unfoldingWord 10 - Tammu Gadota

unfoldingWord 10 - Tammu Gadota

Outline: Exodus 5-10

Script Number: 1210

Language: Gofa

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Museynne Aaroni Gibxe kawuwakko bidi, “Isra7eele Xoossay, ‘Ta asaa yedda’ yaagees” gidi odidosona. Shin kawoy, “Taani Isra7eele asaa yeddanaw Xoossay oone? Isra7eele asaa yeddike” yaagidi entta si7onna ixxis. Hessa gaason, Isra7eele asaa deexo ooson un7ethis.

Gibxe kawoy, Paaroni asaa yeddona ixxis. Yaatin, Xoossay Gibxe bolla tammu gadota kiittis. Xoossay, Paaronappenne Gibxe xoossatappe wolqqaama gideysa he gadota baggara Paarona bessis.

Xoossay Abbaye haathaa suuthu laammis. Shin Paaroni asaa yeddanaw koybeenna.

Xoossay Gibxe biitta ubban shodhdhe yeddis. Shodhdheta diggana mela Paaroni, Muse woossis. Shodhdhe ubbay hayqqis, shin Paaroni ba wozanaa muumsida gisho, Isra7eele asay Gibxefe keyonna mela diggis.

Hessa gisho, Xoossay Gibxe bolla boxe yeddis; kaallidi udunxxe kiittis. Paaroni, Musenne Aarona xeegidi, gaduwa tappe diggiko, Isra7eele asay Gibxefe keyidi baanaw dandda7oosona” yaagis. Musey Xoossaa woossin, Xoossay udunxxe ubbaa Gibxefe diggis. Gidoshin, Paaroni ba wozanaa muumsida gisho, asaa yeddanaw koybeenna.

Hessafe kaallidi, Xoossay Gibxen de7iya mehe ubbaa wodhis. Gidoshin, Paaroni ba wozanaa muumsida gisho, asaa yeddanaw koybeenna.

Hessafe guye, Goday Musenne Aarona, bido ekkidi, kawuwa sinthan salo dharccana mela kiittis. He bidoy Gibxe biittan de7iya asaa bollanne mehiya bolla kixa gado gidis. Gidoshin, Paaroni ba wozanaa muumsida gisho, asaa yeddanaw koybeenna.

Hessafe guye, Goday Muse, “Gibxe biitta ubbaa bolla, asa bolla, mehiya bollanne gaden de7iya katha bolla shachi bukkana mela ne kushiya salo dentha” yaagis. Kawoy Musenne Aarona xeegidi, “Taani nagara oothas; hintte baanaw dandda7eeta” yaagis. Musey Xoossaa woossin, shachi saloppe bukkeyssa aggagis.

Shin, kawoy zaaridi nagara oothis. Isra7eele asaa yeddanaw koybeenna.

Xoossay Musekko, “Shacha gaduwappe attida ubbaa dhayssana mela, ne kushiya Gibxe bolla denthada boolle gado xeega” yaagis. He booley shachaafe attida ubbaa midi dhayssis.

Hessafe simmin, Xoossay Gibxe biitta ubban heedzu gallas kumethi sakkana dhuma yeddis. Heedzu gallasi kumethi Gibxetappe issoyka ba sooppe kare keybeenna. Shin Isra7eele asay de7iya bessan poo7oy de7ees.

Hari attoshin, ha uddufun gadoti iya bolla wodhinkka Paaroni, Isra7eele asaa yeddonna ixxis. Paaroni asaa yeddanaw koyonna ixxida gisho, Xoossay hara wurssetha gado iya bolla yeddanaw koyis. He wode Paaroni ba qofaa laammidi, Isra7eele asaa yeddana.Geeshsha Maxaafa taarikey eketiday, Kessaa 5 – 10

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