unfoldingWord 12 - Kalchhuahna

unfoldingWord 12 - Kalchhuahna

Outline: Exodus 12:33-15:21

Script Number: 1212

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Israel mite chu Aigupta an chhuahsan tak avang chuan an hlim ta êm êm a. Sal an ni ta lo va, Ramtiam lam an pan ta! Aigupta mite chuan Israelte chu rangkachakte, tangkarua te leh thil hlu dangte pawh, an dil apiang an neihtîr ta zêl a. Hnam dang zînga mi ṭhenkhat chuan Pathian an ring a, Israelten Aigupta an chhuahsan laiin an rualin an kal ve a ni.

Pathianin chhunah an hmaah chhum ding kal tîrin a hruai a, zânah erawh chu chhûm ding chu mei dingah a lo chang ve leh ta thung a. Pathian chu an hnênah a awm reng a, an kal laiin a hruai zêl a . Amah an zui chu an tih tur reng ani.

Hun rei vak lo hnuah, Pharaoa leh a mite chuan an rilru an thlak a, Israelte chu an sala siam leh an duh a. Mite chuan Pathian chu Pathian tak awmchhun a nihzia an lo hriata, Lalpa chu Pharaoa leh a pathiante aiin thil a tithei zawk tih an lo hriatna turin Pathianin Pharaoa chu a tiluhlul a ni.

Tichuan, Pharaoa leh a sipaite chuan Israelte chu anmahni sala an siam leh theihnan an ûm ta a. Israelten Aigupta sipai rawn kal an hmuh chuan, Pharaoa sipaite leh Tuipuisen inkarah anmahni chu an tâng ta a ni tih an hrechhuak ta a. An hlau ta êm êm a, “Engvangin nge Aigupta kan lo chhuahsan aw? Kan thi dawn ta a nih hi,” tiin an auva.

Mosia chuan Israelte hnênah, “Hlau suh u! Pathian chuan vawiin ah hian in hmelmate chu a do sak dawn che u a, a chhanhim dawn che u a ni,” a ti a. Tichuan Mosia hnenah chuan Pathianin, “Tuipuisen lam pan turin mipuite chu hrilh rawh,” a ti a.

Tin, Pathianin Israel mite chu Aigupta miten an hmuh theih lohnan chhum ding chu Israel mite leh Aigupta mite inkârah a awmtîr ta a.

Pathianin Mosia chu tui chungah a bân phâr turin leh tui chu tiṭhen turin a hrilh ta a. Tin, Pathianin tuipui kaltlang theihna tur kawng siam a nih theihnan thli a rawn tlehtîr ta a, tichuan tuipui chu ding lam leh vei lamah a lo inṭhen ta a.

Israel mite chuan leichâr a kalin lehlam lehlama tui bang ding luah chung nen tuipui chu an zawh chhuak ta a ni.

Tichuan, Aigupta miten Israelte him taka chhuak an hmuh theihnan Pathianin chhum chu a sawn chho va. Aigupta mite chuan anmahni chu umzui an tum ta a.

Tichuan, tuipui tan zawnga kawng awmah chuan Israelte chu an ûm ta a, nimahsela, Pathian chuan Aigupta mite chu a zuk timangang a, an tawlailir ke te a tih tan sak a. “Tlanchhe rawh u! Pathianin Israel mite hi a dopui a ni,” tiin an auva.

Israel mite him taka lui ral lehlam an thlen hnuin, Pathianin Mosia chu a kut pharchhuak leh tûrin a hrilh a. Chutianga a han tih chuan, tui chuan Aigupta sipaite chu a rawn chîm ta a, tui chu a luan pangngaiin a luang leh ta a ni. Aigupta sipaite chu an zavaiin tuiah an tlahlum ta vek a.

Israelten Aigupta mite thi an han hmuh chuan Pathian an ring a, Mosia pawh chu Pathian zawlnei ngei anih an ring ta a.

Israel mite chu Pathianin thihna leh sal an nihna ata a chhanchhuah avangin an hlimin an phur ta êm êm a. Tunah chuan Pathian rawngbawl turin an zalên ta a. Israelte chuan an zalênna thâr lawmnan leh Aigupta sipai lak ata a chhanhim avangin Pathian fakna hla tamtak an sa a.

Pathianin Israel te chu hnêhna a chantîr avang leh sal an nihna ata a chhanchhuah avangin kum tin Kalhlen Kût hmang tûrin thu a pe ta a. He Kût hi berâmno sawiselbo talhin, chhang dawidim telh loh eiin an hmang ṭhin a ni.

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