unfoldingWord 37 - Isuan Mitthi Zing Ata Lazara A Kaitho

unfoldingWord 37 - Isuan Mitthi Zing Ata Lazara A Kaitho

Outline: John 11:1-46

Script Number: 1237

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Ni khat chu, Isuan Lazara dam loh thu a lo hria a. Lazara leh a farnu pahnih, Mari leh Marthi te chu Isua ṭhian tha tak an ni a. Isuan chu chanchin chu a lo hriatin, “He na hi thihna tûr a ni lo, Pathian ropuina tur a ni zawk e,” a ti a. Isuan a ṭhiante chu a hmangaih a, amaherawhchu, a awmna ngaiah ni hnih a la awm ta cheu va.

Ni hnih a ral hnu chuan Isuan a zirtîrte hnênah, “Judai ramah i kal leh ang u,” a ti a. A zirtîrte chuan a hnênah, “Zirtîrtu, hman lawkah khan Judaten tihhlum an tûm che kha,” an ti a. Isuan an hnênah, “Kan ṭhian Lazara chu a muhil a, ka kai harh ngei tûr a ni,” a ti a.

Isua zirtîrte chuan, “Lalpa, a muthilh tawh chuan a dam leh ang chu,” an ti a. Tin, Isuan fiah takin an hnênah a sawi a, “Lazara a thi a ni. Chuta ka awm lo chu ka lawm a ni, kei min rin theihnan,” a ti a.

Isuan Lazara te khua a thlen chuan, Lazara thihna chu ni li lai a lo ni tawh a. Marthi chu Isua hmu turin a va chhuak a, a hnênah, “Lalpa, heta awm ni la chu ka nuṭa a thi lo tur. Nimahsela, Pathian hnêna i ngen apiang Pathianin a pe ang che tih ka ring e,” a ti a.

Isuan a hnênah, “Kei hi thawhlehna leh nunna chu ka ni. Tupawh mi ring chu thi mah sela, a nûng reng ang. Tupawh mi ring chu kumkhuain an thi lo vang. Chu thu chu i ring em?” a ti a. Marthi chuan a hnênah, “Ring e, Lalpa, Krista, Pathian Fapa i ni tih ka ring e,” a ti a.

Tin, Mari chu a lo thleng ta a. Isua ke bulah a bawkkhup a, a hnênah, “Lalpa, heta awm ni la chu ka nuṭa a thi lo tur,” a ti a. Isuan an hnênah, “Lazara chu khawiahnge in zalh? a ti a. Anni chuan a hnênah, “Thlanah a awm. Lo kal la, en teh,” an ti a. Tin, Isua a tap ta a.

Chu thlan chu puk a ni a, a kawngkaah chuan lung pakhat a awm. Isuan thlân a lo thlen chuan, an hnênah, “Lung hi lum sawn rawh u,” a ti a. Nimahsela, Marthi chuan, “A thihna ni li a ni tawh si a, a uih tawh ang,” a ti a.

Isuan a hnênah, “Mi rin chuan Pathian ropuizia i hmu ang, ka ti lo che em ni?” a ti a. Tichuan, lung chu an lum sawn ta a.

Tin, Isua a vanvadak a, “Ka pa, ka thu i ngaihthlak avangin i chungah ka lawm e. ka thu i ngaithla zel ṭhin tih ka hria e, nimahsela, helai hmuna mipui ding vêl te tana he thu hi sawi ka ni, nangin mi tîr tih an rin theihnan,” a ti a. Tin, Isua chuan aw ring takin, “Lazar, lo chhuak rawh,” a ti a.

Tichuan, Lazara chu a lo chhuak ta a! Thlan puana tuamin a la awm a. Isuan an hnênah, “Phelh ula, kaltir rawh u,” a ti a. Juda mi tam takin he thilmak tih avang hian Isua an lo ring ta a.

Nimahsela, Juda sakhaw hruaitute chuan an thik a, tichuan, Isua leh Lazara tihhlum theih dan tur thu phiar turin an inhawrkhawm a.

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