unfoldingWord 48 - Jesu rõ go Mesia Apã Wachu mewegi

unfoldingWord 48 - Jesu rõ go Mesia Apã Wachu mewegi

Outline: Genesis 1-3, 6, 14, 22; Exodus 12, 20; 2 Samuel 7; Hebrews 3:1-6, 4:14-5:10, 7:1-8:13, 9:11-10:18; Revelation 21

Script Number: 1248

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Apã Wachu djapobu kowe ywy, bue wywy kbegatueche endawe. Ĩllãwe bue buchã. Adam emi Ewa by gatu reko edji, emi by gatu Apã Wachupe. Ĩllãwe ywype eche achy, ĩllãwe emi mano. Apã Wachu by gatu, kowe ywype bue wywy go nonga ĩmbawã.

Andjãwe rõ djawuwe membo rupi Ewape ka gatupe, idjape kabewãwã. Gobu gogi emi Adam bue buchã djapowe Apã Wachu chã ruwa. Go mirõngi bue buchã djapo buare, ache wywy kowe ywy llabu eche achy, emi go buare ache wywy manoma.

Adam emi Ewa bue buchã djapo buare, wẽma bu duwe bue buchãeche. Go mirõngi byllãma Apã Wachupe. Go buare go kreydjiwe ache wywy opobu, by gatuma bue buchã djapowã, emi byllãma Apã Wachupe. Bue buchã rupi ache wywy emi Apã Wachu ekõ gatullãma okryrape. Apã Wachu rõ mima ape, ekõ gatuwã emi ache wywydji.

Apã Wachu inawe, etakrã Ewa irõndy memby biriwerã membo tõpe, emi Andjãwe dja pychã atape chuwerã. Go djawu inambyty Andjãwe pychowerã go Mesiape, Apã Wachu rõ idjape puãwerã, manollãwã emi. Gobu go Mesia chidjawerã Andjãwedji gorãwe. Tãrã ruy wachabu, Apã Wachu buema Jesupe, ache wywy wechãwã, go rõ go Mesia.

Apã Wachu buchãmbabu go ywy y pirã wachu rupi, mewe etakrã wyrakara, kuwẽwã go ache idjadji kua gatugipe. Go nonga ache wywy djuei buchã rawe dja bue buchã djapowedjiwa, Apã Wachu rõ buema mondo Jesupe, kuwẽwã go idjadji kua gatugi wywype.

Tãrã ruybu pa’i wywy keĩ endawe we’e Apã Wachupe ache wywydjiwarã, gogi wywy wechãwã go idja bue buchã djapowedjiwa pacho puy wachuwerã. Ĩllã rõ ape we keĩmbyre wywy rupi ache bue buchã djapowe matãmbawã. Jesu rõ go pa’i ymachidja wachugi. Go rõ mewe dja eche we keĩmbyre etakrãeche nonga, ache kowe ywy pua wywy bue buchã djapowe matãmbawã. Go rama dja echedji bue buchã djapowedjiwa pacho puy wachu.

Apã Wachu inama Abrahampe: “Duwe irõndy wywy kowe ywype kuwẽ gatupapyrã dje rupi.” Jesu rõ etakrã Abraham irõndy. Duwe irõndy wywy kuwẽ gatupapyrã idja rupi. Jesu kuwẽma ache idjadji kua gatugi wywype dja bue buchã djapowedji. Go nonga gogi wywy ekõwerã Abraham irõndy nonga.

Apã Wachu inambu Abrahampe, dja tay Isaakpe pychowã we keĩmbyre nonga, mewe go wachupurã chue’e pychowã we keĩmbyre nonga dja tay Isaak endawepe. Nandje wywy manombawerã nandje bue buchã djapowedjiwa! Apã Wachu rõ mewe Jesupe, Apã Wachu wachupurã, manowã we keĩmbyre nonga nandje endawepe.

Apã Wachu buebu go bue buchã krãpĩ pua Egipto llabu, inawe Israel tapy pua wywype, pychowã wachupurã memby kbegatugi, gobu kytywã go pirã dja tapy djãwã ikẽ lluandy wywydji. Apã Wachu go pirã wechãmbu, pokollãwe go tapy wywydji, dorogi wywype go pua pachollãwã. Kowegi ekõmbu, pukapyre Pakua.

Jesu rõ go wachupurã nonga Pakuape pychopyregi. Go rõ kbegatueche, bue buchã djapollãndy, emi pachopyre go ury wachu Pakuape. Ache wywy Jesudji kua gatubu, Jesu pirã pepywerã dja bue buchã djapowedji. Gobu Apã Wachu pacho puy wachu wallãwerã idja llabu.

Apã Wachu dja djawu mewe Israel pua wywype. Gogi wywy rõ dja chupa prawopyre. Kowebu rõ Apã Wachu mema djawu pou duwe ache kowe ywy pua wywy puarã. Go djawu pou rupi ĩma ape, ekõwã Apã Wachu chupa prawopyre nonga, ache wywy Jesudji kua gatubu.

Moise rõ etakrã profeta wachu, Apã Wachu djawu kiuwegi. Jesu rõ go profeta wachueche duwe profeta wywydji. Go rõ Apã Wachu. Go nonga bue wywy idja djapowe emi inawe, Apã Wachu djapowe emi inawe. Go buare Jesupe pukapyty Apã Wachu Djawu.

Apã Wachu inawe ymachidja wachugi Dawidpe, etakrã dja irõndy ymachidjawerã Apã Wachu chupadji gorãwe. Jesu rõ Apã Wachu Tay emi go Mesia, idja rõ Dawid irõndy gorãwe ymachidjawã.

Dawid ymachidja endawe Israel pua wywydji, Jesu rõ ymachidjawerã ache wywydji emi bue wywydji kowe ywype! Go ekõwerã wyche, gobu ymachidjawerã dja chidja llambatype okryrape, emi djawu gatu buãwerã pichadji gorãwe.

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