unfoldingWord 07 - Ejok Hollum Yakobo

unfoldingWord 07 - Ejok Hollum Yakobo

Outline: Genesis 25:27-35:29

Script Number: 1207

Language: Lopit

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Ifa lobolo lenyirok Yakobo omuno Yakobo hitole da haŋ, hati omuno Isau liha, omuno Rebeka Yakobo ojo Isako omuno Isau.

Ta nabo holoŋ, nafa acohini Isau to lolihari, owode ifa inyeja, eijo Isau to Yakobo, "Isiara naŋ ŋiria", isieja naŋ do, ijahiti inohoi hohito lahitok. Ette Isau hisio ijohiti innohonyi hohito lahitok. Esio hati Yakobo inyeja ŋiria.

Owahan hati Isako hisio ijohiti to Isau. Hati holobe esio, ette Rebeka ho Yakobo hinyob inyeja. Etimiyak Yakobo hijo ara inyeja Isau. Obolo ifa Isako ette enyie holorriŋa. Hati Yakobo ecofok boŋojin inno Isau ette ehumak yoni ne hine to murut ojo daa has honyie.

Ette Yakobo ŋawoŋ to Isako ette hijo naŋ Isau. Awahan naŋ jaha. Nafa leyen Isako hijo arrumu inyeja hofir inno hine, iŋuojit noboŋo, egigilo hijo Isau mahu ette hijok inyeja.

Aliwari Isau Yakobo hijo ahoholu Yakobo ijohiti innohonyi iyya hito lehittok ho ijohiti innohonyi, ette hiwak ŋatohoi Yakobo da halu he yei no monye.

Etiru Rebeka ofioroho inno Isau. Ette inyeja ho Isako ŋefuhai Yakobo adde hatamanyai ho woyo nohonyi.

Amanya ifa Yakobo ho woyo no Rebeka ŋasi inno loluŋa. Do holoŋi nuhe ayama inyeja ette wana he lenyirok tomon harik ho hoduoti naboite. Aŋaihumak Hollum inyeja a habarani.

Da halu ha ŋasi tomona arik inno amanyari inyeja ade da haŋ nyie ta Kanan, a cohari Yakobo ho woyo, nohonyie ojo hegiamak ojo hanyahanya innohonyi day.

Abaŋi ifa Yakobo hijo otohoi iso Isau inyeja. Ette inyeja ŋeifahak iluluŋ no hanyahanya a hisiorita de Isau. Ejo hegiamak ilafa eyani ciaŋi de Isau, "Ifahu hegiamani lohoi Yakobo, esio iyye hanyahanya huna. Ottu inyeja iso kwak."

Hati yabiarak Isau ŋabusak rori innohonyi ho Yakobo, hati omunoi isieja te wolo nohosie kwaite illohose. Ette Yakobo manya bolioŋ da Kanan. Ette Isako yei, ette Yakobo ho Isau anuhak inyeja. Ette himora nafa ehumak Hollum ho Abramo ŋaloŋori tere Isako do Yakobo.

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