unfoldingWord 23 - Esiuni no Yesu

unfoldingWord 23 - Esiuni no Yesu

Outline: Matthew 1-2; Luke 2

Script Number: 1223

Language: Lopit

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Esaŋa ifa lobo tihoni lololibo Maria fure no honyi Yosefu. Nafa etiru inyeja hijo owodi Maria, ojo inyeja oyen hijo obe inyeja etiwodik Maria, ette inyeja higigillo de. To biaŋan nohonyi awak ŋetinyek Maria irii, awahan inyeja hibo Maria. Hati holobe inyeja opiaha arik ha Maria, ette Anjilo hiduoŋ to honyi tahari arigai ette hiro to honyi.

Eijo anjilo to honyi hijo Yosefu baŋa ebaŋ hitole arik ha Maria ofeya hito noŋoruo arik ho hito loliawa. Hito le owodi Maria ottu tere Oyiri ile lolibo. Esiu iso Maria hito loliawa ette iye efurek fure no honyi hijo Yesu lafa Lara Yahweh hetalahani ile ottu etiluwahu huwo tere hiyata innohosie.

Nafa tere, ette Yosefu ŋayemu Maria ette ŋeyari inyeja ahaŋ honyi ahito no ŋorwo nohonyi. Hati obe inyeja ojotori Maria many etatori inyeja hito lafa owodi inyeja.

Nafa eliaha Maria hitato, ette gala ille Roma ŋelimak huwo daŋ hefie hehiana iluluŋi innohosie hosi ta gala tari nafa amanyari hahanyo hosi. Ette Yosefu arik ha Maria ŋefie a Nasaret many Betelehem amai nafa amanyari hohonyo hosi Davide.

Nafa eba isieja to Betelehem, obe isieja orumek lobo mai netatori etolojori isieja na lanyar. Hati orumek isieja mai netolojori ciaŋi. Etato Maria hito de ette ŋetiferik hito to togoli to biaŋan to ne hijotiti ine lanyar. Ette isieja ŋefurek fure no hito hijo Yesu.

Ta harie to nohonyi, owuon ifa lomuk heyohok aŋhati ha-mana ile eriria wate hanya-hanya innohosie hosi. Kokwak ani, olieu Anjilo to hosiere hosi daŋ ette isieja baŋi da hati Anjilo hijo to hosi hijo ibaŋa ibaŋ nobo sehin asai awon naŋ arik honomuk hifahiti ine lanyar binnono Ta hatai, ajo naŋ elimak Ta hatai hijo ŋesiu huwo hetalahani ojo hidofe ara a Habu to Betelehem!"

"Ifeti itisiehari hito li esiu huwo efitai ŋaremek inyeja emuhok huwo de innamuk boŋojin to togoli inna ette hari ciaŋi. Kokwak ani", ette itou hifut anjilohien hamai illo omuno Hollum, ojita hotokwata fure no Hollum te itou ojo himwara hotowana ta fau daŋ to huwo ile etilwahu inyeja."

Ette heyohok kokwak hiba tamai nyie ette ŋabemek inyeja ofer to togoli nafa elimahini anjilo isieja. Ette isieja munoi binnono ette ŋachahari erribitari ette hitikwata fure no Hollum to hiram to nyie etiru isieja ojo hitofe egonyu isieja.

To nomuk holoŋitek hamai, egonyu lomuk lofwoorojok nobo haheri inna obe erri arik ha haher inno nomuk tekoi edwoŋori holoŋ, to hide itou ette isieja hiyen hijo eŋesiu huwo habu ŋejuk. Hati ofwo isieja amai inna alama wan anyar egonyu isieja habu li esiu huwo to Betelehem ette ŋabemek haji nafa eto lojori honye arik ho Monye Yesu.

Nafa ŋegonyu lofwoorojok luhe honye Yesu, ette isieja rigoŋo to fou ette mojo to honyi, ette hisio to honyi hisiorita inno ogol binnono ette isieja ŋachahari.

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