unfoldingWord 37 - Jesu Lasarope puãma manowe byche puare

Outline: John 11:1-46

Script Number: 1237

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Etakrã kreybu Jesu djawu wenduma, Lasaro rõ achy buchã roma ni. Lasaro dja pawe kudjã mirõngi Maria emi Marta go rõ Jesu bygatutygi wywy. Jesu wendubu go Lasaro djiwa djawu, inama: “Kowe achy rupi Lasaro manollãwerã, kowe achy rupi ache wywy wechãwerã, Apã Wachu chidja gatu.” Jesu by gatubu djepe dja bygatutygi wywype, warõ wyche mirõ krey idja ĩ endawepe.

Go mirõ krey wachabu, Jesu inama dja kuere mudjãndygi wywype: “Nandje owerã emi Judea rekuaty.” Dja kuere mudjãndygi wywy rõ djawu pepyma: “Kiuatygi, tãrãllã kreybu go Judea pua djepe pycho djuewe.” Jesu inama: “Nandje bygatutygi Lasaro ikẽwe, cho owerã idjape mumbawã.”

Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywy inama: “Kiuatygi, Lasaro ikẽmbu, eche gatuwerã.” Gobu Jesu kiu gatuma gogi wywype: “Lasaro manoma. Cho ury gatu, cho ĩllã buare gope, pendje kua gatuwã chodji.”

Jesu wẽmbu go chupa Lasaro opo endawepe, chengypychã krey wachama Lasaro manowe. Marta wẽma o tokape, Jesupe dorowã, gobu inama idjape: “Cho Rekoatygi, dje ĩmbu kowepe, cho pawe manollã rawe. Cho kua gatu rõ, Apã Wachu djepe mẽwerã bue wywy dje pukabu.”

Jesu djawu pepyma idjape: “Cho rupi manowegi puãwerã, emi cho rupi manowegi manobechewerã. Go chodji kua gatugi, manobechewerã. Dje ko kua gatuma kowegi?” Marta inama: “Go nonga, cho Rekoatygi. Cho kua gatuma, dje rõ go Mesia, Apã Wachu Tay.”

Gobu Maria ekõma. Go wama kmarãwã Jesu pychãndji, emi inama idjape: “Cho Rekoatygi, dje ĩmbu kowepe, cho pawe manollã rawe.” Jesu kua djue: “Maty rõ pendje djonowe Lasaro echewe?” Gogi wywy inama: “Go kuarewepe. Dje ore kuere rupi edjo wechãwã.” Gobu Jesu chingama.

Go kuarewe go rõ etakrã ita ikua. Go djãwã pechepyre ita wachupe. Jesu go kuarewepe wẽmbu, inama: “Matã ga mondo go ita wachu.” Marta inama: “Go mano endawe chengypychã kreyma. Ine buchãma enda.”

Jesu djawu pepyma: “Cho inallã ko djepe, dje wechãwerã Apã Wachu chidja gatu, dje kua gatubu chodji?” Gobu duwegi wywy matãma ita wachu.

Gobu Jesu maĩma ywadji, emi inama: “Cho apã, cho ury gatuma, dje wendu buare cho puka. Cho kua gatu, dje wenduaty cho pukabu. Cho inama go nonga, ache wywy kowepe ĩngi ekõ gatuwã, emi kua gatuwã dje chope bueare.” Gobu Jesu puka chidjama: “Lasaro, wẽ kua tokape!”

Go nonga Lasaro wẽma bu tokape! Dja eche djuwãmbyre wyche tyru pukudji. Gobu Jesu inama gogi wywype: “Kuwẽ ga idjape, emi djurapa ga mondo muchãmbyre, kawãeme idjape.” Tãrã Judea pua kua gatuma Jesudji, go djapo buare kowe bue gatu.

Go pa’i ymachidjagi wywy rõ djembi reko Jesudji. Go buare noãma, djawu rekowã, manonga djukawã Jesupe emi Lasarope.

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