unfoldingWord 12 - Fesuokna Chu

unfoldingWord 12 - Fesuokna Chu

Outline: Exodus 12:33-15:21

Script Number: 1212

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Israelhai chun Aigupta ram an suoksan theita lei chun an hlimta em em el a. Saltâng an ni ta naw a, Pathienin Abraham thlahai kuoma a tiem, Ram Tiem rama chun an fe ding a nih! Israelhaiin an hni taphot, rangkachak dâm, tangkaruo dâm le thilhluhai chu Aigupta mihai chun an pêk a. Hnam dang mi, threnkhat khoma Pathien an ring ve leiin Israelhaiin Aigupta ram an fe suok san kha an zui ve a.

Pathien chun sûnah sûm ngîr insâng takin an hma a thruoia, zânah mei ngîr insâng takin an hma a thruoi bawk a. An inzin sûng phot chun Pathienin an hma a thruoia, a umpui zing bawk a. Ama an zui pei chu an thaw ding umsun chu a ni tawp el.

Sawt riel lo chun Faraw le a mipuihai chun an lungril a lamlêt a, Israelhai chu suoka kei an hung lungril nawk ta a. Faraw le a pathienhai nêkin thil a thawtheilem zie suklang a nuom leia le a ropuizie inlangtir a nuom leia hi thil hi Pathienin a thaw a nih.

Chuongchun Faraw le a sipaihai chun sala siem tum nawkin Israelhai chu an hnot nawk a. Israelhaiin Aigupta sipaihai an hei hmu chun Tuipui Sen le Faraw sipaihai inkara chepde an ni ta ti an hriet a. An trita em em a, “Ieng dinga Aigupta ram kha ei suoksan am an leh? Ei thi zo ding an ta hi!” tiin an khêk a.

Mosie chun mipuihai kuomah, “Tri naw ro! Vawisûn hin Pathienin a sansuok ding cheu a na, in ta dingin a do ding a nih,” a ta. Chun Pathienin Mosie kuomah, “Mipuihai hi Tuipui Sen tieng intawl dingin hril rawh,” a ta.

Aigupta mihaiin Israelhai chu an hmu theinawna dingin Aigupta mihai le Israelhai inkâra khan sûm ngîr kha an tawl pei a.

Tuipui kha an inthre theina dingin Pathienin Mosie kuomah tuipui chungah a kut phar dingin a hril a. Tuipui truonga lampui a um theina dingin, voitieng le changtieng, tuipuia tui chu thlipuiin a mut thre ta a.

Israelhai chu tuipui truong, hnuoi hula chun bang ang ela, voitieng changtienga tui bang intieng ur el kâra chun râlkhing an fe kai ta a.

Chuongchun Pathienin sûmpui chu an kâng tir ta a, Aigupta mihai chun Israelhai chu an suok fi hlîm ta ti an hmua. Hnawt pei an tum ta a.

Aigupta mihai chun tuipui sûnga lampui hula chun Israelhai chu an hnot zui ta a, nisienlakhom Pathienin Aigupta mihai chu a sukbuoia, an tawlailîr kehai chu a lakhmang pêka, intak takin an khal trawk trawk a, “Tlân hmang el ei tiu! Lalpa chun Israelhai ta dingin a do pêk a nih! an ta.

Israelhai chun himtaka varâl khing an kai zo hnung chun Pathienin Mosie kuomah a kut phar kâng dingin a hril nawk a. A kut a hang phar kâng phing chun tui chun Aigupta sipaihai chu an khum a, tuipui chu a pangngaiin a luong mat nawk a. Aigupta sipai popo chu tuia chun an thi zo ta a.

Israelhaiin Aigupta mihai chu an thizo vong ta ti an hmu chun, Pathien an ring ta a, Mosie khom Pathien zawlnei a ni ti an ring ta bawk a.

Sala intângna le thinaa inthoka Pathienin a sansuok ta lei chun phûr namen lovin an hlimtain an phûr thar ta anih. Tuhin chu zalên takin Pathien an biek thei ta a. Tuhin chu an zalenna lawmin hla tamtak an sak thei ta a. Zalênna thar an nei ta leiin Pathien an inpâk ta a nih.

Aigupta sala inthoka a sansuokna lei le a do hne pêkna leiin Pathienin Israelhai chu kumtinin Fekân Ruoi hmanga inser dingin thu a pêk a. Fekân Ruoi chu beramte, demkailo thatin bei chawlthranglo leh, Aigupta sala inthoka Pathienin a sansuok lawmin, an inser hlak a.

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