unfoldingWord 02 - Khawvelah sual a lut

unfoldingWord 02 - Khawvelah sual a lut

Outline: Genesis 3

Script Number: 1202

Language: Mizo

Theme: Sin and Satan (Sin, disobedience, Punishment for guilt)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Adama leh a nupui chu Pathianin huan mawi tak a siam sakah chuan hlimtakin an chêng a. Thawmhnaw inbel lo in an awm ve ve a, mahse an zak chuang lo, a chhan chu Khawvelâh sual a la awm loh vang a ni. Huanah chuan an leng fo ṭhin a, Pathian nên an inkawm ṭhin.

Nimahsela, huanah chuan rûl fing vervêk tak hi a awm a. Hmeichhe hnênah chuan, “Pathianin huana thing rah rêng rêng hi in ei tur a ni lo, a ti chiah maw?” tiin a zawt a.

Hmeichhia chuan, “Pathianin chhia leh ṭha hriatna thingrah tih loh chu huana thingrah tinrêng hi kan ei a phal a sin. Chhia leh ṭha hriatna thingrah erawh chu ‘In ei emaw in khawih emaw a nih chuan in thi ang’ a ti a ni,” a ti a.

Rûl chuan hmeichhe hnênah, “Chu chu a dik lo! Thi teh suh e. In ei veleh Pathian ang in lo ni ang a, amah angin chhia leh ṭha in lo hria ang tih Pathianin a hre reng a nih chu.” a ti a.

Hmeichhia chuan thingrah chu mit la tak a ni tih leh ei atâna îtawm tak a ni tih a hmu a. Ani pawhin fin a duh ve avângin a rah ṭhenkhat chu a lo va, a ei tâ a. Tin, a rah ṭhenkhat chu a hnena awm a pasal a pe a, ani pawhin a lo ei ve ta a.

Thawklehkhatah an mit a lo vâr a, saruak an ni tih an lo inhre ta a. Pawnfên a tan thinghnahte chu ṭhuikhawmin an saruakna thup an tum ta a.

Tin, Pathian huana a lêng thawm mipa leh a nupui chuan an lo hre ta a. Pathian chu an lo bihruksan ta a. Tin. Pathian chuan Adama chu, “Khawiah nge i awm?” tiin a kova. Adama chuan, “Huana i lêng thawm ka lo hria a, saruaka awm ka nih avangin ka hlau ta a. tichuan, ka biru ta a ni,” a ti a.

Tin, Pathian chuan, “Saruak I nih tu in nge hrilh che? Thingrah ei loh tûr ka tih che kha i ei a ni maw?” a ti a. Mipa chuan, “Mi awmpui tûra i hmeichhe mi pêk khan thingrah chu mi pê a, ka ei ta a ni,” a ti a. Tin, Pathianin hmeichhe hnenah chuan, “I thiltih hi eng tizia nge ni le?” a ti a. Hmeichhia chuan, “Rûlin mi tihder a, ka ei ta a ni,” a ti a.

Pathian chuan rûl hnenah, “Ânchhe dawng i ni ta! Bawkkhupin i kal ang a, vaivut i ei tawh ang. Nang leh hmeichhia hi ka indo tir ang che u a, i thlahte leh a thlahte pawh ka la indo tir bawk ang. Hmeichhe thlah chuan i lu a la tithitling ang a, nangin a keartui i la tithitling ang,” a ti a.

Tin, Pathian chuan hmeichhe hnênah, “I nauvei natna chu ka tipung ang a. I duh zawng chu i pasal lam a ni ang a, ani chuan i chungah thu a nei fo vang,” a ti a.

Pathian chuan mipa hnenah, “I nupui thu zawmin ka thu i zawm ta lova. Tunah chuan lei hi ânchhe dawng a lo ni ta; rim taka hna thawkin i thawhrim rah i ei tawh ang. Tin, i thi ang a, i taksa chu vaivutah a kir leh ang,” a ti a. Mipa chuan a nupui chu, mi zawng zawng tan nu a la nih dawn avangin, a hmingah Evi a vuah a, a awmzia chu “nunna petu” tihna a ni. Tin, Pathianin savun kawrfual a siamsak a, a haktir ta a.

Tin, Pathianin, “Tûnah chuan mihring te chu chhia leh ṭha hriain keimahnî ang an lo ni tâ, nunna thingrah chu eiin chatuanin an nung dah ang e,” a ti a. Chuvangin, Pathian chuan Adama leh Evi chu huan mawi tak ata chu a hnawtchhuak ta a. Pathianin nunna thingrah chu tuman an ei lohnan a venghim tûrin huan kawngkhar ah chuan Vântirhkoh thiltithei leh chak takte chu a dah tâ a.

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