unfoldingWord 21 - Apã Wachu djawu mewe go Mesia djiwa

unfoldingWord 21 - Apã Wachu djawu mewe go Mesia djiwa

Script Number: 1221

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Go djypydjiwe Apã Wachu inama go Mesia ekõwerã. Apã Wachu inawe go Mesiadji Adam emi Ewape. Apã Wachu inawe, etakrã Ewa irõndy memby machĩwerã, gobu biriwerã membo tõpe. Go membo Ewape kabewãregi rõ Andjãwe. Apã Wachu djawu mewe inambyty go Mesia buchãmbawerã Andjãwepe.

Apã Wachu dja djawu mewe Abrahampe, idja rupi duwe irõndy wywy kowe ywype kuwẽ gatupapyrã. Go kuwẽ gatudjiwa wẽwerã, go Mesia ekõmbu etakrã kreype go ekõwerãndjiwa. Go rõ djapowerã ache irõndy wywy, go ywy pua, idja bue buchã djapowedjiwa kuwẽmbapyrã.

Apã Wachu dja djawu mewe Moisepe, mawembu puãwerã duwe profeta Moise nonga. Go rõ duwe djawu mewe go Mesia ekõwerãndjiwa gobu.

Apã Wachu dja djawu mewe ymachidja wachugi Dawidpe, etakrã dja irõndy ymachidja wachuwerã Apã Wachu irõndy wywydji gorãwe. Go nonga kiuwe, go Mesia rõ etakrã kbe’e Dawid irõndydjiwa.

Profeta Jeremia rupi Apã Wachu inawe, mewerã etakrã djawu pou membyre. Go djawu pou membyre rõ duwe nonga go djawu Israelpe membyregidji kuãmbuku Sinaipe. Go djawu pou membyre rupi Apã Wachu mĩwerã dja djawu parapyre Israel pua wywy djãpe. Israel pua wywy kua gatuwerã Apã Wachupe, emi go rõ dja chuparã, gobu emi Apã Wachu kuwẽwerã gogi wywype dja bue buchã djapowedji. Go Mesia buãwerã go djawu pou membyre.

Emi go profeta wywy inama go Mesia rõ etakrã profeta, pa’i emi ymachidja wachugi. Etakrã profeta wenduty Apã Wachu djawu, gobu kiu gatuma Apã Wachu chupa pua wywype. Go Mesia, Apã Wachu buewerãngi, rõ go profeta kbegatuechegi.

Go pa’i Israel pua wywy keĩndy we wywy Apã Wachupe Israel pua wywy bykuapyrepe. Go we pachopyre picha bue buchã djapowedjiwa. Go pa’i wywy krandobuã emi Israel pua wywydji Apã Wachu chã ruwa. Go Mesia rõ go pa’i ymachidja kbegatuechegi, go mewerã idja eche manowã we keĩmbyre kbegatuechegi nonga Apã Wachupe.

Etakrã ymachidja wachugi rõ ymachidjaty etakrã chidja llambatydji emi djawu gatu buãndy pichadji. Go Mesia rõ go ymachidja wachu kbegatuechegi, wapywerã go djypywaregi David wapytype. Go ymachidjawerã kowe ywy llabu wywy gorãwe, djawu gatu buãwerã pichadji kabewãllãpe, emi bue wywy djapowerã tõ gatupe.

Go profeta wywy kiuma duwe bue tãrã go Mesiadjiwa. Go profeta Malaquia kiuma go Mesia ekõ nondjebu, etakrã profeta chidjagi ekõwerã. Go profeta Isaia kiuma, go Mesia opowerã etakrã daregi kbe’e pokollãndy rupi. Go profeta Miquea kiuma, go Mesia opowerã tapy tãrã Belempe.

Go profeta Isaia inama, go Mesia ekõwerã chupa Galileape, go djawu gatu mewerã uryllãpe ekõndygi wywype, puiwerã bue buchã djapotygi wywype emi tapy djãwãllãpe ekõngipe. Gobu emi inama, go Mesia kuwẽwerã eche achygipe, emi chãllãngipe, pychallãngipe, djawullãngipe emi watallãngipe.

Go profeta Isaia kiuma emi, go Mesia byllã rekopyrã bue buchã djapollãmbu djepe, emi ache djapiwerã idjape dja byche puare. Duwe profeta wywy inama, go Mesiape pychowãngi buã rekowerã butadji, idja tyruwe rekowã, emi etakrã dja bygatutygi ka mewerã idjape. Go profeta Sakaria inama, etakrã dja bygatutygipe membyrã brewipychã tapa buta itadji, go kamewã Mesiape.

Go profeta wywy inama emi, mawe nonga go Mesia manowerã. Isaia kiuma, duwe ache wywy rywõwerã emi djudja rekowerã idjadji, gobu pachowerã go Mesiape. Gogi pychowerã idjape, gobu go manowerã djuei buchãpe, bue buchã djapollãmbu djepe.

Profeta wywy inama emi, go Mesia kbegatuechewerã, go rõ bue buchã djapollãwerã. Dja manowerã rupi pepywerã ache bue buchã djapopawedjiwa. Go pachopyrã rupi Apã Wachu emi ache wywy ekõ gatuwerã okryra gatupe. Go buare Apã Wachu prawoma, Mesiape mĩ buchãmbawã.

Profeta wywy kiuma, go Mesia manowerã, gobu Apã Wachu idjape puã mondowerã manowegi byche puare. Go Mesia manombu, emi wẽmbu manowe byche puare, Apã Wachu djapopawerã dja prawodjiwa, bue buchã djapogi wywype kuwẽwã, emi go djawu pou membyre buãwã.

Apã Wachu wechãma profeta wywype bue tãrã go Mesiadjiwa. Go Mesia rõ ekõllã wyche go ruy tãrãpe go profeta wywy ekõmbu. Apã Wachu buewerã Mesiape kowe ywype go ruy tãrã chengypychã tapa tapa (400) wachabu, go djawu wywy membapyre Mesiadjiwa. Gobu Apã Wachu bue mondowerã go Mesiape, go krey idja inawe nongaeche wẽmbu.

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