unfoldingWord 02 - Suol Khawvelah a Lut

unfoldingWord 02 - Suol Khawvelah a Lut

Outline: Genesis 3

Script Number: 1202

Language: Hmar

Theme: Sin and Satan (Sin, disobedience, Punishment for guilt)

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Adam le a nuhmei chu Pathienin anni ta dinga huon mawitak el a siempek a chun um inhoi an tiin an hlim em em a. Khawvel ah suol a la lut naw leiin puonbil lova, saruoka um khawm an inzak chuong nawh. Huona chun an lengin Pathien leh an inpawl hlak a.

Nisienlakhawm huon sunga chun rul var vervek tak a uma. Ama chun nuhmei kuomah, “Pathienin, huona thingra hrimhrim hi in fak ding an nawh, tiin a hril che mawh?” a ta.

Nuhmei chun, “Huona thingrahai hi kan fak thei a, Huon lailung taka um sie le thra hrietna thing ruok hi chu Pathienin, ‘In fak ding an nawh, tawk khom in tawk ding an nawh, chuongnawchun thing in tih,”’ a tih tiin a dawn a.

Rul chun, “Chu chu an dik nawh! Thi naw tawp in tih. In fak charin in mit hung var a ta, a sie le a thra hrein Pathien ang in hung ni ding a nih ti Pathiein a hriet a ni chu,” tiin a dawn a.

Nuhmei chun thingra chu fak mi a ni ti le mit la tak a ni ti le inhnar um tak a ni ti a hmu a. Ama khom var a nuom ve leiin thingra a thra chu a lova, a fak tah a. A ra threnkhat chu a kuoma um a pasal kuomah a peka, a fak ve ta a.

Thawkkhat lovin an mit a hung var phuta, saruoka um an ni ti an hung inhriet ta a. Hnahai chu an thruimat a, silfen an siem fawma, an saruokna chu thupa inkhum an tum ta a.

Chun Pathien huona a hung leng ri chu pasal le a nuhmeiin an hriet a. Pathien chu an lo inbik san ta a. Chun Pathien chun pasal chu a kova, “Khawlam I um a?” a ta. Adam chun, “Huonah i hung lenga, I rawl ka hriet a, saruoka um ka ni leiin ka tria, chuongchun kan bihmang tah a nih,” a ta.

Chun Pathien chun, “Saruoka um, i nih ti tuin am a hril che a? Thingra fak hlek lo ding ka ti che kha I fak a ni maw?” a ta. Pasal chun “A mi umpui dinga nuhmei I mi pek khan theira chu a mi pek a, ka fak tah a nih,” tiin a dawn a, Chun Pathiein, nuhmei kuoma chun, “i thilthaw hi iengtizie am a na? a ta. Chun nuhmei chun, “Rulin a mi hlema, ka fak el a nih”, a ta.

Pathienin rul kuoma chun, “trongsephurin i um ta! Bawkvakin lawn tang i ta, pilvut fa tang i tih. Nang le nuhmei hi indotirin inhmelmaktir ka ti cheu va, i thlahai le a thlahai chen khom inhmelma tir ka tih. Nuhmei thla chun i lu la suk thiduk a ta, nangin a kekhong la sukhliem i tih,” a ta.

Nuhmei kuoma khom chun Pathienin, “I nauneina leia rinumna chu nasatakin sukpung ka tih a, rinum takin nau nei hlak i tih, i ditzawng chu i pasal tieng nîng a ta, ama chun i chungah rorêl a tih,” a ta.

Chun Pathienin pasal kuoma chun, “i nuhmei thu i zawma ka thu i awi naw leiin hnuoi hi nanga leiin trongsephurin a um tah; inrimtakin sinthawin a ra fa tang i tih. Chun thing I ta, i taksa chu pilvut ah kîr nawk a tih,” a ta. Pasal chun a nuhmei chu mihriem popo nu a hung ni ding leiin a hming dingin Evi an bûk a, a umzie chu, hringna petu tina a nih. Pathien chun Adam ta ding le Evi ta dingin savun zakuo a siem a, an hâktir ta a.

Chun Pathien chun, “Tuhin chu mihriem chu a sie le thra hrein eini laia pakhat ang a hung ni ta a, hringna thingra chu fain kumkhuoin hring rawi a tih” a ta, chuongchun Pathienin Adam le Evi chu huon mawitaka inthok chun a tir hmang ta a. Pathien chun hringna thingra chu tukhoma an fâk nawna dingin huon kawtkhâra chun vântirko ruol hrâttak le thilthaw theitakhai chu a sie ta a.

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