unfoldingWord 07 - Pathienin Jakob Mal a Sawm

Outline: Genesis 25:27-35:29

Script Number: 1207

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Naupanghai an hung seilien phing chun Rebekin Jakob a hmangaia, Isak ruok chun Esau a hmangai ve thunga. Jakob chun in nghâk a nuoma, Esau ruok chun sapêl an hawk thunga.

Nikhat chu Esau a ramsuok a hung inlawi chun a phîng a tram em em a. Esau chun Jakob kuomah, “I fâk siem kha mi sem ve rawh,” a ta. Jakob chun, “I naulutîr nina kha mi pe hmasa phot rawh,” a ta. Chuongchun Esau chun a naulutîr nina chu Jakob a pêk el ta a. Chu phing le chun Jakob chun fâk ding a tlawmazawng Esau a pêk ta a.

Isakin a malsawmna Esau kuomah a pêk nuoma. Nisienlakhom, a thawa, a pêk hma chun Rebek le Jakob chun Esau a insiem tehlêmin Isak chu an hlêma. Isak chu a tarta leiin a mitin khuo a hmu thei ta naw a. Chuongchun Jakob chun Esau zakuohai hâkin a rînga le a kutrînga hai kêl vunhai chu a bel a.

Jakob chu Isak kuoma hungin, “Esau ka na, I malsawmna hmu dingin ka hung an tah,” a ta. Isakin kêlhmulhai chu a hang thema, puonhai khom chu a hang inhnam vêl chun, Esau ngei niin a ringa, Jakob chu mal a sawm el ta a nih.

Jakobin naulutîr nina le a malsawmna a lâkpêkta ti a hriet chun Esau chun Jakob chu a theidata em em el a. Chuongchun an pa a thi phaleh Esau chun Jakob chu that dingina a ti ta a.

Nisienlakhom Esau thilthaw tum chu Rebekin a lo hriet a. Chuongchun ama le Isak chun a laibunghai kuoma um dingin Jakob chu an tir hmang ta daia.

Chutaka chun kum tamtak Jakob chu a va um ta a, chutaka a umlai chun nuhmei a va nei a, naupasal sawm le pahni le nau nuhmei pakhat a va nei a. Pathienin mal a sawmin a hausa ta hle a.

Kanan rama a umna in kum sawmhni zet a umnaw san hnung chun Jakob chu a sûngkuo leh a siehlawhai le a ranruol popo leh intieng an inlawi nawk a.

Esauin that a la lungril zing a ring leiin Jakob chun a la tri zing a. Chuongchun Esau ta dingin thilpêk ranruol tamtak el a thon a. Siehlaw, ranruol keituhai chun Esau kuomah, “Ranruol hai hi i siehlaw Jakob in a pêk che a nih, lampuiah a hung thang mêk a nih,” ti’n Esau an hril a.

Nisienlakhom, chu hma khom chun Esauin Jakob chu a lo ngaidam ta hrim a, hlimtakin an inkop nawk ta a. Jakob chu Kanan rama chun lungmuongtakin a khawsa ta a. Isak chu a hung thi ta a, Jakob le Esau chun thlânah an vuita a. Pathienin Abraham kuomah thuthlung a tiem kha Isak chunga tla sawng peiin, tuhin Jakob chungah pêk sawngin a um pei a nih.

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