unfoldingWord 10 - Hripui sawmte

Outline: Exodus 5-10

Script Number: 1210

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Mosia leh Arona chu Pharaoa hnênah an kal ta a. A hnênah, “Israelte Pathian chuan heti hian a ti, ‘Ka mite chhuahtir rawh!’ tiin,” an ti a. Pharaoa chuan an thusawi chu a ngaihsak lova. Israelte chhuah zalen a hnêkin, hna a thawh rim tir ta sauh zawk a.

Pharaoa chuan mipuite chu chhuahtir a la remtih loh fo avangin Pathianin Aigupta ram ah hremna rapthlak chi sawm a thlêntîr ta a. Heng hremna hmang hian Pathian chuan Pharaoa leh Aigupta pathiante aia thil a tih theih zawk zia Pharaoa chu a hmuhtir ta a ni.

Pathianin Nile Lui chu thisenah a chantîr a, nimahsela, Pharaoa chuan Israelte chu a la chhuah tir duh lo va.

Pathianin Aigupta ram khatin chungu a rawn tir a. Pharaoa chuan Mosia hnenah chungu te chu tibo tûrin a ngen a. Nimahsela, chungu te chu an thih zawh vek hnuah chuan Pharaoa chuan a thinlung a tikhauhva, Israelte chu Aigupta ram ata a chhuahtîr duh ta chuang lo va.

Chuvangin, Pathianin thosi a rawn tîr a. Chumi hnuah tho a rawn tîr leh a. Pharaoa chuan Mosia leh Arona chu a kova, an hnênah chu hremna chu an tihtawp chuan, Israelte chuan Aigupta ram an chhuahsan thei ang a ti a. Mosia a ṭawngṭai a, tho zawng zawng te chu Pathianin Aigupta ram ata a la bo ta a. Nimahsela, Pharaoa chuan a thinlung a tikhauhva, mipuite chu chhuah zalentîr a duh ta chuang lo va.

Chumi zawhah chuan, Pathianin Aigupta mite ran vulh zawng zawngte chu natnain a tihlum a. Nimahsela, Pharaoa chuan a thinlung a tihkhauh a, Israelte chu chhuahtîr a duh ta chuang lo va..

Tin, Pathianin Mosia chu Pharaoa hmaah vutte chu van lamah theh chiam tûrin a hrilh a. Chutianga a han tih chuan, Aigupta mite chuan khawihli durh nâ tak mai an lo vei ta a, nimahsela Israelte chuan an vei ve lo. Pathian chuan Pharaoa thinlung chu a tihkhauhsak a, tichuan, Pharaoa chuan Israelte chu chhuah zalentîr a duh ta chuang lo.

Chumi hnuah chuan, Pathianin rial rawn tîrin chung rialte chuan Aigupta ram chhunga thlai zawng zawng deuh tho chu dêng chhiain, pawna chhuak rêng rêngte chu a denghlum ta a. Pharaoa chuan Mosia leh Arona chu a kova, an hnenah, “Ka lo sual ta a ni. In kal thei ang,” a ti a. Tichuan, Mosia chu a ṭawngṭai a, vân aṭanga rial rawn tla chu a bang ta a.

Nimahsela, Pharaoa chuan a thinlung a tikhauhva, thil a ti sual leh ta a. Israelte chhuah zalentîr chu a remti leh ta lo va.

Chuvangin, Pathianin Aigupta ram pum chungah chuan khaukhuap rual a lentir ta chiam a. Heng khaukhuapte hian rialten an denchhiat loh thlai la awm zawng zawng te chu an ei zo ta vek a.

Tin, Pathianin ni thum chhung thimna a thlentîr a. A thim em avangin Aigupta mite chuan an in an chhuahsan thei ta lo va. Nimahsela, Israelte awmna chu a eng thung a.

Heng hremna pakaw hnuah pawh hian Pharaoa chuan Israelte chhuah zalentîr chu a la remti ta lo fova. Pharaoa a la hel fo avangin, Pathianin hremna hnuhnung ber thlentîr a tum ta a. Chu chuan Pharaoa rilru a thlak danglam tawh ang.

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