unfoldingWord 23 - Jisu Laga Jonom

unfoldingWord 23 - Jisu Laga Jonom

Outline: Matthew 1-2; Luke 2

Script Number: 1223

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Mary toh Joseph logote shadi kuribole kotha milai kena asile, Joseph toh dharmik manu thakise. Jetia Mary bacha bukhi ase koikena khobor janise, itu tailaga bacha nohoi koikena bujise. Hoilebi tai Mary ke sorom dibole mon thaka nai, itu nimite tai Mary ke chup-chap pora shadi nakoribole bhabona kurise. Hoilebi itu homoete sorgoduth ahikena tai laga sapna te tai ke kotha kurise.

Utu sorgo duth pora tai ke koise; ‘‘Joseph, tumi Mary ke shadi kuribole bhoi nakoribi. Tai laga pet-te bacha thaka toh Pobitro Aatma pora ase. Tai ekta chokora ke jonom dibo. Tai laga nam Jesu matibo (itu motlob toh ‘Jehovah Bachai-ase’) kilekoile tai pora manukhan ke taikhan laga pap pora bachabo.

Aru Joseph Mary ke shadi kurise aru tai laga ghor te loijaise, hoilebi bacha jonom nahoa tok, tai Mary logote ghuma nai.

Jetia bacha jonom dibole homoe punchi thakise, Mary aru Joseph Bethlehem taun te jaise. Utu homoete Rome desh te kiman manukhan ase janibole nimite sob manukhan ke nijor-nijor laga taun te jaikena ginti kuribole koise. Sob manukhan ke nijor purbans khan thaka jagate jai kene ginti kuribole koise. David Bethlehem taun te jonom kurise, aru Mary aru Joseph bi David laga khandan pora ahise.

Mary aru Joseph Bethelehem te jaise, hoilebi ta-te taikhan bohibole jaga thaka nai, khali guru-ghora laga ghor thakise. Mary ta-te tai laga chokora ke jonom dise. Tai pora tai laga bacha ke guru-ghora khabole laga jagate rakhise, kilekoile taikhan logote bisena thaka na. Aru bacha laga nam Jisu dise.

Itu rati, kunba bhere-saguli sa-a manukhan rati laga utu homoite naghumaikena asile. Achanak pora ekta sorgoduth ujala thaka taikhan laga usorte ahise aru taikhan bisi bhoi lagise. Utu duth takhan ke koise; ‘‘Bhoe nakoribi! Ami apunikhan nimite ekta khushi khobor anise. Apunikhan nimite Masiha Bethlehem te jonom hoise!’’

‘‘Jaikena bacha ke bisari bi, apunikhan utu bacha ke kapor laga tukrakhan pora bandikena, guru-ghora kha-loa kurithaka jagate pabo.’’ Achanak pora bisi duthkhan taikhan laga uporte bhorta hoise aru Isor laga nam ke utcha korikena ineka gana kurise; ‘‘Sorgo laga ucha porabi Pormeswar laga nam ucha ase, aru prithibi te thakakhan ke tailaga shanti janaidi ase!’’

Tetia duthkhan wapas jaijaise, aru bhera-saguli sa-a manukhan bi taikhan laga bhera-saguli ke chari kena, utu bacha ke bisaribole jaise. Aru taikhan joldi utu jagate punchise aru duthkhan pora koa nisina, Jisu ke guru-ghora khabole laga jagate ghumaikena paise. Taikhan bisi khusi hoise aru wapas taikhan laga bhera-saguli thaka jagate jaise. Aru taikhan ki hunise aru dikhise itu nimite Isor laga nam ke ucha kurise.

Itu homoete, kunba manukhan purab phine thaka desh laga asile. Taikhan akash laga tara ke saikena Isor laga kotha kobole pare manu asile aru taikhan laga dimag bisi bhal asile. Taikhan akash te bisi alag ekta tara dikhise. Tetia taikhan itu motlob Jehudi laga raja jonom hoise koikene bujijaise. Itu nimite taikhan bacha ke sabole ahise. Bisi din safar kurikena taikhan Bethlehem te punchise aru kun jagate Jisu aru tailaga baba-ama asile ta-te taikhan bisari kena ahise.

Jetia taikhan Mary laga hath te Jisu ke dikhise, taikhan laga matha niche kurise aru tai ke aradhana kurise. Aru taikhan Jisu ke kimti saman ani dise. Itu pichete taikhan nijor laga ghorte wapas jai jaise.

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