unfoldingWord 10 - Sompulu Teꞌabalaan

unfoldingWord 10 - Sompulu Teꞌabalaan

Outline: Exodus 5-10

Script Number: 1210

Language: Tajio

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

SiMusa ane siHarun umaꞌo nonoloi siPiraun. Siira nonjarita, “Sima eini tejarita nuꞌAlataꞌala nutoo-too nuꞌIsrael, ‘Patuvaya tetoo-tooꞌU umaꞌo!’” Tapi siPiraun jio noꞌinepea siira. Siia jio momatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael mabebas, tapi siia nogutu tepokarajaaong niira melabi movoat.

SiPiraun tatarus jio seilu momatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael umaꞌo, jaok teꞌAlataꞌala nomaꞌatu sompulu teꞌabalaan eiMesir. Malabat lamai teꞌabalaan eini, teꞌAlataꞌala nonujua eisiPiraun Siia moꞌuig heꞌuapa siPiraun ane jojoo tedewa eiMesir.

TeꞌAlataꞌala nombalik teBangkalang nuNil najari teraa, tapi siPiraun jiompo momatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael umaꞌo.

TeꞌAlataꞌala nonjaoka tetumpang-tumpang eiMesir. SiPiraun nomongi eisiMusa untuk mongalina tetumpang-tumpang heꞌua. Tapi touk jojoo tetumpang heꞌua naate, siPiraun boi maꞌadal teamboknya ane jio nomatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael umaꞌo.

Jadi teꞌAlataꞌala nonjaoka teꞌabalaan nusisiok ane lamai heꞌua teꞌabalaan nulale. SiPiraun noleva siMusa ane siHarun ane nongulara eisiira, ane siira mengondoka teꞌabalaan heꞌua, tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael maala umaꞌo. SiMusa nonggane, antau teꞌAlataꞌala mopeꞌilang jojoo telale eiMesir, tapi siPiraun nopaꞌadal teamboknya ane jio momatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael umaꞌo.

Lamai heꞌua, teꞌAlataꞌala nonjaoka tepees momate jojoo tebinaatang nutoo-too nuMesir. SiPiraun nopaꞌadal teamboknya, ane siia jio momatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael umaꞌo.

Lamai heꞌua teꞌAlataꞌala nonuju siMusa morampaka teavu eitolo niPiraun. Watu siia nonggaukaꞌonya tepees nuꞌuli sanu mogutu mepees nembuꞌa eiMesir, tapi jio umai sotoo tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael inana nupees heꞌua. TeꞌAlataꞌala nopaꞌadal teambok niPiraun, ane siPiraun jio momatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael umaꞌo ane mabebas.

Touk heꞌua teꞌAlataꞌala nonjaoka teujang nuꞌees sanu noꞌoropu tetutudaong eiMesir ane nomate sisee-see sanu nesuvung lamai tevonua. SiPiraun noleva siMusa ane siHarun ane nongulara eisiira, “Siaꞌu nonggaukaꞌomo tedosa. Siꞌemiu maalamo melampa.” Lamai heꞌua siMusa nonggane ane teujang nuꞌees nengondok.

Tapi siPiraun nonggaukaꞌonye tedosa ane nopaꞌadal teamboknya ane jio momatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael umaꞌo.

Jadi teꞌAlataꞌala nonjaoka mabari teꞌalipapaa sanu najaok eiMesir. Teꞌalipapaa eini nenginang tetoro sanu jio pinoꞌoropu nuujang nuꞌees heꞌua.

Lamai heꞌua teꞌAlataꞌala nonjaoka tendoung sanu tatarus eꞌendenya tolueleo. Karna nondoung sima heꞌua tetoo-too nuMesir jio maala molinjoꞌi tevonua niira. Tapi eipomoiaong nutoo-too nuꞌIsrael umai terarat sanu narava.

Maampo najarimo sesio teꞌabalaan heꞌua, siPiraun jiompo seilu momatuvaya tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael umaꞌo ane mabebas. Karna siPiraun jio seilu moꞌinepe, umai sangaya teꞌabalaan sanu ponouꞌongnya teꞌAlataꞌala norancanaa monjaoka. Teꞌabalaan eini kana mombalik tepikiran niPiraun.

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