unfoldingWord 16 - Go kuwẽandygi wywy

unfoldingWord 16 - Go kuwẽandygi wywy

Outline: Judges 1-3; 6-8; 1 Samuel 1-10

Script Number: 1216

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Go Josue manombu, Israel puagi wywy wendu gatullã Apã Wachu djawu, duwe Kanaan puagi wywype, gope ekõngi wyche, djapillã tokape dja byche puare, djapollã emi Apã Wachu djawu Moise parawe nonga. Israel irõndy wywy kmarã Kanaan apã nonga wywy chã ruwa, Jahwe dja Apã Wachu endawepe. Israel pua wywy rekollã ymachidjagi, go buare gogi wywy bue djapoma, dja djã djawuty nonga, kbegatu idja puarã.

Israel pua wywy mudjã gatullãmbu Apã Wachudji, go buema dja byllãndygi wywy pacho puy wachuwã gogi wywype, djuei buchãmbawã emi. Go dja byllãndygi wywy narõmba bue Israel pua rekowegi, buchãmbama emi dja chupa wywy, emi tãrã Israel puape pychoma. Tãrã ruybu, Israel irõndy wywy wendu gatullã Apã Wachu djawu, emi dja byllãndygi idjape biri buchã. Gobu rõ Israel irõndy wywy wedjama dja bue buchã djapowe, pukama Apã Wachupe idjape kuwẽwã.

Gobu Apã Wachu buema etakrã kuwẽandygi, idjape kuwẽwã dja byllãndygidji, emi mewã gogi wywy ekõ gatuwã okryrape. Gobu rõ Israel irõndy wywy kuallãma Apã Wachudji, kmarã emi apã chã nonga chã ruwa. Go buare Apã Wachu wedjama, Madian wywy, dja byllãndygi rypyllã ekõngi, chidjawã idjadji.

Djypetã ruydjiwe, Madian pua wywy narõ reko bue pechepapyre wywy Israel pua tyrõwepe. Israel pua wywy krymballã buchã, go buare djemima ita ikuape, Madian pua idjape dorollãwã. Go krãpĩmbu pukama Apã Wachupe idjape kuwẽwã.

Etakrã kreybu, etakrã kbe’e Israel pua, dja bykuapyre rõ Gedeon, djemi rupi wawa reko trigo ã’ã, Madian pua narõllãwã. Jahwe buewegi oma Gedeon endape, inama idjape: „Apã Wachu rõ dje djãwẽwaty, dje rõ kbe’e chidjagi emi krymba gatugi. Amaty kua Israel irõndy wywype kuwẽwã Madian wywy ipodji.“

Gedeon apã rekoma we keĩ endaty, prewã apã chã nongadji. Apã Wachu inama Gedeonpe, go we keĩ endaty buchãmbawã. Gedeon rõ krymballã duwegidji, go buare warõma go chãwãpe. Gobu itypama mondo we keĩ endaty, go ita wywy wapama. Gobu djapoma we keĩ endaty pou Apã Wachu puarã go apã chã nonga we keĩ endaty endawepe. Gobu we keĩma, Apã Wachupe mewã.

Duwe koẽmbu, Israel pua wechãma, duwegi itypama we keĩ endaty, gobu prandjã buchã. Opama Gedeon tapype, idjape pychowã. Gedeon apã rõ inama: „Bue buare pendje kuwẽ djue pendje apã chã nongape? Go apã chidjabu, wedja go idjadji kuwẽwã.” Idja go nonga ina buare, duwegi wywy pychollã Gedeonpe.

Gobu Madian wywy ekõma emi Israelpe, bue narõwã. Tãrã buchã go pua ekõma, go buare ĩllã kuawã mawe nonga gogi wywy ĩ. Gobu Gedeon pukama Israel pua wywype, noãwã, idjadji tõ mumbuwã. Gedeon pukama mirõ bue wechãllãmbyty Apã Wachupe, idja kua djue djiwa, Apã Wachu ko idjape buema, Israel irõndype kuwẽwã.

Go etakrã bue wechãllãmbytype, Gedeon djonomami tyru ywype, gobu pukama Apã Wachupe, wawã chapy koẽpadjebu tyru llabu, emi wallãwã ywype. Apã Wachu djapoma dja pukawe nonga. Duwe chãwãmbu Gedeon pukama, ywy pirypawã, go tyru rõ piryllãwã. Apã Wachu djapoma emi go nonga. Go mirõ bue wechãllãmbytygi rupi Gedeon kuama, Apã Wachu idjape buewe, Israel pua wywype kuwẽwã Madian pua wywydji.

32.000 Israel pua tõallãngi ekõma Gedeon endape. Gobu Apã Wachu inama idjape, go rõ tãrã buchãma. Go buare Gedeon buema mondo emi dja chupape 22.000 tõ mumbudji krymballãngi. Apã Wachu rõ inama Gedeonpe tãrã buchã wyche. Gobu Gedeon buema mondo emi kbe’e wywy dja chupape, 300 tõallãngi rõ ĩ wyche idjadji.

Go chãwãmbu Apã Wachu inama Gedeonpe: “Amaty kua Madian pua chupape. Dje wendubu dja djawu, dje krymba gatuwerã.” Go chãwãmbu Gedeon edjyma o Madian pua chupape, gobu wenduma, manonga etakrã Madian tõallãngi kiu dja bygatutygipe, dja ikẽ pouwe. Go dja bygatutygi inama: “Kowe ikẽ poudjiwa inambyty, Gedeon tõallãngi wywy buchãmbawerã Madian tõallãngi wywype!” Gedeon kowegi wendubu, kmarãma Apã Wachu chã ruwa.

Gedeon oma emi dja tõallãngi endape, membama etakrã mimbyatygi, etakrã kara mo’odjiwa djapopyre, emi tata endy. Gobu djerema Madian pua chupa, tõallãngi wywy ikẽwe rupi. Go 300 Gedeon tõallãngi mĩma dja tata endy go kara djãwãpe, Madian pua wywy wechãllãwã tata endygi.

Gobu Gedeon tõallãngi wywy pachoma dja kara wywy, go nongabu wechãma tata endy wywy. Gobu mimbypa dja mimbyatygi wywy, emi puka chidja roma: “ Go pẽ buku Jahwe emi Gedeon llapo!”

Gobu Apã Wachu djueipama mondo Madian pua wywype. Go buare gogi wywy tõ mumbu reko edji emi pycho reko edji. Gobu go Israel pua pukama dja irõndy wywype chupa pua ĩngipe, ekõwã, idjape djepywã, emi owã Madian pua wywy kuere rupi. Gobu pychopama djono gogi wywype, emi djapipama mondo tãrãllã go pua Israel ywy puare. 120.000 Madian manoma go kreype. Apã Wachu kuwẽ gatuma Israel wywype.

Gobu Israel pua mĩ djue Gedeonpe dja ymachidjagi ĩwã. Gedeon rõ wedjallã go nonga djapowã. Go rõ pukama Israel pua wywype, idjape mewã ipo beta ita biridjiwa, Madian puare erupyre. Gobu gogi wywy Gedeonpe mema tãrãeche ita biri buchãndjiwa.

Gobu Gedeon djapoma go ita biri buchãndji etakrã tyru gatueche, pa’i ymachidjagi pypyty nonga. Dja irõndy wywy rõ kmarãma go tyrudji, apã nonga chã ruwa kmarãndy nonga. Go buare Apã Wachu pacho puy Israel pua wywype, kmarã buare apã nonga chã ruwa. Apã Wachu buema dja byllãndygipe, idjape djuei buchãmbawã. Go krãpĩpe gogi wywy pukama emi Apã Wachupe, idjape kuwẽwã. Gobu Apã Wachu buema duwe kuwẽwãngipe.

Kowe nonga djiwa tãrã ekõ wyche: Israel pua wywy bue buchã djapobu, Apã Wachu idjape pachoma. Israel pua wywy bue buchã djapowe wedjapabu, Apã Wachu idjape buema etakrã kuwẽwãngipe. Tãrã ruybu Apã Wachu buema tãrã kuwẽwãngi, Israel puape kuwẽ gatuwã dja byllãndygidji.

Go krãpĩpe Israel irõndy pukama Apã Wachupe, mewã emi rekowã ymachidjagi, duwe ekõandy wywy reko nonga. Gogi wywy pukama yma puku wachu, emi chidjaechegi, dja kuere rupi rawã tõ allãngi wywype. Apã Wachu uryllãmbu djepe go pukawedji, mema idjape ymachidjagi dja pukawe nonga.

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