unfoldingWord 21 - Atiorok Hollum Massiya

unfoldingWord 21 - Atiorok Hollum Massiya

Script Number: 1221

Language: Lopit

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Te hiteri egigilu Hollum ŋaifahu Massiya. Hicorit hiteri no Massiya ottu do Adam ho Eva. Ecorok Hollum hijo esiu iso woyo no Eva hito lottu hisiak hoo no munu. Munu nafa enyob Eva ara ifa Sitan. Etuhutek hicori nia hijo agalik iso Massiya Sitan mak.

Ocorok Hollum Abramo hijo te inyie ajak iso inyie huwo inno fau daŋ. Ottu iso jaha nia ŋatubahini lojo Massiya lotu moi nabo. Etibisak iso inyeja do huwo daŋ tamasiok inno fau daŋ anyar lorumu isieja ŋaitilohini.

Ocorok Hollum Musa hijo moi nabo akaf iso inyia lobo haikilani iya Musa. Ara ifa coro nyia na Massiya lolotu iso moi.

Acorok Hollum habu Davide hijo, owuon iso lobo to woyo honyie lolotu hinefita huwo illo Hollum a habu lohosie mak. Neletuhutek hijo ara Massiya to woyo ho Davide.

To Jeremiya haikilani, ocorok Hollum hijo ehumak iso inyie himora ŋejuk, inyeja lara himora iya nafa lehumak inyie ho Israile do doŋe ho Sinai. De himora ŋejuk, egiorok Hollum hifahita innohonyie da tajia ho huwo, eyien iso huwo Hollum tokwaite hosie, ara iso isieja huwo illohonyie, ette Hollum ŋabusak hiyata innohosie. Massiya iso leter himora ŋejuk.

Ojo hido haikilani lo Hollum hijo ara Massiya iso haikilani, fadiri, ojo Habu. Ara hakilani tihoni leletiru hirro inno Hollum ette ŋailimak do huwo. Ara Massiya leleterok Hollum ŋaifahak hijo hatara ahaliboni.

Ebuluca fadirihen ille Israile do Hollum to huwo anyar lara hituruta no baha to hiyata inno hosie. Omojo hidofe fadirihen to huwo do Hollum. Ara iso Massiya fadiri lolowuon ahide lelebis leleisio kwan nohonyie ahibuluci nelebis bino do Hollum.

Ara Habu tihoni lelenefita habwore ojo hido oŋoto lekiko no huwo. Ara Massiya Habu lelebis bino, ette iso hitole da hara no woyo ba Davide. Enefita iso inyeja fau daŋ. Oŋoto iso inyeja lekiko nolobis mak, ette ŋaihumak higigilo nolobis.

Haikilani lo Hollum ekilu ifa hirro inno loluŋa inno Massiya. Haikilani Malakai ekilu hijo ottu iso lobo haikilani to hosiere ho Massiya. Haikilani Isaya ekilu inyeja hijo esiuni iso Massiya tara hoduoti nololibo. Ekilu haikilani Maika hijo, esiuni iso Massiya de Betelehem.

Ekilu haikilani Isaya hijo amanya iso Massiya do Galilea, ojo inyeja ero rori no huwo inno lefita hijo anyar lehek huwo. Eitinyalam tajia inno huwo inno odiaha ojo hido inyeja ekilu hijo, ottu iso Massiya hitilibo huwo inno loŋwai logodo, lottuho ho huwo inno loŋurra.

Haikilani Isaya leikilu hijo eibo iso huwo Massiya bi anni. Ojo hido Haikilak illamuk ekilu hijo huwo illo otohoi iso Massiya, abak iso isieja moŋo ne letuhutek hijo ŋai iso leyari boŋojin inno honyie. Ojo hido mote honyie etinyaŋai inyieja. Haikilani Sakariya ekiliu hijo, oduma iso huwo mote Massiya orobiya 30 anyar lara idumuti hitinyaŋita inno Massiya.

Elimak haikilak hijo jei iso leyei Massiya. Ojo hido Isaya ekiliu hijo, emitak iso huwo hamilak, elohitari, ojo hido abak Massiya. Ocuk isieja inyeja, ette inyeja yei-yei no hitigemi, he diahai, hati hido inyie obe legem nobo hipali.

Ojo haikilak hijo olibo iso Massiya, obe lowuon he iyau. Oyei iso inyeja anyar lomoju baha inno hiyata inno huwo. Baha nohonyie leyani himora do huwo ho Hollum. De hiram ne ara wahan no Hollum anyar loyei Massiya.

Ekilu haikilak hijo oyei iso Massiya hati etibuhu iso Hollum inyeja tere hayok. To yei ho ŋaibuhu no Massiya, otubak iso Hollum igem nohonyie ŋaitilahuni haiyak ette hitiara himora ŋejuk.

Etuhutek Hollum da haikilak hiro ariai inno Massiya, hati obe Massiya ottu do holoŋ no haikilak. Da halu ha ŋasi 400 hikilita inia, da holoŋ nolobis efahu iso Hollum Massiya afau.

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