chu hnunga chun kum siet kum, tram kum, kum sariin a zui ding a nih,” a ta.

Faraw lungril chu Josef chunga chun a hminin, a lunglût hle el ta a, Aigupta ram pumpui a chun thuneitu tak, Faraw dawttua siemin a um ta a.

Josef chun kum thrat kum, kum sari sûnga fâk dingin a tam thei angtak bu siekhawl dingin mipuihai chu a hril a. Chuongchun Josef chun tram kum, kum sari sûng fâk ding an nei theina dingin a bu siekhawlhai chu mihai kuomah a zawr a.

Trâm chu Aigupta ram sûng chau ah a nasa naw a, Jakob le a sûnghai umna Kanan ram chena khawm a nasa a nih.

Chuongchun Jakob chun Aigupta rama bu inchawa, pûr zu phur dingin a nauhai chu a tir ta a. Bu inchaw dinga Josef hmaa a unauhai an ngîr lai chun an sangpa Josef kha a ni ti an hriet dêr nawh. Josef ruok chun a hriet tawl a.

An lungril a danglam ta am tia a sawisak zêk hnung chun, “In unaupa, Josef kha ka nih! Tri naw unla, inlau bok naw ro. Sal angin in mi zawra, thilsuol in thawa, nisienlakhom Pathienin thilsuol kha thilthrain a hmangta lem a ni kha! Hung unla Aigupta rama hin nangni le in sûnghai ka thrangpui theina ding cheuvin, hung um ro,” a ta.

Josef unauhai kha in an tlung nawk chun, an pa Jakob kuomah, Josef kha a la dam ti thu an hril chun a lawm em em a.

Jakob chu putar tak an ta a chu a sûnghai popo leh Aigupta ram tieng chun an intawl thla ta a, chutaka chun an um ta a. A thi hma chun Jakob chun a naupasalhai chu mal a sawm senga.

Thuthlungna thutiem Abraham kuoma Pathienin a thlung kha Isak chunga pêksawng a na, chu zo chun Jakob kuoma pêksawng pei, chun Jakob naupasal, sawm le pahnihai kuoma le an sungkuohai kuoma pêksawng pei a nih. Naupasal sawm le pahnihai thlahai kha Israel hnam sawm le pahnihai kha an hung ni ta a nih.

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