unfoldingWord 10 - Hripui Sawmhai Chu

unfoldingWord 10 - Hripui Sawmhai Chu

Outline: Exodus 5-10

Script Number: 1210

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Mosie le Aron chu Faraw kuoma an fe ta a. Hi hi Israel Pathienin a hril chu a nih, “Ka mihai infetir rawh,” an ta. Ana chu Faraw chun an thuhril chu a ngaisak nawh. Israelhai chu infe suok tir nêk hmanin an sinthaw chu a suk khir deu deu lem a.

Faraw chun mipuihai chu a lan fe suok tir nuom naw leiin hripui trium tak tak sawm khat Pathienin Aigupta ram chungah an lêngtir ta a. Hi hripuihai hmang hin, Pathienin Faraw nêkin le Aigupta pathienhai nêkin thil a thaw thei lem ti an hmutir a nih.

Pathienin Nile Vadung chu thisenin an changtira, nisienlakhom Faraw chun Israelhai chu a lan fe suoktir nuom naw ta rop a.

Chuleichun Aigupta ram sûng popo a utrokhai chu Pathienin a hung tir a. Faraw chun utrokhai chu lâkhmang dingin Mosie kuomah a ngêna. Nisienlakhom, utrokhai an thifai vong hnung chun Faraw chun a lungril a sukngara, Israelhai chu an fe suoktir nuom chuong naw a.

Chuongchun Pathienin hrik hripui a hung inlêngtir a. Tho hripui a hung tir nawk bawka. Faraw chun Aron le Mosie a kova hripui hai chu an suk tawp phot chun fe suok thei tang an tih ti’n a hril a. Chuleichun Mosie chu a trongtraia, Aigupta ram popova inthok chun Pathienin thohai chu a sukbo bonga, ana chu Faraw chun a lungril a suk ngara, mipuihai chu an fe suok tir nuom chuong nawh.

Chu zo chun Pathienin Aigupta mihai ran vaihai popo that pêk dingin ran hripui a hung inlêngtir nawk a. Nisienkhom Faraw lungril chu a la ngar zing leiin, Israelhai chu a lan fe suok tir chuong nawh.

Chuphing le chun Pathienin Mosie kuomah Faraw mithmu ngeiah vân tienga vut vawr dingin a hril a. Chuonga Mosie’n vân tieng vut a hang vawr chun Aigupta mihai chunga chun vun natna, khuoihli hripui, natak el chu a tla ta a, Israelhai ruok chun khuoihli chu an invoi ve nawh. Pathienin Faraw lungril chu a suk ngar pêka, Israelhai chu an fe suoktir chuong nawh.

Chu hnunga chun Pathienin Aigupta ram sûnga chun riel hripui an tlâk tira, lo laia thlai popo chu rielin a dengsiet vonga, mitin lova umhai popo khom rielin a dêng hlum tawl vong bok a. Faraw chun Mosie le Aron a kova, “Ka lo suol tak zet a nih. Fe suok thei tang in tih” a ta. Chu phingle chun Mosie a trongtrai a, riel chu a sûr ta naw a.

Nisienlakhom Faraw chun a la suksuol ta ropa, a lungril a la sukngar zinga, chuongchun Israelhai chu a lan fe suoktir nuom chuong nawh.

Chuleichun Pathienin Aigupta ram sung popo a chun khau an tâmtir a. Khauhai chun rielin a dêngsiet mahla, thlaihai kha an fak zo pêk vong a.

Chu zo chun Pathienin ni thum sûng zet el Aigupta ram sûng popo ah inthim sa mup el chu an umtir ta a. An thim nasa em lei chun Aigupta mihai chun an inhai an suoksan thei nawh. Israelhai umna a ruokchun var an nei a.

Hremna hripui pakuo zet el an tuor hnung khom chun, Faraw chun Israelhai kha a rama inthok suokdawk chu a la phalnaw ta rop a. Faraw chu a la hel tlat lei chun, Pathienin hremna hri pakhat dang tir a la tum a. Hi hremna hre hin chu Faraw lungril chu suk danglam ta ngei a tih.

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