unfoldingWord 08 - Pathianin Josefa leh a chhungte a chhanhim

unfoldingWord 08 - Pathianin Josefa leh a chhungte a chhanhim

Outline: Genesis 37-50

Script Number: 1208

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Kum tam tak hnuah, Jakoba chu a lo upat hnu chuan a fapa duat bik, Josefa chu ranrual venga awm a unaute tlawh tûrin a tir ta a.

Josefa chu an pa in a hmangaih bik êm avâng leh anmahni chunga roreltu a la nih tur thu mumanga a hmuh avângin a unaute chuan an haw hle a. Josefa chu a unaute hnên a rawn thlen chuan, anni chuan an lo man a, sala sumdawng ṭhenkhat hnênah an hralh a.

Josefa unaute chuan in lama an haw leh hmain Josefa kawrfual chu an pawt thler a, kêl thisen ah an chiah a. Tichuan, Josefa kawrfual chu an pa an hmuhtîr a, ani chuan ram sakawlhin a tihlum a nih a ring a. Jakoba chu a lungngai ta hle a.

Sala sumdawngte chuan Josefa chu Aigupta ramah an hruai a. Aigupta chu ram zau leh thiltithei tak, Nile Lui hrûla awm a ni. Sala sumdawngte chuan Josefa chu sawrkâr milian hausa tak mai hnênah sal atan an hralh tâ a. Josefa chuan a pu rawng chu ṭha takin a bawlsak a, tin, Pathianin Josefa chu mal a sawm a.

A pu nupui chuan Josefa chu mutpui a tum a, nimahsela Josefa chuan Pathian laka chutiang thil sual tih chu a duh lova. A pu nupui chu a thinur ta hle a, Josefa chu dik lo takin a hêk a, tichuan an man a, tân inah an khung ta a. Tan in ah pawh chuan Pathian laka a rinawm avang in Pathian in mal a sawm a.

Kum hnih hnuah chuan Josefa chu thiam lohna nei lo mahse, tân inah a la tang ta reng a. Zan khat chu Pharaoa chuan (Aigupta miten an lalte an koh dan a ni) amah tibuai êm êm tu mumang pahnih a nei a. A khawnbawl upate zinga tumahin a mumang awmzia chu an hrilhfiah thiam lova.

Pathianin Josefa hnenah mumang hrilhfiah theihna a pe ta a. Tichuan Pharaoa chuan Josefa chu tân in ata a hruai chhuahtir a. Josefa chuan a mumang chu a hrilhfiahsak ta a, a hnenah, “Pathianin hausak kum, kum sarih a rawn thlentir ang a, ṭam kum kum sarih in a rawn zui ang,” a ti a.

Josefa chuan Pharaoa rilru chu a hmin ta hle a, tichuan, Aigupta ram puma thunei ber Pharaoa dawttu ah a siam ta a.

Josefa chuan buh thar ṭhat kum, kum sarih chhung chuan mipui te chu buh chhekkhawm ṭeuh turin a hriattir a. Tichuan, Josefa chuan ṭam kum, kum sarih a lo thlen chuan mipuite hnenah an kham khawp tur buh a hralh chhuak ta a.

Ṭam chu Aiguptaah chauh ni lo, Jakoba leh a chhungte awmna Kanaan ah pawh a nasa hle a.

Tichuan, Jakoba chuan a fapate chu Aigupta rama buh lei turin a tîr ta a. Buh lei tura Josefa hmaa an din lai chuan an unaupa Josefa kha a ni tih reng an hre lova. Nimahsela, Josefa chuan anmahni chu a lo hria a.

Josefa chuan a unaute chu an lo danglam tawh nge la danglam lo tih hriatnana a fiah hnuah, an hnenah, “Keimah hi Josefa, in unaupa kha ka ni! Hlau suh u. Sal anga min hralh lai khan thilsual tih in lo tum a, nimahsela, Pathian chuan thil ṭha lo chu thil ṭha atan a hmang ta a ni. Nangmahni leh in chhûngte ka ṭanpui theihnan che u Aigupta ramah hian rawn awm rawh u,” a ti a.

Josefa unaute chuan an in an han thlen chuan an pa Jakoba hnênah Josefa a la dam tih an hrilh a, Jakoba chu a hlim ta êm êm a.

Jakoba chu upa hle tawh mahse, an chhungkuain Aigupta ramah chuan an kal a, chutah chuan an chêng ta a ni. Jakoba chuan a thih hmain a fapate chu mal a sawm ṭheuh a.

Pathianin Thuthlung thutiamte Abrahama hnêna a hlan chu Isaaka hnênah hlanchhawn a ni a, chumi hnuah Jakoba hnênah, chumi hnuah Jakoba fapa sawm leh pahnihte hnênah leh an chhungkuate hnenah hlan chhawnin a awm a. Jakoba fapa sawm leh pahnihte thlahte chu Israel hnam sawm leh pahnihte an lo ni ta a ni.

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